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  1. You know, I never realized how many people started following this "ungrateful welp" that is CaptainRussia, and how many people have viewed his profile.

    Until now.

    I just realized, everyone has seen my mistakes, I completely underestimated how popular I am on this site compared to others and I wasn't even trying!

    So yeah, sorry everyone, for being a jerk :(

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    2. TMC55


      Yeah man, it's good to see you owning up to what you did and realizing the mistakes you've made. I know I made a lot of mistakes when I first started making accounts on different forums. Also I have to apologize for some of the things I said to you, it was out of line on my part.

    3. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Well I forgive you, even though I was only a "side" person, I'm really glad you brought this up and accepted your mistakes wisely. Just try to act normal and chill with people so that way they'll do the same to you! :3

    4. IDGCaptainRussia


      TMC55, you only said those things because I provoked you and I'm sorry for starting up business I had no place in. But I'm glad we feel the same.

      DS12, thanks, I'll try harder from now on.

  2. Well, I'm happy that your very grateful of MUGEN creators, your already light-years ahead of Screw Attack and they're crappy crediting! There needs to be more people like you, not just skill, but morals!
  3. hi!
  4. Did try the garfield out, it's one of those "random slightly cheap edits", depending on what you want in MUGEN you may like him, I know I do! Thx for sharing.
  5. Cool. downloading right now. Question: Is that Gardevoir any good? And if so, is it cheap?
  6. Right, I think I should show my face here again since I've got a major update on this. Tina and I, have managed to resolve this conflict. This topic now serves no point and I'd request it's closure. Again, we're both good, atleast for now. :D
  7. I've been in this situation before. Seriouszone Vs 7SmokeGaming Rival communities for the Serious Sam Francise And I can tell you the path you walk you will not win I can also tell you that NO ONE, neither party wanted a person who was going to stir up trouble between the two. No one likes drama and no likes a person tainting their sites with ill reputation. What your trying to do is get everyone on board that the Guild is shit and get them against it, I've been told before that "You can't use us as your own personal army", for gain or not this statement is still true and that's what your trying to do here. No one likes people who do this, who only make things worse. So why don't you just stop, your only hurting yourself
  8. I know that Also you just necroed a 2.5 year old thread, good job...
  9. It's not everyday a person joins who has 30K subs on youtube and videos with 100000's of views. Impressive, very so, MFFA should be grateful your here XD Welcome! EDIT: The Goku VS Superman video is quite possibly the best reincarnation of the fight I've seen yet! Love It!
  10. hey, I sent you a message

  11. Relationships die hard, sometimes hard to tell if a person is saying "Leave me alone" or if their just jerks when they delete your stuff and block you

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    2. Starmie


      That's great, always apologize to gain back a friendship


      I think you should also start improving your attitude which is a big part in why people start ignoring you (though I think your friends needs to be more honest towards you if that's the case) and don't start drama in public, talk to your other friends privately maybe they have an idea on how to solve your issues.

    3. Алексей


      It depends on the situation of course, but the way I see it, if you were putting your all in and they didn't really do the same, they're not worth your time. You'll eventually find someone who'll give the same.

    4. IDGCaptainRussia


      Alright, I think stuff was.

      After I mentioned TK's comment on a video mentioning my name (in the video it was censored) he removed the comment.

      So I'm thankful for that to him.

      And that's really the end of it, I don't have anything I want from him, and he doesn't want anything from me.

  12. Let me tell you, it feels :"really good" to not even get a single like on stuff I worked hard on. EDIT: CoolAnimeHustler really knows what everyone wants. Wow.
  13. Characters that big solely due to having background music. I really hate this :/ Also, low-res pixelated characters with High Res effects, doesn't mix well IMO.
  14. Mugen 1.1 crashes due to failure to init graphics LOG: Error detected. Clipboard tail: ------------------------------------------ M.U.G.E.N ver 1.10 (2012.08.31) status log ------------------------------------------ Parsing command line... Command line: D:\Mugen.exe Parse command line OK Initializing... Allocating game variables Reading configuration file...Setting language "en". OK Initializing timer...performance timer enabled...frequency 2825497...OK Initializing keyboard...configuring...OK Initializing input engine...OK Initializing sound...OK Initializing BGM... OK Initializing graphics...gameCoord 1280x720...render mode 2_4...trying 1280x720x32 mode 0x0...failed. Yeah, I've googled this error and can't find a good fix (setting the graphics to system causes MAJOR slowdowns), I was able to run it just fine yesterday and now I get this error whenever I try to start the game with the same settings as before. Why am I getting this all of a sudden?
  15. WTF is all the spam about??