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  1. Awesome idea! His bike could be in a lot of his moves. And if he gets a KO with that move, guess what the victim gets made into...
  2. Multispiderman. The icon showed a lot of promise, as a Spidey with multiple modes. Guess what? He just changes costumes in his idle animation repeatedly, and is also too similar to Zvitor’s version.
  3. I could see him using his pompadour for an attack move like Blue Suede Goo. Plus calling in other Crazy Diamonds. I also want to have: * Kaede Akamatsu and other DR protagonists. * MVC-style/size Iris (Gladiacloud seems to like cute things, as seen with his Cream conversion. I’d like to see his take, for example.) * More non-DBS-style Digimon. * A really good Jafar. * More Puyo characters in Tasofro style or even MVC.
  4. Be warned that all of those are for collection purposes only.
  5. Cesarsombra and Joey Faust are neck and neck as the successors to Kong in this regard. also, resources from Sprite Database: https://spritedatabase.net/game/1
  6. How do I disable the automatic A.I. of Rock Volnutt by Maitake? I’ve tried removing the “ai” state file, but this caused him to become unable to to anything except walk or crouch. How do I remove the automatic AI and allow his moves to be used?
  7. Sure. You might want to mark Joey Faust’s characters as collection purposes only, as well. ELECTR0 is making a Mevella, too.
  8. i found an edit of Chill Penguin by Dark Luigi.
  9. Arlon isn’t a D&D character; he’s from Knights of the Round. I also found a sprite set for Hank from the D&D Cartoon: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7c4lgi23ljcg3c4/Hank_material.zip/file
  10. I’m looking for this edit of Zvitor’s Regina that added redrawn sprites to make her look less like Cammy and Jill. It was made by an author named Pizzahighfive. https://youtu.be/I3U_mqYn_8c
  11. What happened to the Avengers Alliance section? Will stages be added?
  12. The second section labeled “The Movie” is actually from The Fighting Edition.
  13. If anyone wanted to know which specific games the sprites of the Puyo characters are from, M3’s characters are taken from Gamecube Puyo Puyo Fever, Sugio’s Arle is from Big Kindergarten Kids, Suketoudara is from Madou Monogatari Saturn, Yu-Rei is from Fever 2 and 15th anniversary, Hoho is from the GBA version of Fever, and the rest are custom. also, here’s the protagonist of Tough Turf: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rbcdd8aogi6oeth/tturf.rar/file
  14. This series actually has a lot of stage potential compared to some other Western Animation shows out there. Doc Gerbil’s World, the Tower of Dr. Zalost, the place where the Starmaker landed, Schwick’s apartment, Mad Dog’s penthouse on the Wrong Side of the Tracks...
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