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  1. Anyone know where i could this stage or what its called?
  2. Do I right click it? I'm not seeing it and do i just put my motif screenpack where it says motifdir/system.def there?
  3. Not sure if this is the right topic for this but i was wondering if there was a way to change or edit mugen bat files to a different screen pack or to a screen pack in general. For example the 004 batch files are using the default Mugen version, is there a way to edit or change it?
  4. Here you go: [begin action 909002] 9000,0,0,0,-1 ;--------- 7804 KFM's animation data ; see docs/air.txt for more information ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Just opened my Mugen a few minutes ago and i got this when i was trying to play as Juggernaut by Victorys: Error message: Can't load Animation.air Error loading chars/Juggernaut/Juggernaut.def Error loading p1 ‚ÄčLibrary error message: Too few arguments on element 2 of [begin action 909002]: Anyone know what this means and how i can fix it?
  6. I'll ask around maybe some of the Mugen Fighters Guild people could help as well but thanks for trying and helping out.
  7. All of them seem to being doing that tho so i'm not sure or at least most.
  8. Anyone know the name of this stage or where I could get it?
  9. After patching all my chars and testing the lifebars, the lifebars work but in tag matches the characters just switch back and forth to their partner I can't also control my characters after few seconds as well. Anyone know what the problem might be?
  10. Yes sorry should have made that clear. Do I copy the whole thing and put into my screen pack or is there certain part?
  11. Is there anywhere i could be able to use these lifebars with my screen pack without having to use the default mugen for it? I'm using UM²C by Hloader. I know you have to patch the characters to use the lifebars but for me they aren't showing after i patched them. Here's a video using the Legacy screenpack showing the lifebars.
  12. Well that sucks if that is the problem.
  13. I had downloaded the legacy screenpack by NoZ but i haven't tried that one yet but it's just the default one that comes with it.
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