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  1. Houjo by aznman13 (COMPLETED)

    I uploaded him on MUGEN Archive but MFFA doesnt allow MUGEN Archive links here. So there it is:
  2. Houjo by aznman13 (COMPLETED)

    It seems that Overbrakeball gave me Houjo so im gonna complete this request.
  3. Houjo by aznman13 (COMPLETED)

    Houjo by aznman13 EDIT: Someone on discord sent me him so... I already got him! EDIT 2: There he is for someone who wants him.
  4. Oh hey there Brergsart! Welcome to Mugen Free For All!
  5. Shadow: War of Succession Stages.rar?dl=0 I found some stages.
  6. Undertale Gramsen's Papyrus.
  7. ClayFighter Series

    MetaSponge's Tiny Link was overwritten with MetaSponge's Nanaman
  8. Dong Dong Never Die

    Thank you for hosting him. I was actually about to ask someone to make an Terminator but i didnt know that Xiami made him so. Thanks!
  9. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    Now we got a stage collection! Nice! I have some of these in my mugen
  10. This Request has finally complete.

    MUGEN Archive is not allowed on this website though
  11. 2 Of these marios I think that jumpman might be on this pack...
  12. Undertale Toriel by Gramsen Pizzasauce's edit.
  13. What characters do you want to be converted into mugen?

    Huo Chai Ren, Jian Ci Lang, Jiang Bao, Liu Mang, Mario, Mo Shu Shi, A Shuang, Wu Liao Jun, Jie Jie and Xiao Pan from Dong Dong Never Die. EDIT: I removed Terminator from my list since somebody found Xiami's Terminator.
  14. Holosseum