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  1. Yeah I am sure, that will be too much to handle the collections section.
  2. Oh shit, sheesh well that's too much for me to handle sorry.
  3. If the Nintendo Collections is in need of a mod I can be a mod for that one? I noticed it is a mess.
  4. Hey Ryon good to see ya post, Hope all is well for ya in this pendemic.
  5. I kinda do remember you didn't you make some Mvc characters?
  6. Yo Kanbei. What's up?

    1. Kanbei


      Sorry for the really late reply but yes. just been busy in real life.

  7. Hello jeff nice to meet you and welcome to the MFFA furom
  8. Hey man, nice you're here too.


    Hi, I would like to ask you if you keep a stage that I did 5 years ago, half fire I eliminate it and I have no way to get it again .. you commented on my post...  

    the stage is donkey kong 64 frantic factory

  10. @Ryou

    Happy Birthday pal hope you had a good one.

  11. If your talking about taking an animated .Gif apart use this https://ezgif.com/optimize Also use .png its better quality the .bmp
  12. Been gone for a while how has it been here, Also Is Laharl still around?

  13. Today is a special day for me. The day I was born.

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy Birthday Kanbei! Keep Being Awesome And Eat Lots Of Cake, Yo! ^_^


    2. Genderless Child
    3. Kanbei
  14. was at this very moment I knew....

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