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  1. Parries are weird

    1. Jewel men10

      Jewel men10

      Nanarman have one, he got me fucked up

    2. Dissidia


      I find them annoying to be honest.

  2. That is unfortunate. I actually tried booting up GM's SF3 Ryu to try and see if I could low parry a medium attack to see how it would be done that way but it doesn't work. I am making a full game but I don't think that would be worth my time to go through and make an exception for every single instance with every single character. It might feel a little weird to play having to parry uppercuts with a low parry but I think I can work with it.
  3. One thing that'd probably be useful for this is cloud based file storage software such as Dropbox or OneDrive. This way you can share folders with other collaborators and they can have the files readily available on their computer. When they save, it will upload the new version typically. This raises the issue of multiple people having the same file open in Fighter Factory at the same time, however, so you would probably want to take measures to avoid that such as everyone deciding which piece they are going to work on and sticking to that part independently. For example, spriter A works on so
  4. Currently, I'm trying to implement a parry into a character that I am making. I used a couple of code snippets from MFG to base it off of and the implementation works. It uses a HitOverride state that takes attributes for standing attacks which I modified to include crouching attacks as well, but I would much rather be able to parry based off of an attack being high, medium, or low kind of like how it works in Street Fighter 3. Is there a way to do this with this method or am I going to have to look into doing it another way? I have put the states that I am using below. Here are th
  5. That makes sense. I added a trigger for the global 5900 states that I was using so that they can only be triggered by player 1. It didn't even occur to me that since it's reading from common1 both characters are going to execute that code. I've been reading up on IKEMEN lately and it appears that there is a feature to have BGM be randomized from a specific set of songs, so I think I may try and build my full game upon that instead. I have a few ideas for stages that would be cool to have a variety of songs play on. I'm not exactly sure how that feature works, but I wonder if I can
  6. I took a look at the screenpack with the UltraBIG mode on, and it looks like it does show the character and stage names. https://imgur.com/a/SaxsfFB Are you talking about showing the stages assigned to that character in the select.def or something along those lines?
  7. Hi everyone, I posted a thread about this elsewhere but figured I would try here as well to see if anyone had any input. I am trying to utilize some code meant to go in common1.cns that I found from a thread on Mugen Archive while browsing for a solution to using randomized BGM on stages. I implemented it and it sort of worked as described, however I noticed that the songs don't continue after the round ends. I figure this has to do with PlaySnd or something along those lines, but here's the original code I am working from: I've tried a few things such as moving it in
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