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  1. The largest issue I have with these type of people is they don't know the difference between hate and criticism Also, cut it out with the talk about T-shirts and merch, your not PewDiePie and this isn't the section for roleplaying
  2. Now this one has quite a story, well not really: This is one of MagicCD's characters and such are very rare, however this one isn't even finished. I managed to find it when Ejpt (youtuber) sent it my way many years ago, it was rare back then and is likely even more rare now. But today I'm changing that by releasing a once thought offline forever character back to the public. Enjoy (though this character is pretty hallow, not much to it)
  3. Sorry for Necro'ing but can anyone provide a non-MA link for this? I collect stuff like this
  4. Ey not really, it's only got a few moves (the sprites look great though) But I guess you really can't expect much from a meme like this
  5. I'm more suprised that jor8a is still making characters rather than a Figit spinner being made in MUGEN
  6. I'm aware who Nabeatu is (got all of GG64's crap, fought all of them), I'm talking about this 'rare' version, it's clearly a edit and I want to get it for, lolz basically. Also thanks for that Geese!
  7. Yeah, another salty bet, does anyone know where to get characters I can only find info for on their site? Like this: and this
  8. I only want this for laughs, if anyone can find it...
  9. oh man, I can tell this is going to be something that's gonna be popular for a long time! also made a numbuh 362 which was just as bad
  10. Do not use this section to ask for help in making anything MUGEN related. read here:
  11. Oh nice, it's about time we get a quality KND character! I'd rate this up, but I don't have those perms for, reasons unknown.
  12. Thanks everyone :) I honestly wasn't expecting to get picked :o
  13. Well, it's a sword; all weapons are infinity priority. It's not like this is DDR's characters or anything where EVERY attack is infinity priority. Though those blue boxes could use work.
  14. Well, this was unexpected. But thank you!

    I will do my best!

    1. wicloud


      just remember...yer rank still says abd....i always wondered what an abd AI patcher is...anyone?


      just do what ya always do medias with social societies who are socially, socializing in this forum X3

  15. There's an AI patch/reworker for the above mentioned character that makes Sol EVEN MORE BADASS. I have no clue where Wicloud found this altered version of muteki's SOl, but if any version, I'd say that one.