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    Argentina, Formosa
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    Spanish & English
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    Keeping up with fictional characters because i am a sad person who would rather do that instead of improving his own life
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    Bloody Roar, Darkstalkers, Skullgirls, Tekken, and MUGEN of course.
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Gurren Laggan, Kill La Kill, Evangelion and Devil Man.
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  1. FlavioCamaro just released his version of Maleficent: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/maleficent-from-disney-released-182708.0.html
  2. Im Just a Sweet Transvestite ♪ but seriously thanks a lot Divine this character really needed the POTS treatment
  3. Alright so Capcom added Jedah in MVCI and fixed Chun Li's face so she dosen't look so disgusting

    but they fucked it up by adding Abigail in SFV... oh well at least his stage looks cool

    1. A person

      A person

      Well done, Capcom. You've successfully countered Aksys, and they are now doomed.







    2. Noside


      Even so, Dragon Ball FighterZ is winning. x3

  4. Amazing collection! if im not mistaken the Waterfall 2016 stage is inspired by the Dead or Alive series i believe its based on the Aerial Gardens from Dead or Alive 2
  5. Nice stage for a brazilian character as for the updates i must say your works have gotten better over time really looking foward to them
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