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Who do you use the most?


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My modded version of N-marios zero Pots Geese cvs2 vice(warusaki3) My sonic fancharacter -Z- Mvc2 Dark ken by Darkcipherlucious Master lue by jimmey lue cvs2 iori by H' Sho Nuff Orochi Chris by °ËÉñÔ³(thats what it says in the def file) Zeori God Rugal by hero

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Spider-Man by Erradicator

Fei Long by N64Mario edited

Iori Yagami by Sander71113

Wolverine by Sander71113

Just to add to these

Venom by Big Eli King

Gambit by Camrat

Captain America by Mystik Blaze

Jon Talbain by Splode

Morrigan by PotS

Chun-Li by Jmorphman

Norimaro by Jin Kazama

CvS2 Iori by H'

Hulk by One Winged Angel

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Characters I use the most, huh? Kirby by Super Nicholas Ryu by DG Hulk, Juggernaut, and Captain America by Acey Hercule by CHOUJIN Fat Buu by miayou Weegee by aznperson569M Rotom by GarchompMatt I typically use MvC-Styled characters the most, but I'll sometimes use characters like Kung Fu Man.

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While being the most awesome character available for MUGEN, 'Fu Man isn't the most practical. Small damage, poor combo ability...not so good.

woah small damage.. nahh

You wouldn't believe how many times kung fu man some how killed me.

yea the 1.0 version i think it was.

he's little op since they gave him new crap.

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Lol really? This is the default KFM that comes with MUGEN, right? No AI patches?


Some characters decide to get extremely lucky for no reason.

Just like one time, in a simul match

whoever my partner was had been ko'ed

and then kung fu man did his shitty throw, and it threw me into some street fighter 2 ken's shouryureppa

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Dark Khriz

Another K' by NAO&M. & DarkMiguel

Dark Order Sol by Daimonmau

Evil Maelstorm Iori by jor8a


God_Wind by ONI-MIKO

Iori Yagami by Clayton

KaiSensei Ken by Polocolto" and "Marancv

Master Mizuchi by Etalking

Maelstorm Goenitz by nnq2603 & SamSouji

Orochi Element by ClaytonD/Beppu

T' by H. A. L . L .

Valmer Rugal by Siegfried8823

Vinzelles by Lifeend

Khriz by JFCT555

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Manly Rage Rock, Bane84's Kirby, Think a Rozen Maiden fancharacter, Kabegami, Kazu and pretty much everyone else on my sig. I play as some other chars like Chibiko, Yueng, Wu-Ling and the other Niji chars but now, I mainly play as all my favorites.

I also play as newly released characters who's playstyles I've loved, like Altia, Little Mac & Sceptile.

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