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  1. I see... I see. Interesting.

    1. PlasmoidThunder


      Is this a mirage? Is it actually you? 😮

    2. DartzPie


      Im just hollow shell of my former self. but aloha its I.

    3. jo19sh92


      Its nice to see you're still around Dartz.

  2. Happy birthday Dartz! 🙂

  3. tumblr_o7au2vvL071uskgfro1_1463457652_co

    Hope it is a pleasant one.

  4. DartzPie


    Alright alright still updating Thank you everyone for the assisting with links :)
  5. DartzPie


    ok okay, im gonna work updating page been not taking charge right i'll have to download backups of what i miss. and change format first page.
  6. An alt or working link? Aloha Mugen Community does anyone have alt link for Nokia 3310 by Synck/Duckss/-void- ? thanks in advance.
  7. SAO Season 3 :D

    1. Banksy Boomboom

      Banksy Boomboom

      Still waiting for JJBA season 5

    2. Xiristatos


      So do I, DuckMannnn. I, Xiristatos, am waiting anxiously for my husbando King Crimson to finally enter the Anime spectrum for once!

  8. that pal makes an interesting glow on this stage :o
  9. Only genetics can tell what happens next. 



    But eh still bored.

  10. What is there to do when things go bland and dark. Says the text~ 


    Computer eat tree's. /o/

  11. Merry late christmas greeting to mffa \o/

  12. Capture him alive or alive. 

  13. aloha everyone does anyone have this character, and could pass me a link? the site seems to be broken where this character is located.
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