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  1. I feel like the Freedom Fighters could be added back with the blue backgrounds.
  2. I think Ilu’s Maoh would belong in the “resized 2X” characters section, as it’s meant to scale with MVC characters and not normal Megaman characters. Conversely, I think the sigma in the “normal sized” character suggestion belongs in the PSX edits section, as he’s meant to be in scale with them and has the same Sprite style. Thanks for the new links being added to the collection after such a long time. There’s also this edited Pikachu in a ride armor Here’s an edit of GM’s Double with an English voice Knot Beret by Megaman X4 Zain from X-Treme Nightmare Mother Split Mushroom by MugenDemo Mattrex by ArcadeDemo An edit of Calamix’s X2 Sigma Nightmare Mother and Zain (by ZETA) are both AI only.
  3. Found Metal Shark Player by ArcadeDemo! https://www.mediafire.com/file/rdauc588m5rql97/X6_Metal_Shark_Player.rar/file
  4. Gunvolt, Copen, and Asimov are now down again.
  5. “JUS” Kitaro is actually from the GBA Gegege no Kitaro game. Might want to note that...
  6. I really like how the icons look like a comic book cover, but I feel replacing the silhouetted buildings with a starburst or gradient effect would make them even more universal in appearance.
  7. I think the genre/setting-based backgrounds are a good start.
  8. I feel like with the addition of non-action comics, the background could be changed to look like a generic comic panel, because seeing characters like Bluto or Asterix in front of a blurry city is jarring. Anyways, maybe add resource rips? For example, most of the arcade Asterix sprites can be found here: https://www.spriters-resource.com/arcade/asterix/
  9. Why and how did Ryou become a “Deleted Member”?

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    2. Matiu


      @ShiroToriDamn, that's kinda harsh.

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      So will he return?

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      I hope he return. the thread is slowly dying without him.


      No any updates of his collection

  10. Popeye started as a comic strip, actually. I now wonder what color graphic novel characters would use?
  11. I think the logo needs a change too, so it can reflect its increased scope. Maybe the comic strips could be in their own part of the collection?
  12. Also, would comic strips and webcomics be part of this, or their own deal? Pretty sure some comic-only MK characters like Hydro have been done too.
  13. There are a handful of comic-exclusive Sonic characters in MUGEN, mostly by MugenHunter. I feel like those ones would fit here. You could also add a note that it excludes Manga (and other non-western comics, or just say Western comics), and those with enough for their own section.
  14. A link to the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs section would be nice; that was based on a comic. And how would franchises that have strong comic contingents that didn’t originate as comics, like Sonic, be dealt with?
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