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  1. The most impressive logo i have ever seen even for horror movie standards, the gargoyle is well animated & the effects/sfx are also pretty gorgeous too.
  2. Just voted on XJ9 Jenny now. plus cant wait Marie to be finished.
  3. [State -2, HCF] type = Explod triggerall = !numexplod(id) trigger1 = enemy,life = 0 trigger1 = winko trigger1 = hitdefattr = SCA,HA,HT,HP anim = insert anim here ID = insert id number here pos = (x, replace with any number),(y, replace with any number) postype = back ;p2,front,back,left,right bindtime = insert binding time here removetime = insert remove time here sprpriority = 9 ontop = 1 ownpal = 1 removeongethit = 0
  4. this video makes me have a strong 2000s childhood memorable flashback/feel, where everything was better back then, way better than 2010s/2020s. good memories of my childhood (i was a 2000s kid back then when i remembered these stuff).
  5. It's a really good shoot em up included in the eroge MusuMaker, there's also a PSP version though.
  6. You make really good pixelart (looks like 90's anime game feel xd).
  7. Potato: Piko piko piko piko, piko piko piko piko piko! (Can't wait for this, keep up with your good work!) NOTE: Potato is Kano Kirishima's dog.
  8. Nice that you are still making KEY/Tactics heroines (EFZ chars) again, plus the AIR reference in the title.
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