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  1. Been going through a shit ton of stress the last day or so. Work will resume tomorrow during class. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Huh, her outfit reminds me of the priestess from the game "Pocky and Rocky"
  3. Work, work, work. Can you guess what comes next?

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    2. Prodigal Trailblazer
    3. Ryon


      Sex, Sex, Sex?

    4. Otasira


      (' - ' z ) I'm not too sure about all of those guesses, but for some reason I'm sure it can all go into one activity. I'd most likely me jailed.

  4. Emotion train, here I come.

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    2. SuperCatMeow


      If I may comment on your pic. I like it, it's Very good. Much better than I could ever do :)

    3. Otasira


      Thanks! I still have some work to do on it. It's gonna be a while before I could start a worth while comic series.

    4. Laharl


      skills seem to be improving ota.

  5. Otasira


    Thoughts: "I'm in the spot light!" seriously though, I'd probably be too shocked to think of anything.
  6. Eh, computer's on the fritz again. Guess I'll have to use more caution.

  7. As each day goes by, it feels like my life is slowly moving into being a normal one. I'm actually quite content. Like, lay down in the grass on a sunny day type content. Now, if only my neighbor can turn off his gardening tools, DAMMIT

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    2. Shinzaki


      Alright thanks

    3. Prodigal Trailblazer

      Prodigal Trailblazer

      lay down in the grass on a sunny day?

      thats how they get you!

    4. Shinzaki


      Oh and, I think Yuki is just an edit of P-tan's Kula

      I mean, it has unfinished sprites (due to the long hair showing in some sprites) and she even has Kula's winposes and taunt

  8. Yesterday was fun and all, but this morning, I feel like crud. Maybe it's my sleeping arrangement.

  9. Yes, this is made from a real photo, more or less. If only I can express my hate for your response. I'll post a new photo, dammit. EDIT: Here's the photo.
  10. My book came in the mail today~

    1. Laharl


      you chat nows.

  11. After a crap ton of cropping and placement, my first wide screen roster is practically done!
  12. Huh.. with sprite replacement, Ares could become a good Jin.

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    2. Otasira


      I'm not sure why I never thought of that sooner. I must be pretty damn slow.

    3. Shinzaki


      Maybe you had better things to do (or you were busy)so you didn't notice.

    4. DartzPie


      Seraph said that he might make a jin out of his ares when he finishes all the character edits on his list

  13. Training and Watch mode are the only modes I need to keep myself entertained.
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