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  1. Im going to Be Straight Up Honest Here.......I have been away for VERY long time And not been Active on this well Topic I Apologize for that Stuff has been Quite Troublesome However I dont know If Im going to Even restore or update it I have so Many Edits that people Can enjoy I need Someone to help with Links Well Hyperlinking For Links I use MEGA to Upload all my charas now So If Anyone wants well refresh me lol That be great Again sorry If I died I just been Busy with stuff.
  2. Yes they are And its ok Just Suggestion is all
  3. Ahhh I Like this Collection so far TBH Theres Already Collection for edits Check Mine Under my profile copy any Links and Or pics and paste them here Honestly Im so Busy with work And all I Dont think Im ever gonna update it sadly......If you need any edits let me know Ive got over 300 Of Them NEW and old. *Waki Pika Reimu V4[Nico Nico Maybe] *nandakoreimu[Nico Nico Maybe] *Shin Hakurei Reimu *STG Doom[Cannot find] *Soul Star Sanae[Korean only] *Mei Reimu *Diabolos Reimu *N-Sanae *Rainbow G Lunasa *XANXUS *C-Remi *Flan-called blood *The Ultimate World of ice *kasdeya flan Maybe You ahve those idk Or Blacks Edit he makes tons of touhou
  4. The ones with Red are 1 Hit Kill ones The ones With Black are Normal Ones And Most are yes And those Are Haceil FC2 Blog they can be found there And Yes ik Some dont like My own Creations I made rainbow edits Alot but Idk if I wanna share them People might not Like them but who knows...
  5. Due to the Fact People have been requesting my 4shared to share i cannot cause They decided to Ban me ......for no reason yeah go figure Cause of theme of PC game serious but New Link 4hared here https://www.4shared.com/account/home.jsp#dir=Wr-E-R8B Enjoy All edits are there except sonic ones and some sooo yeah, I do have more waiting........for Months idk might release them Somewhere else who knows.
  6. Hahaha nice well glad to help out ^^ If you need anymore help let me know.
  7. Wtf haha Wellll it should be there thats how i got mine when you click Link DL it then in blue text it says Click here to DL click it then When text says wait 5 seconds to auto DL or click it to Auto DL the file do that it should work for you.
  8. Heres one https://www.axfc.net/u/3225175?key=mugen No Limit IMT Red
  9. This is IMT winMugen i got spare backups If you want one Which Do you play 1.0 or win or other one
  10. She can be found on this Baidu Link here http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=441755&uk=2583830842 File name is http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gfnwBNd enjoy
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone ^^ Hope we all have An amazing 2017. And LOVE the new look and Layout of the Forum too. Lets all have A Good year.

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    2. ~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

      ~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

      Heeeey :D thanks ^^ been busy with work haha And thanks so much same to you hope yours is good.

    3. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy New Year!! MFFA For The Win, Yo! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”

    4. ~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

      ~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

      Thankyou ^^ same To you too Hope yours is good

  12. Glad to see MFFA Back Online ^^ Still Has Kinks to work out but im sure it will be Fine After some time. Cause Without MFFA and of course Mugen We would be nothing.

    1. The Almighty

      The Almighty

      Could not have said it any better my self :)

    2. ~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

      ~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

      ^^ Thanks Its Tad bit slow still But im sure it will be Resolved soon

  13. Oh Its np Wolfy Ive been having Major Image Pasting Issues for some reason i cannot paste some cause Stupid Google Secertiy thing idk But I Put Seperate Links Thats not within the image now Due to it sooo yeah but Again nah its fine with me. I would post more if I had time..... have over 400+ more I COULD be posting soon i will try and add more when i can ummm not to be rude but maybe some Editing is Involved Like the Banner you Made Wolfy and Images To Alice one marisa etc those might need re Vamping if you want too.
  14. Just Started to Add more Again cause its way too Long Added Dark Angel Tenshi Edit she is OP but idk if she works on Anyones try her out also Added Kage Youmu will add more when i Find Time.
  15. Finally Another Edit is done yeah Once again DL if you Like you dont have too Its been Awhile sorry im just very busy with work But i do find time to work on wips But Again check page 1 Thankyou. Edit Due to I cannot copy link and seems GC is Acting up cause of Secrity Settings but check page 1 link is there.
  16. She is very hard to find i had to trade to get her and i did not think she be on there weird....
  17. Will of the ghost I had to trade but I found no info on her at all searched for her for over 3 years......Gab was by Bluest its private cause no public version is around online i think......Heaven no she can be found on 4shared......idk why I Labled her as private.....sorry Some were leaked thanks to baidu people in which they WERENT Suppose to be made Public but Its Not in my Hands so yeah.
  18. oh I have all them Only reason I kinda private them was cause i thought they were and just did not want someone Leaking them but I get it Yeah I also have that yuyuko edit I do need these ones http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm27730211 Watch That Its Mugen vid 2 edits I need Supercell Yuyuko edit https://twitter.com/999893/status/660082531006459908 Click it to bring to axfc site 3 MB Try DL her Also in the Video Letty edit is called TAG but author has 4 letters idk which might be in Kanji type or japan could you help me with it? If you have Any NEW touhou you can list them here i have tons its just.....Im having a very hard time posting cause I work Alot.....
  19. Serious oh....wellll Did not know thought she was. she is Labled as G Tenshi its weird Yeah....They are VERY cheap haha Wellll Depends how you use em some attacks are based on there cheapness others no
  20. Finally After 2 Months I release another one.....yeah ive had these done im just VERY busy with work so enjoy her check page 1 thankyou ^^
  21. Heres Joker Nayana enjoy https://www.mediafire.com/?2sgr6y6f23cl4jg
  22. Here is Psychicpsycho https://www.mediafire.com/?a3t5bq62vncepiw Enjoy
  23. I second this I act would Love to play her but i cnt cause its japan Unicoded i think and i tried useing Normal M reimu cns files to transfer it over and it crashed sooo I hope somebody can make English Ones.
  24. DL my newest edit im sure she will have a certain taste for you haha enjoy ^^ Check page 1 thankyou,
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