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    I'm going to devote my time to following the GOD of Abraham, The God of Isaac, and the GOD of Israel - formally known as Jacob or a.k.a. LORD YHWH and his only begotten SON, Yashua the anointed meshia, a.k.a. Jesus Christ. In case I lost favor here, just gonna say goodbye everyone. I enjoyed my time here. i hold no grudges and wish all of you well. Bye Bye.

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  1. Mugen Archive has declared that they are no longer concerned with the rest of the mugen community (they don't care about the blacklist anymore) and instead are going to focus on their community instead and work on improving the website/forum for their own members. I know this firsthand as I'm usually over there actively participating there. Personally (concerning the blacklist) I think the big issue was that losing the shared traffic from MFG to MA was going to affect the Archive Community negatively; however, the forum/website is growing and has strong & steady activity despite the blacklist policy from MFG and any others. It was initially perceived that it would have a big impact given that MFG has great influence over other mugen communities such as mugenfreeforall (included in support of the blacklist). MugenMultiverse also had a similar panic when their hosting was booted out of guild after the admins had a personal squabble. However, I think Mugen Archive is pretty much moving on now seeing that there was no threat after all. The Archive's content collecting service is valuable enough to keep it relevant in the mugen community alone. The visiting/activity and downloads count pretty much confirms this assessment. People will visit it regardless of linking from other websites/forums just because of the content collection on dedicated servers and the community desire for that content on these servers. Whatever mugenfreeforall wants to do in regards to Mugen Archive links has to consider the positives and the negatives. + The positives are that additional links to a download would be greatly appreciated by its members in case of expired links, just having more options to download from wherever, would be very appreciated by their community. No one wants expired/dead links... - The negative that I can see is that just by having links to Mugen Archive here on mugen free for all,, Mugenfreeforall may very well lose shared traffic from Mugen fighters Guild and may themselves be included in mugen fighters guild's blacklist! Basically being a third party "gateway" may be enough to kick freeforall out of (MFG's) their loop. Given that mffa supported the blacklist may indicate that they rely on mfg's linking privileges and shared traffic exposure; that or they really are concerned about ads and possible viruses. To be personally honest (please don't be offended) as a member with mugen free for all, I just visit here to check on my old threads periodically but I'm considering duplicating them to mugen archive, NO offense! The truth is I hardly download here because archive pretty much has everything guild and freeforall have but in one location with links that don't expire! Though I am still fond of the freeforall community and I think it can continue strong and the mugen community in general would benefit from more mugen communities in general as there are hardly anymore out here these days except for the same ones that seem to get smaller and smaller. So I recommend one of 2 things to keep this place hip and happening. 1, get creator activity like MFG or mugenmultiverse. Members such as myself like new, and want more. If you can get member activity up by doing more wips and releasing new stuff, it can benefit traffic here greatly like it does mfg or mugenmultiverse. or 2, adopt a similar system to mugen archive and host content directly to mffa and build a real warehouse/database. I would certainly and personally appreciate this as a member and would visit here to download as well, especially if I can't find the content I'm looking for in archive, it could be found here! Also if a server should fail elsewhere then you would be an alternative source. Members hates website/forum maintenance, and they will go other places to get their mugen fix. The issue though is putting more money to get that hosting is a gamble, if no one visits even after the direct hosting service is instated then you basically blew a lot of money on little to no pay back at all and then you're just out. Also if you do decide to go this route, you will have to seriously consider putting in ads to help with the additional cost or get donations of some sort to help support this. Anyway, my best wishes to mffa and I hope whatever you choose goes well for this place. Good luck ;)
  2. I lost my composure when King kai/Muriel started reasoning with goku/Courage. XD @.Gif issues, The .gif issues are from fighter factory exporting .gif animations. By default the slider setting for .gif speed is at double the speed. You can export it again but just slide the slider once to the left to export an animation .gif at the normal speed. It doesn't really matter though, the .gifs are just preview animations. You'll get the real character soon enough with the proper animations and speeds. Keep up the great work WlanmaniaX ! So far you are my new favorite creator for bringing R.O.B., Invader Zim, and now Courage to my mugen! You've made a huge fan base very happy with these and adding to the prestige of characters that up until not too long ago only Warner and DDR were capable of giving us. This was all that was missing and now we're getting it and all of it it seems ;)
  3. He was hardly in the show though, it was silly and all that but yeah. Now that Brock Sampson! You could do that one and please season 1-current season for sure!
  4. First I want to state that I don't know if this is beta or finished. If beta, the issues are excusable since it's not finished but if it's finished, it needs more work in that case. Here's my review... Visually it has a lot of work done and it looks like an original base edit of some kind. Custom voice acting and intro, original moves, and it has some great visual fxs. I did notice some missing sounds though, unfortunately though hopefully this is just from an outdated video and not in this release. The pallete could be refined/redone as it hurts the blending of MvC style and perhaps the overall speed could be increased? I think it's a good release so far though. It just needs an update but the quality is pretty much there. It just missed a few areas to refine. Also i saw get hits in the video. Were the missing in the release? Or did you mean not enough frames because that I can somewhat agree on.
  5. Oh i only mentioned those moves because those are normal attacks. At the time I assumed Evee would be type normal if he wasn't going to evolve; those were my guesses for attacks in type normal. Though keep in mind mugen is vastly different from pokemon so you can pretty much do what you like. In my opinion it would be all right to give Evee moves it doesn't learn in pokemon. For instance Pikachu in smash bros has attacks not in the pokemon handhelds but mugen creators still use them in their Pikachus. Pokemon only can use 4 attacks only in the pokemon games but creators often add much more, not including various kicks and punches if they choose to make a six-button fighter. Also you may not even realize this but some moves have been altered over the years in the pokemon sequel games where moves that some pokemon could learn and do in the previous games are no longer able to do in the present games and vice versa. It didn't just change that either, status effects and a whole bunch of other stuff to. The games are hardly consistent and if you base pokemon on the anime they are gonna be really inconsistent LOL. It's very interesting, you should read up on it. Though my overall point is don't sweat it and just make it however you like it. Cry babies like Garchomp (the "pokeman") are gonna give you hell either way
  6. You are off to a good start. Where is this wip heading though? Is it gonna evolve or is it only gonna stay evee and if so what is it gonna do then? Hyper beam? double kick? pound?
  7. No dexter's laboratory, power puff girls, johnny bravo? I think I've seen them in mugen videos floating around.
  8. AxSeeker


    I was expecting will smith or tommy lee jones :P
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