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  1. they are gone now, as well as the dowload links in the mediafire sites, even using web archieve doesn't help
  2. maybe different people has different retiring method.
  3. Umihei uses mediafire link to upload his creations, not sure if web archieve has access to his mediafire link too?
  4. Umihei's Mugen creations Hi, I am not sure if it is right to post this here, but just to let you guys know that Umihei, who has created many Street Fighter 3's characters' website is about to close down on the 31st of March 2017. If you need his stuffs, it is best to collect them all before 31-03-2017: http://3rd.geocities.jp/mugen_umihei/index.html
  5. In case for those who don't know, Ukege uploaded his characters here: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOLQssK9MAJjzzU&id=FE830745B77FF719!122&cid=FE830745B77FF719 he is the creator of Robo Ky, Robo Sol, Zagi (Edited of Jagi from Hokuto No Ken)
  6. this is the one: http://web.archive.org/web/20051122045138/http://unofficial-winmugen.jpn.org/ aren't this the hack one from the linux mugen that was developed by Elecbyte and Rou Hei hack this linux mugen into the window mugen?
  7. that is not old dos mugen, that is the old version of window Mugen hack by Rou Hei well, most Japanese Mugen creators are still using Rou Hei's Mugen
  8. http://factoryns.webcrow.jp/ His Lucky94 updated as well. Note that this character will work perfectly with the old window Mugen before Mugen 1.0/RC because his power gauge select cannot be displayed using Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1
  9. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=6E75371007E5D7F9!107&cid=6E75371007E5D7F9 Awakened Kaede lb1 updated as well File name is !maede.zip
  10. For mine: 1) Characters that keep on crashing without proper error dialog 2) Overpowered Strong undefeated AI in Characters 3) Offline characters
  11. vs. CM Punk by Seanaltly (both version): "Now you have lost, I am gonna snatch your A.J Lee to become my wife!" CM Punk (Best in the word) by Seanaltly: "The reason why A.J Lee marries me because I am the best in the world!" CM Punk (Straight Edge Society) by Seanltly: "Being a straight edge society makes A.J Lee marries me!"
  12. I went to join a PC Centre member in April of year 2001 where a classmate introduced me to the place so that I could do my internet research for school project since I do not have internet connection at home. I was looking around and found some CD booklets where there were several PC games. I went to look into those booklets and saw a cd cover with some screenshots of Mugen which were this: http://ngmc.retrogames.com/sshots01.html with Gouki fighting against Shingo in kof99's raining park stage, Sagat fighting against Joe in Iori Yagami's 96 stage and so on. I was amaze and thought it was the
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