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Found 11 results

  1. Ruby Rose W.I.P

    Ruby Rose W.I.P I am working on Ruby Rose from RWBY in mugen. Currently she only has four attacks, one of which never connects at the moment. Three of them are on the ground, and one of them is in the air. I need to make it so that shes able to combo better, and fix some other stuff like her CSS/Lifebar icon. i'll update you guys when i manage to get things working
  2. Chikara Tournament

    Chikara Tournament OpenGL version screenshots: DirectX version screenshots: Download link
  3. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO My words All characters are edited by Milt Jr. himself, their style is kinda a mix of MvC and POTS stlyes. Also the game uses the Uno Tag Team System by UnoShe/Ako si Uno and an edited version by Milt Jr. of the Hatsune Miku Screenpack by Dissidia. Milt Jr. words Before you download the game please note that versions 1.0 and 1.1 has some differences. The main differences is that the stages and music is not the same. Version 1.0 has more 2D arcade stages and Capcom style music so it feels more like a Capcom game. Version 1.1 has more 3D stages and Melty Blood music so it feels more like the Melty blood Series. Try both of them out and see which one you like. Specai thanks! WizzyWhipitWonderful, DaMarcus008 and GenisesKeys for the music. Xenomic for some of the Midnight Bliss. Characters and stages original creators. And YOU for playing this game!
  4. Anime JUS Battle 2 GAME COMPLETO Finalmente saiu, vamos a um resumo o jogo é um MUGEN no estilo JUS com vários animes ou seja tem um monte de personagens de vários animes como Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Cavaleiros do zodiaco entre um monte que não da pra citar. Ele tem 106 personagens 24 estágios e suas músicas são todas em 8 bits com as aberturas(openings) dos animes que estão no jogo tudo isso ao contrário do primeiro jogo foi escolhido a dedo. Requisitos pra funcionar: Apesar de ser um jogo pesado e em 1280x720 roda em qualquer PC demorou pra ficar pronto por isso, tive que adaptá-lo. Testado em um Celeron com 2GB de RAM e sem placa de vídeo funcionou sem problemas de lag (talvez demore uns 3 minutos pra abrir em PC fraco mas pega com certeza). COMANDOS: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia/ Combo 3: C Carregar energia: S Transformar/ Bankai/ SSJ/ Susanoo/ Aumento de força: Z Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens) DOWNLOAD (2GB):!SAwwhQgI!aOFt_pN4CltFli1pi6ayNuMGEb0ZOD69iEHM4YkwUYY Special Thanks to (Agradecimento Especial): Mikel8888, This Boy, TrafalgarLawzz, Shadow Mercer, InSeph, Knightmara404, Lemonstream, Akashi Mugen, John Issah.
  5. [FULL GAME] Anime JUS Battle 2 W.I.P Bom tenho coisas pra falar aqui, sobre o jogo ele roda em qualquer PC mesmo sério testado em um Celeron funcionou perfeitamente só que com menos FPS (ainda bem jogável na média de 25 35), ele tem 106 personagens 24 estágios e todas as músicas em 8 bits (exceto a dos menus e tela principal) está muito pesado com 2 GB por isso isso ainda não está para download não vou dividi-lo em partes. Por isso no vídeo aqui no trailer tem uma DEMO bem leve com só 9 personagens e 18 estágios. DOWNLOAD DEMO:
  6. Preview: Download: Hosted at my Onedrive Opposed to be an Edit of Satsuki Not really like Akiha...,Really wanted to download her so I warehouse it. It has Ciel's voice for no reason... NOTE: If you use 640X480 Screenpacks,remove localcoord on the DEF File.
  7. STAGE: 6 Stages From Kemono Friends Fight

    Ripped from the trial version of Kemono Friends Fight. :3 I've managed to rip both Serval and Kaban's sprites but hopefully when I find the full version of the game, I'll be able to rip the rest of them. JAPARI PARK - SAVANNA DOWNLOAD JAPARI PARK - PLAINS DOWNLOAD JAPARI PARK - JAPARI LIBRARY DOWNLOAD JAPARI PARK - MOUNTAINS DOWNLOAD JAPARI PARK - CASTLE DOWNLOAD JAPARI PARK - MAZE DOWNLOAD
  8. UMCTX

    A New BOSSCADE Mode Hase Been Added The Game Is Still In W.I.P Need Char Request To Finish
  9. Memory Trees RPG Life+Farming Game the game will be quite big. I plan that there would be shops to buy tools, items for harvesting, planting, fishing, etc. Then there would be mini events to score our crush. I believe that this will take a long time to finish:We want to make a game that make you happy and enjoy it Memory Trees: Life+Farming game our gamer is in 18+ rate ( like the witcher or dragon age ) -Gameplay- Based on RPG Rune Factory , the game wil be in a 3D world Download beta version Memory trees Alpha 0.3 Main Character and character that can get getting married our game make 2 version for male and female story will be Different we know that our game still on develop still have so much thing to do but hope you still enjoy If you like please Share our project Memory Trees Our website and Follow us => facebook twitter tumblr instagram Some screenshots
  10. Since I joined, I wanted to show some progress on my Garfield character, so... I got a pallete in, and the jump anims are correct. The only problem is that I don't really have enough sprites to work with. If someone is willing to help, that'd be great. (oh yeah, MUGEN 1.0 only, too. If someone wants to help bring this to WinMUGEN, just wait.) I'll update this post with any future additions to the fat cat.
  11. Some Deviantart Stuff

    I made this for DA as TotalDramaXtremist. Enjoy!