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  1. ^^ Why would mediafire care about mugen? And why would anyone use MA for "quality creations" when the best ones are hosted on the author's site, or various affiliates? Places that care about mugen just as much as MA. I don't think MA is useless. There are characters that can't be found anywhere else. But there are valid questions people have about MA (because no site is perfect), yet you insist that people's criticism are lies that stem from some kind of vendetta towards the site. I don't appreciate the idea of someone using other people's work to pay for their site. I personally don't care that much, but other people clearly do. And they believe that there are better hosts than an ad redirect with a poor reputation. These are valid complaints that are being ignored in favor of pre-existing beliefs. If MA is such a great site, then why are they in so much trouble? And why is it that most people would rather see them go away? I'm done if it makes anyone happy, but these questions don't magically go away simply because it's not what you want to hear.
  2. Better question: Why should I (or anybody) help a website that makes money off other people's work? Let's say I gain superpowers and make a character. Many days of work go into the barely passable character I made. Everything's fine, download link is still available, good shit. Other people upload their weeks worth of creations, hosting from various sites, whether it be OneDrive, Dropbox, or their own. Some of which they pay for with their own money. Then a website comes in to gather all the Mugen content it can find. It uses a service that uses ads (with no viruses) to make money off of the work I (and many other creators) have done. Why should people help that site?
  3. The problem is that not everyone knows that, and isn't allowed to install some kind of AdBlocking service because they're not old enough. Or have administrator rights. If it were that easy and simple, no one would be arguing against adfly. I don't care if you use the damn site or not, mediafire isn't a whole lot better. And there are many sites better than those 2. They don't hold the same level of storage, but they are less dangerous. Not having enough space (or the money to pay for the space) is not a good enough justification to use adfly. The other issue is making money off other people's works through a third party. Why would anybody assist that over downloading the character from it's proper host? The only thing MA has are characters that are no longer available, and those often suck so eh.
  4. So, please tell me how this is fake.
  5. Wow that Lesnar/Goldberg match wasn't much of a match. :/

    1. TopKirby8305


      If you went into that one with high expediencies, of course your gonna be disappointed.  :P

    2. TopKirby8305


      Most of my Mugen Super Sets in my series delivered better then that match ever could.  xD

  6. Happy birthday Dizzy

  7. Oh hey, Happy Birthday Niitris! :)



    Happy Birthday, dude.

  9. Hey, Happy Birthday!! :D

  10. Not being more outspoken about what I want to do with my life. The one time I did it resulted in me having my own place, should've done it years earlier.
  11. Open mugen.cfg. Where it says Team.1vs2Life, set that to 100.
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