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  1. I wonder how do you PM people here

    1. Алексей


      You click a user's name to go to their profile. From there, click "Send Message."

    2. mugencrossover888
  2. Omg this sucks there is just so many good touhou chaaracter but i cant download them all because i have a limited char slot there just so good -_-

    1. Ryou


      There's a lot of good screenpack with tons of slots.

    2. mugencrossover888


      ik though i dont think i want to after finding, placing and adding so many characters after a week i prefer to stick with my hatsune miku screenpack but thanks for the suggestion =)

  3. japanese mugen wouldnt nijikaku be included into that
  4. thanks again sry if i have not alot of things to say but im grateful as always =D
  5. hello im looking for Ai patches for nagamori by hanma and kaori by rouge noir
  6. wait how did i got 56 posts then it decrease. it was supposed to bee 62 how does this happen

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    2. mugencrossover888


      ik but it was 62 post before then it decrease to 56 could the request lessen it?

    3. Ryon


      i was cleaning the board and erased a few posts from all members, your not the only victim. I'm claimed much more. Sorry!!! >_<!

    4. mugencrossover888


      ahh ok i understand for a minute i thought it was bugged or glitch thanks for the info

  7. hi the author mimayahuko took down fuko ibuki and i was wondering if there is any other link of her
  8. hi im looking for a working link of madotsuki edited by LJH and a working link of amano mishio ai patch.
  9. is it ok to ask if you were able to find elsa ai patch
  10. thank you ryocchi sry if i might have annoy you. your just great thank you so much
  11. hi im looking for ai patches for catherine from arcana hearts, marvel vs capcom version's AI patch, natsumi from nitro royale by yu toharu ai patch and if possible sxvector Eva beatrice ai patch.
  12. sry for being impatient also im very grateful your doing this thanks so much =D
  13. is it ok to ask for elsa and clarice aswell also ryocchi thanks so much
  14. is there an ai patch for ina's arcana heart 2 elsa, clarice and zenia
  15. really ok then i will wait for a more cool looking one.Thanks for the heads up and for the homura akemi ai thankyou so much
  16. late nights are so fun =D

  17. im looking for the hawk eye character from marvel and an AI for Homura akemi from puella magica madoka please.
  18. ok how about ryougi shiki by m3 or by youngkirei ai patch
  19. huh i used alexander anderson in the url link but didnt know he was named father alexander anderson... anyway thank you again ryocchi.
  20. hi im looking for the alexander anderson by mapo i can't seem to find him only alexander anderson of different creators http://i.ytimg.com/vi/754JL9W6lxk/hqdefault.jpg
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