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  1. So yeah, this make Beximus's Tron Bonne have the English voice used in MvC3. This is the link.
  2. Wow, I don't know how y'all got these guys to work in 1.1. but this is awesome. I don't go on 2chan so I don't get any of the jokes, but some of the characters are pretty cool and funny. The only issue I had was with Yuki2 from the maid section. Her level 1 and 2 command grab hyper caused the game to crash when used on someone not from Nijikaku. Like, no error screen popped up, it just said Mugen stopped working. Her level 3 grab worked fine though.
  3. Hey you, yeah you. Tired of all those fancy, high resolution lifebars? Tired of lifebars being more than a billion megabytes? Want something, retro? Well I got the perfect thing for you: Doorhenge's SF2 lifebars for your 1.1. Mugen. I made the lifebars fit the 1280 length and made the fonts and whatnot bigger. I also changed the lifebar for simul because having the two lifebars on top of one another was taking up too much space. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ti0v2brny4t5ywc/sf21280.rar Single: Simul: Turns:
  4. So you mean the lifebars themselves aren't showing up? If so, then you need to copy the common1.cns file from the add004 folder and put it into whatever screenpack you're using.
  5. So yeah, this is the Def Jam: Fight for NY screenpack. This will also be my first screenpack. It's for 1280x720 Mugen and it's 1.1 only. I can honestly say that I don't plan on converting it to 1.0 Mugen. It holds 120 characters and uses custom ports. I included templates in the folder, as well as some ports already done. It also comes with two variations of team lifebars. One has p3 and p4 towards the top like a traditional fighting game, while one has them on the bottom to make them for accurate to Def Jam. Top: Bottom: Hopefully y'all will enjoy it, and let me know if I messed up somewhere or if something could be improved. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tsb6xgjau58aj3x/Dej+Jam+FFNY+SP.rar And just so you know, the big file size is all mainly due to the ports. EDIT: I messed up a bit. In the system.def file, a missed a slash under font 4 and the title.bgm. Rather than redownload the pack, just edit the line in the system.def to the following. font4 = data/Dej Jam FFNY SP/fonts/defmainmenu.def (This line will be located under the system fonts section.) title.bgm = data/Dej Jam FFNY SP/menu see.mp3 (This line will be located under the music section.)
  6. No, the P3 and P4 lifebars are closer to the P1 and P2 lifebars. I initially had them like they are in the game, but they looked a bit weird to me in a 2D game to be honest. Although, I guess I could make an optional one like that.
  7. Uhh, well I didn't plan on it. I know that 1.0 can't do transparency, and a lot of the stuff is transparent. I mean I'll still at least give it a shot.
  8. So yeah, these are Def Jam Fight for New York lifebars. These are also the first lifebars I ever made, so hopefully you all will enjoy them. I mainly used the lifebar tutorial from Ryon to make these. These are 1.1 only for 1280x720 Mugen. I'm also in the process of making a Def Jam Fight for New York screenpack and have a pretty good idea of what I want to do. Putting my ideas into action? Yeah that's gonna be a tough one. I originally was just gonna do the lifebars, but I wanna try making a screenpack too. So yeah, let me know what you all think of them and tell me what I left out and how I could improve them. Download.
  9. Hey, so I started making a life bar based off of Def Jam Fight for New York. I noticed that as the characters take damage, the bar goes from left to right for P1 and right to left for P2. In Def Jam, the bars goes right to left for P1 and left to right for P2. I was wondering if there was a way to change the direction the life bars go. This is how they look in Mugen. And this is a pic from Def Jam as reference.
  10. I have Destrud, Miyako, and White Len. Destrud: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8nhh56bj2btcgri/Destrud_Nero.rar Miyako: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u1z2frkg8ajbr7a/miyako_MA.rar White Len: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ox418wlcf86u8c/White_len_MA.rar
  11. Ya, I got the zoom in, zoom out, and jumping zoom thing down, and I started to edit some of the stages I have to fit it. I use 1280x720 mugen, so the stages probably won't look right in 640x480. Arcane University Death Adder Stage Turtle Village AOF1 Chinatown Mute City AOF1 Mac's Bar AOF1 Downtown AOF1 King's Stage KOF 98 Japan Street KOF 98 USA Wharf
  12. Yup, it's a voice over for Colonel Sanders. It replaces his original Japanese voice with Hank Hills from King of the Hill. So yeah, here y'all go and hopefully you'll like it. Admittedly, I don't remember which CNS files I edited, so I just put them all in the download file to be safe. This is a download link y'all!
  13. I really like this screenpack, it looks pretty cool. At first I thought I was gonna have to edit all my stages and characters again because of the whole localcord thing, but thankfully I found a way around that. I got all the small ports done so the selection screen looks fine, now I just gotta do the big and win ones. I also like how it loads a lot faster now that I have less characters. There were a lot of characters I never used or fought against in the screenpack I used before. Still, it feels weird having so few characters.
  14. Best: Having people from different games, shows and stuff all fight each other. I think it's cool to have a game where Scorpion can team up with Kirby to fight Ronald McDonald and Cirno. MUGEN also introduced me to a lot of fighting games and shows. If a saw a character and thought it was cool, I'd look it up and see where they came from. That's how I got into Melty Blood, Samurai Shodown, Street Fighter (yes, I didn't know what it was before I downloaded a Ryu...), Bleach, and some other stuff. Worst: I've seen some people treat any sort of criticism of their work as a personal attack against them. I could understand being upset if the person was being a condescending fuck boy while describing their stuff, but if they're being sincere, then they shouldn't get upset by someone trying to help them out. I also hate it when I see a really cool looking screenpack or character, only to see that the filesize is too damn big and won't probably load. There was a certain character I really wanted, but it had a 100+ MB size, while still compressed. It's not really that big of an issue, but it still annoys me. There's also a disturbing, yet unsurprising amount of hentai related stuff.
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