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  1. Crusher Guile

    (Picture) (Download) (Comment) Another edit of Guile, most likely by the same creator of Mash De Guile. Compared to him, Crusher is far different and much newer. He still carries typical Guile attacks, his Flash Kick, hyper variant, rush combo hyper and Sonic Hurricane are as they should be, complete with versions with multiple levels. His classic Sonic Boom returns, but only in the air. However, he's also able to perform his Flash Kick which acts as a projectile, punch a small burst of fire which locks foes in place, kick two bursts of energy, fire controllable Sonic Booms, spam a long combo of low kicks, and catch the foe with 3 different command grabs, one shown above. Doesn't seem to play in any particular style either. Made by MarshallArts and Muetai, and updated by LEO.
  2. Amagon by STG (released 2017-09-18)

    Holy crap, the pink roid rager. Thank you SO much for this.
  3. Apparently the Direct sucked.

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    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      The only negative i saw on media was "No Smash"

      Seriously why expect such complex to do game 1st yea-- No, few first months of the SWITCH´s life? This game is almost at Zelda Levels of designs where they throw the old stuff away and starts to code and graphic from cero. New smash? Probably in the middle of next year may be something i expect.


      For me was a 8/10, i was expecting something else but they did deliver with Mario Oddisey, New Kirby and Xenoblade 2 and the fact that may be able to unfriend a lot of peple at Mario Party again (that last one was a suprise),

    3. Pluscross


      I figured no Smash was the real issue.

    4. Darkflare


      No Smash

      No F-Zero

      No Prime 4 info

      Xenoblade 2 taking up a lot of time


  4. Arugan! : School

    Was Arygan! the one that only had that one swordswoman?
  5. Another Sean.

    Will have to try it later. Thanks. Yeah, that was him. Thanks so much, solved.
  6. Another Sean.

    Another hopefully quick request. ...A Sean edit just named Another Sean. He used to be in the Capcom Edits section, but he's not there anymore. He's DG's Sean with dreadlocks, and a bunch of new attacks. His basketball was a black ball of electricity, probably from some KoF game. Anyone have that hilarious Sean anymore?
  7. Oh. KoF... Thanks a lot. One of the few News Archive releases I clearly never checked...
  8. Who's that on the left? She looks familiar... A Nijikaku character possibly?
  9. Sukapon by MASA@DAS and These Lifebars

    Those lifebars are from the Mugenfami fullgame. gui007 did a 1.1 update of it a while ago.
  10. Man, I cannot take Dark Souls, the first I guess, seriously with these male hurt voices... I can only assume the female ones are better, Surely.

  11. (Picture) (Download) (Comment) Somewhat passed news, that ex-Hudson staff member, this time in one of Star Soldier's battle spaceships. So, he can fly around and fire lasers like in Star Soldier. But that's only one mode, his other two involve shooting waves of Adventure Island tomahawks, some man's face, and his last mode is a very overpowered one emulating how fast he could push a button in one second, he can launch entire strings of lasers that can be an infinite combo. He can also drop Hudson Honeybees as a secondary shot in any of the modes. Start also drops another guy's face in the center of the screen that can fall on enemies. Impressively enough, his intro and winpose have animated segements from some video. Also, he only has 3 lives. He even comes with two simple still image stages, one being an image of Takahashi and the other being that man he shoots in his third mode. All around, a great reminder of a company that once was...
  12. Anyone ever notice how the new characters in Ultra SF4's voices are extremely loud compared to the others? It's like this on every YouTube video, even worse, they were like the most annoying batch of characters in the game. And people always use the Japanese voices... Ugh... Another reason SFV is miles ahead of that terrible entry.

  13. V-word, huh? Will delete that then... Did not expect them to be AH related, not like I've ever seen gameplay of it though. Thank you so much.
  14. I really hope it's not NSFW. Those bars look cool and this thing is the only proof I have of them.
  15. Crash Bandicoot by MGSSJ2

    Kinda a bit of both... He has Smash like dial combos but has a launcher to do Aerial Raves, and traditional style specials and hypers. His spin and slide are one button attacks too. Very undercover release though. Didn't expect his Crusade sprites to be able to make such a complete and fairly normal character for Mugen. The effects are top notch too, Touhou stuff coming for a whole different use. At last, a Crash to surpass Crow's and V-Nix's.