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    MUGEN, Doujinshi/Commercial games from the 90s/2000s (2010s suck!!!, the 2020s will suck!!!), Angelica Pickles (All Grown Up!),
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    All Grown Up!: Express Yourself (GBA), Dead or Alive 3, Eien no Aselia, Eternal Fighter ZERO, Guilty Gear X2 #RELOAD etc (more coming soon cuz im lazy).
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  1. The most impressive logo i have ever seen even for horror movie standards, the gargoyle is well animated & the effects/sfx are also pretty gorgeous too.
  2. Just voted on XJ9 Jenny now. plus cant wait Marie to be finished.
  3. Try to study the docs included in the MUGEN folder.
  4. [State -2, HCF] type = Explod triggerall = !numexplod(id) trigger1 = enemy,life = 0 trigger1 = winko trigger1 = hitdefattr = SCA,HA,HT,HP anim = insert anim here ID = insert id number here pos = (x, replace with any number),(y, replace with any number) postype = back ;p2,front,back,left,right bindtime = insert binding time here removetime = insert remove time here sprpriority = 9 ontop = 1 ownpal = 1 removeongethit = 0
  5. this video makes me have a strong 2000s childhood memorable flashback/feel, where everything was better back then, way better than 2010s/2020s. good memories of my childhood (i was a 2000s kid back then when i remembered these stuff).
  6. It's a really good shoot em up included in the eroge MusuMaker, there's also a PSP version though.
  7. You make really good pixelart (looks like 90's anime game feel xd).
  8. Potato: Piko piko piko piko, piko piko piko piko piko! (Can't wait for this, keep up with your good work!) NOTE: Potato is Kano Kirishima's dog.
  9. Nice that you are still making KEY/Tactics heroines (EFZ chars) again, plus the AIR reference in the title.
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