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  1. Anyone know AI patch for Cycbeam's Homura (+voice patch)?
  2. AI patch for Yayoi and Zuihou http://ux.getuploader.com/Air_MUGEN_op/index/1/date/desc
  3. Somehow, I cannot download Yuudachi Kai Ni by Manny Lingle. The size of downloaded file is less than 35.4 MB. Any alt link?
  4. Somehow I can't download Orihime.
  5. Indonesian soap opera characters (like those from a certain 'racing' soap opera), mugenized. How do you think? Hehe

  6. Tomorrow, I will attend my thesis defense in my campus. Wish me luck :)

  7. Another request. Can you do paletttes for Watatsuki no Toyohime by minoo edited by SpaceMouse? Thanks. http://spacey.lv/mugen/
  8. Another cheapie char by Merufimu! Quite interesting for me.
  9. In some character's readme, I often saw this

    ...改変禁止... (No Modif)

    But what if the player privately modified this kind of character? And he/she chose not to show or publish them to public.

    1. Kazagami


      If it's for private usage, then it's fine. The author wouldn't even know it lol

    2. RicePigeon


      Its a shame that many japanese/eastern authors are stuck in a pre-2007 mindset when it comes to Mugen. Oh well.

  10. [Preview] [Download] http://ux.getuploader.com/kyouakuchar8/download/24/Hei-Meiling-G.zip [Comment] A very cheap edit of Hei Meiling by Gechrome. Edited from Lates and Flam's Hei Meiling. Explod intensive, better used with hi-spec PC.
  11. I don't know I will do this or not. I've made a char edit that intended for beatdown with cheap character (minimal with Rare Akuma), not to be played. I don't know whether I will release them to public or not.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheMeilingFan
    3. yaminogun


      not that TGOCN, i'm using classic CN

    4. TheMeilingFan


      Classic CN that uses Uzi? Well, according to Black Kyurem (currently named Wolfslayer Regime in YouTube) in one of his videos:


      I figured since a few other people did a video on Chuck getting defeated, I thought I'd do one. This time Chuck gets insta-killed by a legitimate method unlike other characters who use null methods to win, I decided to use H-Gate_350 since many others tend to use overused characters like Crazy-Catastrophe.

      It still puzzles me how people still claim Chuck as the cheapest character. Don't get me wrong, he is an excellent joke character but doesn't deserve the title as strongest character. If you want to get technical Chuck is no where of this power. Anyways, the method to defeating chuck is a weak state his author put in my accident. The original way to defeat him was by fall instant death, now we use a method of killing by sending him to a null state to change his alive status, its a bit complex to understand but all makes sense if your an author like myself.

      I think It's very difficult to find a video where Uzi-using CN defeated. Most videos use non-Uzi-using CN. If you want Uzi-using CN defated so badly, I can only think this method. Use WinMugen, and use Crazy-Catastrophe/ONI-MIKO-Z-R/S_Sakuya/other %n chars. Btw, another video

  12. Example: Unzoomed Zoomed out In this case, the spiralling super BG is attached to a helper. I want super BG to stay in the middle and scaled full screen even while the camera zooming out. Codes
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