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  1. The Mugen Archive is Black listed, please use alt-links I think it still is anyways PS: Posts are getting glitched again, sorry for spam
  2. I also forgot to mention. I'm a complete master of everything dealing with the Steam platform, be how the system works, when and how to get the best deals, and leveling in the cheapest ways possible So maybe instead of g-mod I could be social media outlet there? I thought I'd just let you guys know about this as it only just crossed my mind now
  3. She doesn't have AI, am I missing something here?
  4. Jarquin10 is still around? Interesting... And yes this is ToonAlexSora007's Alt.
  5. AI doesn't appear to be any different to me
  6. I've offer my hand at moderating; I hope whatever you guys choose is a good one. Take your time, this is an important decision.
  7. Ramping the DL time up to a full minute is why I use Dropbox now for file hosting. That, and the as Garchomp said they have ads that seem malicious, good point. Yamisher: Please update your first post with the link, a picture/video of the character, and short discription: Standard of all posts
  8. This is off topic but, why is 4shared blacklisted?
  9. That's what i was thinking, if you had a Local/low level position open I would like to apply for that. If not, you should favor already experienced mods to give a promotion! (And then maybe look for local mods) That's just my opinion, and again good luck with the search! EDIT: Maybe I don't have a say on who I feel is fit for a position but, I honestly feel CoolAnimeHustler would fill the collections position really well, this guy IMO needs some kind of title because I've seen only good things coming from him.
  10. With the way I've been acting lately I don't think my chances are very good. But, I can be a very fair and understanding person and I've always wanted the chance to show I'm mod-material: --Has been doing MUGEN since 2008 (and knows a good deal of coding) --22 years old. --Has social connections on steam --Knows a good deal about trading --Has earned friends through mutual understanding. Not sure if these help, but this feels like a real job application and I'm treating it like one. I hope you guys find what your looking for.
  11. The Doctor & Skulper are the same person. Well I think they are, I've just seen the same characters with both their names (but not both at once, just saying, same character, 2 names)
  12. all of the The Doctor's goodness is here! Thx!
  13. Ohhhh, I remember Arctic Emperor and M. Rozwel, good stuff! Nice to know it all got updated!
  14. I have a really hard time beliving idiots like AaronKaine exist:



    Just, just watch this and read the comments...

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    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Welp, that's definitely just sad.


    3. TMC55


      Honestly I could careless about his creations, from what I can tell by his videos his characters are broken and comb whoreish. I personally wouldn't even look at his characters if they ever got released.

    4. IDGCaptainRussia


      For many I can understand that, for cheapie-collectors not so.

      But the problem I got with him is that he lied multi-able and of course: had the nerve to threaten me with no valid reason.

  15. You know, I never realized how many people started following this "ungrateful welp" that is CaptainRussia, and how many people have viewed his profile.

    Until now.

    I just realized, everyone has seen my mistakes, I completely underestimated how popular I am on this site compared to others and I wasn't even trying!

    So yeah, sorry everyone, for being a jerk :(

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    2. TMC55


      Yeah man, it's good to see you owning up to what you did and realizing the mistakes you've made. I know I made a lot of mistakes when I first started making accounts on different forums. Also I have to apologize for some of the things I said to you, it was out of line on my part.

    3. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Well I forgive you, even though I was only a "side" person, I'm really glad you brought this up and accepted your mistakes wisely. Just try to act normal and chill with people so that way they'll do the same to you! :3

    4. IDGCaptainRussia


      TMC55, you only said those things because I provoked you and I'm sorry for starting up business I had no place in. But I'm glad we feel the same.

      DS12, thanks, I'll try harder from now on.