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  1. Stewie Gryphon Update Ideas:


    • Bug Fixes
    • More Intros Added
    • More Win Poses Added
    • VS. Intro against Peter Griffin, VS. Intro against Brian Griffin, VS. Intro against Lois Griffin, VS. Intro against Bart Simpson and Bartman, VS. Intro against Dangermouse and Count Duckula, VS. Intro against Females and VS. Intro against Eric Cartman added
    • Compatitables states added: Electric Shock, Burned, Frozen, Midnight Bliss, Fatalities compatitables, Passare, MK Slipped (AKA: Slipping), Inflated, Jailbot's Pac-man compatible, Inked, Screen Hit , Bee Stung,  Vertical spinning, T-Shirt, Hit By Chun-Li's Love Letter, Tychoon Heads, Attacked by Jin Saotome's Cyclone and MY TOE!!
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    2. IDGCaptainRussia


      Maybe if I was still working on it

      what everyone else said, if you want those, feel free to edit my character

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