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  1. Hyde: Sharing rooms seems fair enough. Hyde: I'll probably take up Lucent's offer, sorry Anwalt.
  2. (Hyde's eyes widen as he took his first gaze at the hotel) Hyde: Woah, I wasn't expecting it to be this huge.
  3. Hyde: Heh, I'm doing fine, after all i'm still standing. Hyde: Yeah, there friends. I was just looking for them, but it looks like they were here.
  4. Hyde: (That "hero" guy really does live up to his name. But that aside I should regroup with the others) (Hyde continues to search for any of the members he was with)
  5. Hyde: (What the-!) (Hyde uses his leg closest to the ground to attempt to move out of the way of the attack. Due to Hyde being at close range, Hyde's right arm not only takes some damage from the attack but disarms him as well) Hyde: (That attack had a lot of energy in it, is he really able to control it?) (Hyde looks at his arm momentarily) Hyde: (I won't be able to do as well fighting him like this...) (He stares back at LightFlare, attempting to see what will happen next)
  6. Hyde:(As expected) (Hyde leaps towards LightFlare and slashes diagonally at him)
  7. (Hyde exhales as he gets back into his stance) Hyde:(It was just one knock down out of the two he has. And I pretty much showed him all of my attacks) Hyde:(I still got a shot at this. I just need to switch things up) (Hyde dashes towards LightFlare and unleashes a horizontal slash that staggers upon contact)
  8. Hyde:(Not yet) (With insufficient time to turn around, Hyde stabs the ground behind himself causing a red eruption from the ground)
  9. Hyde:(This energy... this attack can't be good) (Hyde slashes towards LightFlare, attempting to knock him back)
  10. (Hyde slowly gets up after the heavy attack, he uses his sword to help him back up) Hyde:(D-dammit, I can't stop here) Hyde: Black Orbiter! (Hyde steps back and uses the same circling red projectile, but before it could reach LightFlare...) Hyde: Dark Lotus! (Hyde puts his sword in a different stance as the projectile detonates near LightFlare)
  11. Hyde:(That doesn't look good. I better stop it somehow) (Hyde keeps moving toward LightFlare, but instead of slashing upwards, he does a twist and slashes horizontally)
  12. Hyde:(Looks like I got chance) Hyde: Pale Bringer! (Hyde slashes forward towards LightFlare before attempting to slash upwards)
  13. Hyde: (You've got to be kidding me!) (Hyde quickly dodges out of the way of the beam, nearly hitting him) Hyde: Shadow Scare! (Hyde stabs is sword into the ground, causing an eruption from the ground near LightFlare)
  14. (Hyde immediately jump backwards and landed on his feet) Hyde: (I'm not going down, not yet) Hyde: Black Orbiter! (Hyde slashes a circling red projectile towards LightFlare)
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