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  1. Fire Spider-Man has been Updated.
  2. Scarlet Spider has been Updated.
  3. Original Author: Zabujca Milan Enjoy.
  4. i uploaded this back in Mugen Fighters Guild. anyways. can be used to make for Marvel Vs. Capcom or any other crossover projects. can also be Color Separated. (if Possible.) the SFF file includes some Custom made Sprites as well. let me know if there are some missing sprites. Enjoy
  5. infamous actually, we do not exactly know the actual BlueSpider.
  6. i know you quite well, you're pretty much famous for creating your OC, it's in Mugen Database and in the Marvel Comics collection thread here. XD https://mugen.fandom.com/wiki/BlueSpider http://mugenfreeforall.com/topic/36867-marvel-comics-universe/
  7. nice to see you in Mugen Free For All, BlueSpider! i did not tested your own Kung-Fu Man yet, but i will soon.
  8. you guys probably have to switch that fire spidey i made into the new version here. https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mushys-release-thread-m-bison-released-sonic-and-ayumi-updated--189242.0.html
  9. i came here from Mugen Fighter's Guild people, you may know me for creating that Joke Spidey character named Fire Spider-Man. and i'm just going to say that it is nice to meet you all in MFFA.
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