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Who do you use the most?


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So im just curious to know..what character do you use the most in mugen?

Depends on which mugen game I'm playing on

Bleach = Ichigo by Ikaruga and Tousen by Sandom

Chaotic Century = Geese and Oni

DOH = Marco and Saizu

Dragon Ball = KId Goku by Ryon and Goku by Neocide

JJBA = U-kira and Rizotto

Guilty Gear = Ky Kiske and Anji

Naruto = Naruto NZC by Alexei and Kid Rock Lee by chobitss55

New Beginning = Teppei and Yoko

MVC = Guile and Wolverine

One Peice = Luffy

Saint Seiya = Tenma

Samsho Zin = Kenshin and Haomaru

Street Fighter 4 = Ryu and Ken

TMUZ = Alucard by Cafe and Satsujin Shiki by Bunshi&Rouge noir&Slayer

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Though I'm sure this list is subject to change sometime in the future, at this current time, I love to use these characters all the same, no more, no less: -Arina by NHK -Rozwel by jinny, edited by cyleong -Nero by CaWO4 -Yukimura Sanada by syouga -Goku by Balthazar & Cybaster -Kusanagi by Izumo

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Kamekaze DBZ Hyper Dimension chars, mainly Mystic Gohan, Majin Vegeta and Super Vegetto. Goku-SSJ2 by Ribeiro Future Trunks ssj2 by Ssonic Android 17 and 18 by Chrono_Strife SF3 Ryu and Ken by GM Evil Ryu by Reu Fei-long & Guile by N64Mario a dozen of other mvc styled chars whenever I feel like.

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