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    Thinking about Super Mario Fighters... Wonder if it was actually real, and not a dream. Creating answers to stuff I don't feel like researching... Sorta enjoy fighting games, and platformers, and whatever type of game Bomberman is classified as... Also, procrastinating... That's about it... To be cont... I also like playing customizable engines... Might start trying 3D animating... That's really it...

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  1. Doraemon

    I had no idea Doraemon was in SCWU. Looking like a return of that strange parody in Fighters Kyotadai, too. Thanks for the release.
  2. Apparently, there's an Adventure Island... Amusement park. Still won't go on any coaster, maybe just turtle at a food bar or something...

  3. Dose anyone have this stage?
  4. Dose anyone have this stage?

    I have it, it's called VIP Sensei. Will get a link ASAP.
  5. Dose anyone have this stage?

    I have it, it's called VIP Sensei. Will get a link ASAP.
  6. Pac-Man

    The very first Mr. IBZS Pac-Man is offline. Also there's that legendary Delta version... As well as a Pac-Land arcade cabinet stage. Will need to get the video...
  7. Pitfall Harry Jr.

    (Picture) (Download) (Comment) Yeah, Pitfall Harry's son from that SNES spinoff. Here, he's unfortunately an unfinished, but somewhat decent KFM edit. However, the Pitfall Harry (Jr.) is greater than the amount of KFM leftover, a crouching attack, taunt, a few hurt states and his winpose. Aside from those Pitfall Harry Jr. has 6 buttons of standing attacks, 4 aerial attacks, and 4 crouching ones. 2, like his standing weak and strong kicks have secondary attacks that can be used by pressing the button twice, but they unfortunately don't exactly combo into each other properly. He has specials and hypers, but instead of traditional attacks, P..H. Jr. can spawn a couple powerups, like a (actual!!!) heart to gain health back, or a hourglass to freeze time. He has a couple down to earth attacks, like throwing bombs and a boomerang, which must be picked up to be thrown again. Also he can summon a mine cart to run over the enemy. Not much else to say, he functions. Made by RomeDogg.
  8. Was there ever an edit to that old unfinished Master Shake character? The Hi-res one? I could have sworn I remember hearing something about one...
  9. Very slight voice issue

    On characters such as Warner's and some other randoms like Shinryouga's Super Mario, they don't have hurt voices when they are hit in the air, or hurt when knocked over. Very small, but how could I make it so they have a hurt voice when hurt in the air? Preferably not every time they are hit, but any method would be fine.
  10. Heina Desert/X

    (Pictures) (Download) (Comment) A simple desert stage with a very oddly shaped building in the distance. The first version has no animation aside from fog overlay, and the the X version has some Pokemon for animation. They have a medium length and very tall height. Not really much else to say, made by an unknown creator. Also has no music.
  11. Chicks dig Fruit By The Foot.

  12. Here's a challenge:


    Does M*A*S*H have a more iconic intro than SpongeBob SquarePants, The Simpsons, and Full House?


    I say nay... Sponge alone has it beat.

  13. Crusher Guile

    (Picture) (Download) (Comment) Another edit of Guile, most likely by the same creator of Mash De Guile. Compared to him, Crusher is far different and much newer. He still carries typical Guile attacks, his Flash Kick, hyper variant, rush combo hyper and Sonic Hurricane are as they should be, complete with versions with multiple levels. His classic Sonic Boom returns, but only in the air. However, he's also able to perform his Flash Kick which acts as a projectile, punch a small burst of fire which locks foes in place, kick two bursts of energy, fire controllable Sonic Booms, spam a long combo of low kicks, and catch the foe with 3 different command grabs, one shown above. Doesn't seem to play in any particular style either. Made by MarshallArts and Muetai, and updated by LEO.
  14. Amagon by STG (released 2017-09-18)

    Holy crap, the pink roid rager. Thank you SO much for this.
  15. Apparently the Direct sucked.

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    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      The only negative i saw on media was "No Smash"

      Seriously why expect such complex to do game 1st yea-- No, few first months of the SWITCH´s life? This game is almost at Zelda Levels of designs where they throw the old stuff away and starts to code and graphic from cero. New smash? Probably in the middle of next year may be something i expect.


      For me was a 8/10, i was expecting something else but they did deliver with Mario Oddisey, New Kirby and Xenoblade 2 and the fact that may be able to unfriend a lot of peple at Mario Party again (that last one was a suprise),

    3. Pluscross


      I figured no Smash was the real issue.

    4. Darkflare


      No Smash

      No F-Zero

      No Prime 4 info

      Xenoblade 2 taking up a lot of time