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  1. Bump. Apparently didn't notice the image link lead to a site ad. Fixed.
  2. I wanted to bring up the no readme thing too, but I guess I'm too used to that. That Super Mario Tornado is a bit messed up aside from Mario apparently being unhittable during it, if one part during the initial spin hits, it just knocks enemies clear cross the screen without hitting with the rest of the hits. Surprised he didn't bring up that his sweep kick doesn't count as a low hitting attack, too... And no grab is a tiny bit disappointing... Aside, I have no clue how this Mario can be called "terrible" in any way. Just " somewhat flawed".
  3. ...Is it the really BiS/PiT looking Mario next to Bowser in the bottom row? Here's hoping this one really does something to separate it from the cluster of Marios in the same SSB-MLSS style. Please no bubble shield, please no bubble shield... After trying... He's not really SSB style at all. He's some sort of style that I guess is from a Dragon Ball fighter. Dial up combos everywhere... Also DBZ hitsounds. He can do a pretty good chunk of damage off of one combo, hyper or no hyper. And he's got quite a few hypers, some based on his Smash moveset... This was much better than I expected, thanks a whole lot. And thankfully no bubble blocking...
  4. Random gripe... Do we really need a OC collection...? It defeats the entire purpose of the OC character section, to be honest... We could just put the ones not in the OC section from the collection in the section...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pluscross


      I meant to also add "Not trying to disparage the collection creator's hard work, but it seems like it would also be much easier this way."

    3. Pluscross


      ...There's already a Black Heart collection though...


      And like, what exactly is the line for most known and not known enough to make the collection...?

    4. HelloMyNameIsAAA


      I personally think that this collection should mainly focus on the most known original characters , such as Andres Borghi's.


      If done right, this collection can coexist with the OC section.

  5. Fun Fact: Joseph/Jonathan's uppercut hyper is called Beautiful Memory Ceaser. It took me that long to learn that. It also took many days to put said fun fact.

  6. Is it still up for grabs even if it's a private leak? It got taken off the Database long ago, and trying to go back only brings up a dead Sendspace link. Also would like to join the nearby requests for Battlefield and Professor Chaos.
  7. ...Who fights on a ring suspended by ropes. Who even put it there? Regardless, I always liked how the cliff looked very much like landscape paintings. Thanks again for another great conversion.
  8. I finally played PM today.


    ...Where's my modded Brawl roster... Way more fun. PM is way too sensitive to enjoy, just like Smash 4. Will say PM is better than Smash 4 at least. Don't know why Nintendo was so threatened by this mod at all.

    1. Pluscross


      Also, side note... Darkflare was right. Downgrade is the correct word...

  9. Oh, it's an edit... I second it too then. Unless it's a Rare Akuma spriteswap. Then nevermind...
  10. The first guy could probably be found on GooGoo64's site, but like his characters, his site is so poorly made, most of the characters on his site can't be reached due to very poor site creation. Geese MB was made by Nyan Kiryu:
  11. That VS. screen is epic, may have to take that for my next screenpack. Looks like a enjoyable comp, thanks a bunch for finding and or creating it.
  12. Oh boy... Here we go. Again. Can't blame him for updating Mario though. He's so underpowered compared to the others. Everything he does is super unsafe...
  13. Oh sweet. A Muluv reupload site. THAT could help greatly.
  14. Every time the NES Classic's popularity comes up, I get saddened... I'm fairly sure I've played all the games on it before without spending a dime on any of them. Same deal with remasters, but in the case of N-Sane, at least they added new things. Would be even more interesting if they had WoC in it, though...

  15. Oh my god. Thank you so much. What made Sano release them if he did?