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Well, this one's mine:


Senna (chikuchikugonzalez): I stuck with this version because Songfu's Senna didn't work on my Mugen. I mained chiku's Senna because her combos are easy to pull off. Iaido practioners in fighting games are generally hard to use (Johnny, Ukyo, Hibiki Takane, Shimo, Setsuka, Alpha Patroklos etc) but i'll make an exception with this one. 


Kaname (Chotto-Komaru): I've beaten several cheap characters (Sander's Wolverine, most of Ikaruga's creations and Aiduzzi's creations) with Kaname because he has a parry button, and parrying fills his super art meter.


Raphael ([email protected] [email protected]): I'm a huge ninja turtles fan, that combined with Raph being my favorite turtle and [email protected] having a track record of well made characters. I can't wait until [email protected] releases Michaelangelo and Donatello so i can have the whole set. They're great alternatives if you don't want to use the turtles DCat Power made. (I had DCat's turtles, Shredder and Krang in my mugen before my laptop died in back in 2013. They're equally good)


Morrigan (POTS) and Guy (POTS): I main both characters in their respective source games and everyone knows POTS is a god among mugen creators. I mean who doesn't like the custom mechanics and coding he implements in his characters?


Wolverine (Froz): Because it's one of my Marvel vs Capcom mains given the POTS-style treatment. 


Captain Commando (Warusaki3): Not much to say about this one, since the majority of Warusaki's CVS2 conversions are 5 star material.


Selvaria Bles (Kohaku): Has the hots for the actual character (I didn't play Valkyria Chronicles but i watched the VC3 anime and played Project X Zone that has VC characters in it). Would have downloaded ANY version of Selvaria but only two exist at this time and 41's version is a Mugen 1.1 exclusive, so i made due with Kohaku's. It's a solid creation, but i wish she wasn't limited to 3 buttons because i can't do that much combos with her. Unless Dengeki Bunko (which i haven't played yet) uses a 3 button setup. 


Gradriel (Okan): I was surprised at how well Okan's Gradiel turned out, because i love games made by Vanillaware. She has custom gameplay, not accurate to the single button combat Princess Crown utilizes. She's from a Sega Saturn exclusive that never got localized, or fan translated. And speaking of Vanillaware, Odin Sphere Liefthrasir is a 10/10 masterpiece you need to play before the day you die, especially if you're into Beat em up/RPG hybrids like Guardian Heroes. (ok i'm done nerding the fuck out here)


Alena (Ryuhi): Alena from DQ4 is one of my favorite Dragon Quest characters and i'm amazed she transitioned well into Mugen. I would have mained the Alena made by Noctis because i'm a sucker for CVS2 conversions (Or POTS/Divine/Infinite style for that matter) but it makes my mugen lag -cries- 


Akame (Ambasa): AnT's Akame makes my Mugen lag but luckily Ambasa's doesn't. Maining Akame was a given since i love AgK (the anime, didn't read the manga yet) to death. Still waiting for my waifu Esdeath to get Mugenized. -crosses fingers and hopes to god she transitions well into Mugen too-


Eyelina (Sakuraka): Fought her in Episode 4 of Crazy Mugen Battles and she gave me a run for my money. Decided to add her to my team later on, because i like shoto characters, and cute blondes. Does anyone know what game or anime Eyelina's voice comes from? Cross Theater (the doujin game she's from) doesn't have voice acting. 


Yashaoh (NHK): The only character in my team that's source accurate because everyone else has custom gameplay. Asura Blade and Asura Buster are underrated fighting games worth trying out.

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No one responded to this. well then


Here's my team:

  • Garfield by fer619 and aperson98, edited by Zobbes (this ones private, btw): I just feel more comfortable conroling a four-button character. Also my main since I'm a Garfield fan.
  • Papyrus by FourthRhyme (old version): His moves are basically wacky and unpredicted (much like Undertale itself) and you never know when that certain bobcat might appear. Say...
  • Bubsy Bobcat by FourthRhyme: Another fun to play as character. Has moves from that cartoon pilot, among other stuff. Also, Rottytops.
  • Homer Simpson by Team S.M.R.T (I mean, S.M.A.R.T)Feels really true to the actual TV show, save for the Road Roller D'oh and Shun Homer Satsu moves. (also i had no idea what jjba was back when i first had this guy)
  • Morrigan and Lilith by DivineWolf: Sure, they're succubi, but why should that stop them from having a spot here? Having moves from Darkstalkers and sporting neat custom sprites, I'd say they are worth having.

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If I had to pick the team it would be this:


  • DIO by Warusaki3: I always thought he was fun character to play as
  • Super Luigi by ShinRyoga: With his brutal AI, you can't go wrong :)
  • Sakuya Izayoi by Ricepigeon: Might not have the strongest AI, she's still a good character none the less
  • Another Blood by Miyabi: a awesome character but also a crazy one to deal with
  • Spongebob by MadOldCrow1105: I like to think that this is the only good spongebob here...i'm sure they are other spongebobs made by different authors but...honestly I prefer this one
  • Magaki by jin: He might be a cheap boss but he is also fun to play as once you get used to his moveset
  • Jedah (MvC2) by Kong: Another character with a brutal AI but still a lot of fun to play as
  • Doopliss by Oliver as Latias: I was actually surprised that someone would make a Doopliss MUGEN character at that point

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Mine's a rather long list, but anyways...


Rubette Folnarc (Hyperhiroro): I played as her in a doujin game called Crimson Alive Xtreme Encounter and enjoyed destroying opponents with her tactical moves. It became a dream come true when she was brought to Mugen and now I think she's even better than before. The author even once posted my video of me using her against Xslaught's Sentinel in his website and based on rough translation, he was amazed on how I handled her. Another reason I play as her is that I think she's a major cutie.


Kisarah Westfield (Fervicante): If Rubette has tactical keepaway moves, Kisarah has tactical melee moves. She's honestly hard to use against more formidable opponents, but it would be fun to humiliate them with someone armed with nothing but a school bag and lots of kicking.


Shiki Tohno (9): I rarely use him nowadays, only because he might make some fights a little too easy with his rushdown. Getting diced by an anemic is not a good ending at all.


Haruhi Suzumiya (Choiya): Now before you judge me, Your Honor,  I kept around an old version before the author had his way with her. Her godly Shielding ability makes her one of my finest counters against more difficult opponents. Yes, she can be a dirty player, but glorifying the SOS Brigade is her utmost priority.


Sachiel (Rikard): A cool, original boss character who dominates with fast moves, soul summoning, teleports and some hefty damage. Make sure your prayers go unwasted...


Rugal Bernstein (Warusaki3): A guy named DaKillaMandingo inspired me to get better with him. With long range moves and explosive damage especially in K-Groove, Rugal makes an excellent all-around character in fights. His tuxedo also makes him extra classy.


Nakoruru (Phantom of the Server): Her great mobility and fast moves that let her sneak past the opponent's offenses makes her another good addition to the team. She's also friendly, but disrespecting Mother Nature while she's around is begging for a stab to the heart.


Shiki Nanaya (9): He relies on speed and tricking his opponents into opening and exploiting blind spots for him to deal the hurt. Killing is just as normal as breathing for him.


Nrvnqsr Chaos (9): Some of my friends see him as one of the most powerful characters I use. Despite being a walking hitbox, Nrvnqsr not only has absurd range and a godly anti-air game, but can also summon beasts for scary pressure, potential combo extensions and other tactical purposes that can eat the biggest of threats alive. Believe it or not, playing Mugen led to him becoming my main in Melty Blood. In case you ask, it's pronounced "Nero".


Mai Kawasumi (586): Frankly difficult to use, but rewarding to get her Stand-like set-ups down along with her decent range. She always looks forward to a bowl of gyudon.


Sayuri Kurata (586 & Lightoss): Take some of Rugal's moves, give her a magical girl's wand and you've got profit. Her combo ability and counter move that devastates dumb aggressors makes her a force to be reckoned with. Ahaha~


Maori Kasuga (Ahuron): The fact that she's inaccurate to her source game actually makes her quite deadly to an extent. Maori can halt or stuff the opponent's offenses by calling her sisters to assist in battle. Pro tip: never let her chest size distract you.


Miyako Arima (9): In Full Moon Style, Miyako becomes a little monster with damaging combos and unfair blockstrings. Goes to show that even with kids, fists are the best weapons yet.


Adelheid Bernstein (KoopaKoot): Rugal's son who has decent bread-and-butter combos and a decent footsies game. Now to get his sister Rose to shut up...


Towa Yuuhazaki (unknown author): The main heroine of Crimson Alive. Her fiery moves and combos can burn through the opponent's health quickly. Kyo Kusanagi is not amused.


Piccolo Daimaoh (Choujin): Surely you've heard of Piccolo Jr.'s dad from the old days of Dragonball. His combos are devilishly fun to pull off. He'll do anything to win, including summoning minions to do his dirty work.


Petra Johanna Lagerkvist (Bey): Her custom gameplay was fun to use coupled with ricocheting ether bullets and some grab set-ups, although her jump sucks. Dat dress tho...


Seifuku Akiha Tohno (9): In Full Moon Style, not only do her combos deal a lot of damage, but her infamous "onion rings" make her scary. At least those are cheaper than a diamond one.


Sion Eltnam Atlasia (9): She puts her amazing analytical skills to use in combat, as well as her Barrel Replica gun, her Etherlite whip and her physical prowess. The rather mediocre way I made this post also goes according to her calculations.


Sai (Mikita): All he has to do is kick around a lot and inflict curses on his opponent with his stare. No matter the situation, he'd rather keep his hands in his pockets.


Hotaru Futaba (Warusaki3): Who would've thought Garou: MOTW sprites work well with a CvS style? If I feel like doing a self-imposed challenge, Hotaru is one of those people to go for. And of course, the dreaded Tenshou Ranki is there.


Rin Tohsaka (kisaragiryuto & acha): Melty Blood gameplay with magical jewel system? Sold. Whether up close or from afar, Rin is an invaluable ally. She does seem to complain about how using jewels in combat can get really expensive, though.


Marilyn Sue (Mikita): I only have two words to say about her: combo monster. When I first tried her out, I had so much fun using her that my muscle memory went out of whack and I temporarily sucked using the others. Along with Akatsuki Blitzkampf's Parry system, she's sure to deliver a world of hurt. Everybody was kung fu fightin'~


Ange Ushiromiya (Deer): I tried Yu-Toharu's before, but she was harder to use. At least this one has more mobility along with a custom Melty Blood system gameplay. Arguably the record holder of the world's highest moonsault.


Diavolo (Amarimono): The Emperor is here! I, Diavolo! Be careful when going aggressive or spamming projectiles against him, he knows how to get around those with the power of King Crimson. Give him the ability to short hop and his combo ability becomes lethal. A number of victims have realized a little too late that they've become corpses shish kebab'd by the gates of the Roman Colosseum.


Fritz (Mikita): The old man knows how to make the cut... literally. He may not have any combos, but he deals awesome damage with only a couple of swings with his sword. Because he's a former war surgeon, dissection is free of charge.


Nayu Mizuhara (Ohgaki): Using taekwondo and her hydrokinetic powers, this fearless kid is not afraid to make waves in only a school swimsuit, even getting someone to call her the "Fourth Sacred Treasure". Hang on... what's the FBI doing outside of my house?


Kirito (Sennou-Room): Thankfully, the author's take on the Infinite style turned out fine and Kirito can still prove to be pretty formidable from his days in the SAO death game. He feels like burying himself six feet under whenever the "two years worth" thing is brought up.


Asuna (Kohaku): In contrast to her boyfriend, Asuna is actually broken from the way Kohaku made her and that's what actually makes her feel awesome. If you're looking for someone to use in combo compilation videos, SAO's Flash is sure to answer the needs. She may be a well-known trash tier waifu, but at least she knows how to make good Swiss cheese with her rapier.


Yuuki (Sennou-Room): Pretty much the same with Kirito, but now with an impish twist. Straightforward strikes, long range and nice attack speed make her a solid choice, as well as sporting that exposed waist.


Yui Hirasawa (Dissidia): The "Gifted Airhead", as I call her, controls the battle by throwing around candy, planting paralyzing heart traps and rolling on the floor for a sneaky low attack. She once thought the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the name of a new kind of dessert.


Mio Akiyama (Dissidia): You'd think Mio being a scaredy-cat would hold her back, but you'd be wrong. Her rushdown playstyle, combo ability, a pseudo dodge roll and teleport counters which is a reference to what she once said in the series makes her a very fun character to play. Even as a fighter, the "stage accident" still haunts her to this day.


Tsumugi Kotobuki (Dissidia): Not only does Mugi know how to bring great desserts to their club room, she also knows how to bring great beatdowns. I may suck at using grapplers, but she's an exception. An unwitting opponent can and will eat the biggest damages care of her chunky attack power and unblockable moves. Before the next person, care for some tea~?


Meimu (RicePigeon & Darkflare): One can't really go wrong with a simplistic projectile and has a decent combo ability, Yes, it's Reimu in black, but you wouldn't want a messy spritework, would you?


Athena Asamiya (Warusaki3): I once became curious just how low tier she was considered and tried her out. Before I knew it, she became a good character for self-imposed challenge matches. CvS has her best voice and outfit, screw off.


Kaigen Ishima (Juke Kisaragi): She's there when all the other characters have spent their time in the spotlight and I feel like a jerkass for slicing and dicing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she has an awesome tick throw. ARE YOU NOT WARRIORS?!


Saki Tsuzura (Uru): Drowin's wasn't so stellar, I suck with Cruz's and I have doubts with Flowerallia's so I settled for this version. I never thought I'd actually have fun with a charge character who combos so well. She also has some of the finest legs around.


Schlussel (22B): Her other gameplay mode makes her quite unique from being another genderflipped Goenitz. Trivia: She uses Shanoa's voice from Castlevania: Judgment.


Jonathan Joestar (Amarimono): Ah, the JoJo who started it all. He has fun juggle combos and his Scarlet Overdrive move is both an awesome anti-air and a high priority move just like in All-Star Battle, though I've never played ASB before. He questions why Dio Brando is such a popular Internet celebrity.


Shana (Kohaku): The first custom DBFC character I've tried made by Kohaku. Once you get down the timing of her attacks, her combo loops can go on for minutes, seriously. I could talk more about her, but an earful of "URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!" is not good for my ears.


Kuroyukihime (Kohaku): The Black Snow Princess may not have her butterfly wings, but that doesn't stop her Brain Burst ability. Even when Kohaku recently nerfed her, she's still a monster with her counter move and her slightly tricky Death By Flashing loops. You know everything's under control when you see her calmly drinking tea in a fight.


Mina Majikina (Ali): Chances are that a lot of arrows are going to fly when she's around. While she looks frail, she's someone opponents would rather hit than be hit by. Rejoice, the annoying Chample isn't around!


Taiga Aisaka (Kohaku): If the aftermath of a fight was littered with broken chairs, badminton rackets, microphones and sleds, the Palmtop Tiger was there. While Shana and Kuroyukihime are my most powerful Kohaku mains, Taiga is the most fun. Her aces not only include long range pokes and a potentially pesky Ryuji assist, but give her meter to burn and her combos can take away 40-70% Health or even more. It has been said that she has racked up billions of yen worth of property damage from breaking utility poles and her opponents happen to be in the wrong place.

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I guess my team would be:


Tamao by by Nyan Kiryu: I thought Tamao was cute and I love how she plays, so I use her.


Taiga by Kohaku: At first I didn't use her too much, but over time, The Plamtop Tiger has really resonated with me. Plus, her combos are fun to pull off.


Kamijo Touma by okita: He can do big damage and he's really fun to use. Also, love his Imagine Breaker.


Hina by oyaji: I love how her zoning game needed some thought as her meter prevents her from mindlessly spamming. Also, she doesn't have a traditional crouch. Plus, she's cute in a evil way.


Ingrid by Sennou-Room: I've always been a fan of her design and moveset. Plus, she's cute


Vegeta by Choujin: I'm a long time fan of the Dragon Ball franchise and Vegeta was always my favorite. I fell in love with how Choujin's Vegeta controlled.


Ayane by ZSM: Possibly the only Vangurad Princess character I enjoy using, I like her playstyle a lot. Also, she's cute.


Yuka by Nyan Kiryu: While I do prefer Tamao, Yuka is still a really fun character for me to use. Plus, she's cute as well.


Rentaro by Kohaku: He definitely grew on me over time. Like Taiga, his combos are fun to pull of.


Patchouli by Ricepigeon: My favorite Touhou character and Ricepigeon's version is quite fun to use. I'm gonna sound like a broken record, but she's cute as well


I got some other characters that I use, but these are the main members of my team.

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I mean, I suppose...


Flandre Scarlet (RicePigeon) - While most of these are Rice's characters because they fit my gameplay tastes perfectly, Flan is especially notable because she's geared more towards the aggressive style of play I usually do, plus she's also a charge character, which I'm very fond of; also, it's Flan, my favourite Touhou.


Pikaman (Ria-Corsta, edited by ryun) - Primarily three-button like Rice's characters, but with additional buttons dedicated to grabs, Hypers and such, Pikaman is usually my go-to character simply because of how fun and stupid he is to play as.


Koishi Komeiji (RicePigeon) - I have an affinity for playing supposed low-tier characters as long as they're fun to play as, and Koishi used to be just that until she got a substantial buff that removed her hindering subconscious mechanic and made her hilariously dumb in the process.


Reimu Hakurei (RicePigeon) - Another charge character, Reimu just feels fun to play as; not necessarily stupid like Pikaman and Koishi, but she never quite feels helpless and has a tool for most situations.


Sanae Kochiya (RicePigeon) - Started playing as her after she got buffed recently (hoho, what a tier whore) and found that she's also really fun to play as; I was originally put off by the technical aspect of the character, such as the usage of wind to hasten approach, affect the speed/trajectory of certain attacks, or make certain attacks safe, as well as management of her two assists, but after pulling off an anime combo, I started playing as her.


Blaziken (Ðshiznetz) - This is kinda cheating since I don't really play him anymore due to his numerous issues and janky stuff, but I did use him for the longest time during the early days; I can still play as him, but I prefer not to.

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Been a long time since I posted here, right?


Long list, mind you.


Sion Eltnam Atlasia by 9: The character my team is centered on, and the reason wy I regained my love for FG's. Mainly I use her in full moon.


V. Sion by 9: Can't have one without the other, can I?


Len by 9: Arguably, my best on the team. She backs it up with the number of opponents she has taken on her own.


Aozaki Aoko by 9:  Another of my best to play with, besides, the Blue Gunner had always a home on my team.


Vermilion/Seifuku Akiha by 9: I'd add normal Akiha if there was one, but both are played in Full Moon.


Riesbyfe Stridberg by 9: The shield of the eltnam also belongs to the team lending her raw power.


Red Arcueid / Warc by 9: Another starter member of the team who is a nice addition thanks to her rushdown style. Notable in that I use her in Crescent Moon instead of Full Moon.


Michael Roa Valdamjong by 9: Soko darou!


Tohsaka Rin by Kisaragi Ryuuto / Accha: One of the few Fate/Tsundere characters I legitimiately like to use. Always wanted her to be mugenized, andI got it.


Kyoudou Senna by SongFu: Funny enough, her EX version would serve as a Prototype for Big Bang Beat Revolve. Initially only desired because of her AI, not many can handle her once they realize how combo intensive this cute, yet sexy maiden is. A long lasting member of my team.


Shiranui Mai by Juke Kisaragi: I'm a lover for KOFXI, so, she felt god for what I needed. Then again, I main her in KOF2k2, though I play a more spacing intensive Mai over rushdown.


Whip by plenty of authors: Tricky one since I haven't played her since my KOF XI days, but I still use her. A starting member since 2008.


Elisabeth Blanctorche by fervicante (XI) / Ptan (XIII): May not have played XIII as much, butcertainly I've mained Betty since XI.


Blue Mary by KoopaKoot: I like her 2k2UM version a lot, can you blame me?


Leona Heidern by Nao&M: Playing a private XI version. A what if Leona was in XI; also quite a starting member.


Slayer by Muteki: The man himself. Normally an observer, but can take an active role once in a while.


Venom by Muteki: One of the few males I play in GG, as well as the best gay character ever.


Potemkin by Muteki: One of the few grapplers I use, then again, I like more pre Xrd Pot.


Suzumiya Haruhi by Choiyer: Like Watch here, I also use an old version. Mostly reserved for more difficult situations.


Karin by PotS: She's the only character from PotS that I actually care for. Attributed to the fact I like the character and this was way before the PotS bandwagon even existed.


Asuna by Kohaku: Originally I used Sennou-Room's Asuna, but once Kohaku's came out, I switched to her, and I don't regret it.


Selvaria Bles: I still use her, but... she's quite underwhelming. We'll see if I can use more for her.

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On 12/18/2017 at 10:25 AM, The Auditor said:


  • Sakuya Izayoi by Ricepigeon: Might not have the strongest AI, she's still a good character none the less
  • Spongebob by MadOldCrow1105: I like to think that this is the only good spongebob here...i'm sure they are other spongebobs made by different authors but...honestly I prefer this one

While Sakuya isn't my most favorite 2hu (Cirno is), I still like her, and she is fun to play as.

Also yes crow's spongebob is the best one

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 This looks like a fun thread to post in. Lemme see if I can give it a try. I don't really have a "team," so, this is just a list of mains I've been frequenting with in MUGEN within the past 4 months or so.


Eri Hasumi by Sennou-Room: Probably among the first characters that I really got a hang of when I started doing MUGEN and fairly easy to use no less for someone who just started out... that, and because I love cute twintailed girls. I tried ZSM's version, but turns out that I am ass at Vanguard Princess. Another reason why I started out with this little supersoldier tomboy was due to being inspired from watching Captain Vulcan play her even if he uses ZSM's.


Hotaru Futaba by Juke Kisaragi: One of the few characters from any SNK franchise that I ever cared for, let alone gotten attached to, Hotaru has a high learning curve, but she's actually fun once you adapt to her deep and rewarding playstyle. I've went through a few version of Hotaru and found that Juke's worked the best for me. Also, my love for cute twintailed girls applies here as well.


Madoka Kaname by おりりん/Ori Rin: I'm a big Puella Magi fanboy, shoot me... and, once again, cute twintailed girls. I've tried various versions of this character and Orin Rin's clicked me the best since I do have a preference for the zoning playstyle as well as having the best sprites among all the versions I came across. A little bit on the overpowered side originally, so, I did took some liberties to tweak the character myself considering she had absurd damage output before... it's a slow process, but I'll keep up the progress. Meduka is beauty.


Mio Kouzuki by DABA: One of my mains from EFZ even if there are quite a few things that are not accurate to the source game, especially with how her combos work slightly different in MUGEN. Plus, I do think the idea of a cute and mute sketch artist is extra kiwi... being a casual sketch artist myself, this clicks well with me.


White Len by 9: One of my few mains from MBAACC, you gotta love her mischievous looks and voice. Just like Madoka, I enjoy zoners the most among fighting game archetypes and White Len does the job well in her Full Moon mode. She's a little slow, but she does have 1100 life to go along with that aforementioned zoning anyway.


Miyako Arima by 9: Another one of my MBAACC mains is a quick and brawny little girl practiced in the deadly Chinese art of bajiquan. I tend to alternate between Full Moon and Crescent Moon modes depending on my mood and needs.


Yukina Himeragi by Sennou-Room: I originally was playing around with Aki's version, but found this version of Yukina more suiting to my tastes and I generally enjoy Sennou's stuff to boot. With her deadly combination of disjointed reach and power as well as handy mobility options in her Arrow Strike, Yukina is a definite keeper in my roster. Plus, you gotta admit her "fish out of water" status coupled with her looks is pretty cute.


Haruhi Suzumiya by Choiyer: Similar to Madoka, but to a lesser extent, I do enjoy the Haruhi Suzumiya series ... too bad the light novel series has been on hiatus for almost 7 years and the Disappearance of Yuki Nagato was a half-assed spin-off that doesn't carry the spirit of the original series. However, I still do enjoy the series for what it is even during the drought. The iteration I use is the same exact one used by Mugenwatcher which, from what I've been told, is one he's been holding on to from an old friend of his who used to play this modified version. No matter how you out it, that's what I like to call a true friend right there and I feel honored to play this character just from that fact. 


Youmu Konpaku by Rel/Youmu by Mikage: Youmu is my favorite Touhou character, one of my favorite fictional franchises out there, and I have played her in many Touhou games whether the danmaku, fighters, fangames and so on. The first one is a custom Youmu that plays roughly in UMvC3 style, making her a very formidable and strong character I can use against some of the more challenging stuff that lies ahead in MUGEN. She only has 850 life, but she hits hard and moves fast to make up for it; a glass cannon essentially. The second one is based on her Hisoutensoku appearance, one of my mains from that game who plays a mean rushdown style with the speed and power to lockdown unprepared adversaries. 


 I essentially switch between the versions depending on my mood and needs.


Pikachu by Gladiacloud 'n Solarflared: Similar to Youmu, Pikachu is another glass cannon with only 800 life, but has incredible ground movement and devastating combos. I'm also quite the Pokemon fan and I thought the mascot itself was a perfect fit for me, although not to the same extent as I do like Puella Magica. The custom semi-MvC mechanics with this character is quite a blast.


Akari Ichijou by Ohgaki: An interesting take on a Last Blade character as this version of Akari was made with a KoF 98 style in mind. She's probably one of the hardest characters to execute among my mains, but she's incredibly rewarding when played correctly. As a result, she does huge damage for little cost as well as the ability to guard crush and put opponents into dizzy state with enough hits. Also, onmyoji are cool and she's amusing with being a trollish brat.


Piccolo by Team Z2: One of my most favorite characters from one of my most favorite anime/manga franchises, this is probably the best Piccolo I've ever experienced in MUGEN. While slow and a big target, Piccolo's got incredible reach in melee along with above average damage output and a beefy 1100 life to balance those flaws out. His Demon Mode truly expands his replay value and he's just incredibly fun in general even if you're not a fan of the character.



 I'll likely list more in the future, but this is what I have for now.

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Sagat-X by ShinZankuro: He's the most dominating of my team. He does have good reach and endless combo possibilities, and his super Tiger Shot move (I'm gonna have to look up the name of that) is VEEERY damaging. I've taken down Sigma, Mother Brain, even Kamekaze's MvC2 characters with this guy.


Iron Man by RedHot: Weaker than Sagat, but more agile and also has endless combo possibilities. I've taken down Kamekaze's stuff with him as well, but since he can't super jump by command, I can't beat Mother Brain with him. He does pack a better punch than Gou-san's Iron Man, though.


CvS Felicia by Jesuszilla: I've been eyeballing on Darkstalkers for quite a while, and I gotta say, Felicia is pretty freakin' fast. I always rely on her Rolling Buckler and crouching attacks because putting those 2 in a combo can drain my enemies' health pretty quick. Even if ShinZankuro or RedHot make a MvC Felicia, I'll probably continue using Jesuszilla's. Idk.


SSJ Goku by Balthazar: I personally think this Goku is better than Choujin's, mostly because of his combo ability and his Kamehameha. He's a pretty good tier in my team thanks to his hard punch and hard kick combos.


K' by Black: He's the first KoF character I've played, and I'm the best with him. His flying kick can pack quite a punch, and considering that his projectile has to be performed twice, it's twice as damaging. His Heat Drive also has incredible reach. Unfortunately, K' is on my old computer along with the members I'm going to mention right now.


Ken by G.D.T: Similar reason for Felicia.


Scorpion by Juano16: "GET OVER HERE, BITCH!"


Gouki by ShinZankuro: Originally I thought POTS and Mwryly's Gouki is good, but me being a more "MvC" type guy, ShinZankuro's is in my book. Endless combo possibilities, and laser.

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My team:

Emolga by YochiThMaster333 (me): since it's my YouTube channel mascot and it's one of my favorite Pokemon

Tails by SuperNaruto64 (if you don't use SuperNaruto64's Tails, use Valgallah's one): because, you know, he is my favorite character from Sonic franchise

Eevee by YochiThMaster333 (me): it's one of my favorite Pokemon

Yoshi by MSdensky (aka Mike): he is my favorite character from Mario franchise

Kyo Kusanagi by Jmorphman: you know, I never played King of Fighters when I'm child, but I wanted to use him as a teammate

Jigglypuff by Solarflared: it's one of my favorite Pokemon

Pikachu by Gladiacloud and Solarflared: it's one of my favorite Pokemon

Knuckles by ABAB: OH NO

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Eh, I can atleast join in as well.


Dink Smallwood (2017) by The_None: This character had improved a lot back when he was just a MM character. Oh, and he has the voice of Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat X.


Latias by secret1056: Being one of my favorite Pokémons that I love so much, I actually liked how this character turned out. Sure that she can only move back and forth and cannot crouch or jump/float around, it's still a great character and also has a difficult AI.


Kinyo Roadshow by The_None: This character was released in the April Fools day, and to say this, this character is no joke at all. In fact, he made this character when GooGoo64 returned and wanted to make a better version of his character as an "apology" for what he has done against him for a VERY long time.


Mewtwo-Y by Gladiacloud & SolarFlared: For being a Legendary Pokémon with a mega evolution, this character is really fun to play as. Sure that her (yes, HER) health is a bit low, doesn't mean that she's useless or weak. She's still a brutal character if you know how to use her properly.


Galacta Knight by SolarFlared: This character was actually really interesting, since there weren't many "good" Galacta Knight characters, or if they even existed. He's MVC-based (because claymizer) and is almost like Mewtwo-Y I mentioned early. Still wondering if the Beta Concept Knight is going to join the party or not. I would LOVE to see Galacta Knight having his revenge against him.


Nick by NickCox01: Don't get me wrong, this "Megaman clone" (Megaman clone is like Daniel Clone but is cloning ME instead) is really interesting because it somehow uses the same thing as I do, but with advanced coding. And by advanced, I mean variables. I still suck at those because I have NO idea how they work anyway.


Uncle Joel by Brergrsart: Believe me or not, I was STUNNED to see that the Vinesauce streamer Joel is a playable character, using moves from the past that we all loved. (or didn't like the helicopter move)


Flowey by Oddish sTUFF, heavily edited by Derpy Sponge: This character improvement had alot of good stuff to make this character more unique rather than being plain boring to fight against. Photoshop Flowey was improved, EX moves was added, vines, and more. I highly recomend you try this character out instead of Oddish's normal version.


The Bestest/Violentest Ken In the World by Brergrsart: One word: Shoryuken.

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2 hours ago, Oliver As Latias said:

Kinyo Roadshow by The_None: This character was released in the April Fools day, and to say this, this character is no joke at all. In fact, he made this character when GooGoo64 returned and wanted to make a better version of his character as an "apology" for what he has done against him for a VERY long time.

Wait, GooGoo returned?

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4 minutes ago, RMaster007 said:

Wait, GooGoo returned?

Yeah, didn't you know? He's still improving because he uploaded that Mario character he made. Still really bad, but he's still trying his best to improve his creations.

You find out more if you head over there by reading the comments: 


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Gonna post again about other characters I use.


Ryu (Phantom of the Server): Back in the day, I never saw myself using a shoto character. Then, I started fighting more normal opponents and Ryu was actually surprisingly fun to pick up. Spiders still scare him, though.

Yuka Takeuchi (Nyan☆Kiryu): I became interested in trying her out when I saw her in action in Sonikun's videos a couple of times. Her playstyle and conversions actually clicked and now I play as her at times. Here is one waitress who can serve kickass with a side of cute.

Kosaku Kawajiri (Amarimono): If Michael Bay had a favorite JoJo character, he would definitely be one of them. Not only does he possess a very fun comboability, but detonating his bombs is also devilish to do. Hide your waifus, boys, he's coming for their hands.


Perfect Cell (Choujin): He's not perfect, but he'll do. While he doesn't have the same fun factor as Piccolo Daimaoh, he can still really deal the hurt especially when his Level 3 comes in. Became notorious for being a molester in the English dubs, not helped by how he greets opponents with his Vanish Attack in DragonBall FighterZ.


Kasumi Todoh (KoopaKoot): I tried her out just to humiliate BK100's Todoh and found myself liking her. Not only does she hit like a truck, her counters can come in handy, too. If she scores perfects all the time just by standing in one place, then we have a serious problem here.


Michael Roa Valdamjong (9): His Full Moon style became a new favorite in the source game. Beware the lightning strikes, the combos and the mobility, the damages can get really high. Was once mistaken as a concert pianist and the undead King of Pop.


Miyuki Shiba (Kohaku): Surely I deserve a mudhole stomp for using a Mary Sue. Destroying opponents with her is the relatively easy part. Resisting the urge to bury her with her Onii-sama is where it slightly gets tough.

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I fight my brutal AI roster with these.


Yuki Morikawa (SOS) This character was the reason why I came back to mugen in 2015. After playing The Queen of Heart 99 I thought I use her in mugen. To my surprise she doesn't play exactly the same as she does in the source game. You can beat many characters after you mastered her. She has an infinite but it's really hard to pull off and not worth going for in a match.


Rina Ogata (Maruta) She's from the same game as Yuki Morikawa and also plays differently from the source game. She is stronger than Yuki because she has beaten characters that were impossible for Yuki to beat. Since she doesn't have damage scaling her combo does a lot of damage. (For some reason using her sweep makes the combo do less damage) She has an infinite in the corner.


Petra Johanna Lagerkvist (Ina) She was in my original roster back in 2013 but I didn't know how to use her at first. Now that I'm a pro with her it's safe to say this is my strongest character (If you don't count the broken Anna) While she doesn't have an infinite and is not free from damage scaling like Rina, she can still beat every character that Rina could beat and at the same time defeating characters that was impossible for Rina. The best Arcana to use for most matches is Anutpada/Time.


Shannon (SXVector) The tallest character I use. Pretty much the only thing she has going for is her lightning super. The damage output on her normals and combo is low and it can be hard for her to gain meter on enemies that blocks and counter every normal attack. But once she gets meter she can use an unblockable super five times in one use and deal a lot of damage.


Saki Mitonoya (chikuchikugonzalez) Since she wasn't made by ZSM she has a three meter bar. I haven't fought my whole roster with Saki yet but she looks like a good character. Her Sierra assist can act as a front line defense and if she gets a hit Saki can run up to the opponent and combo them. I have a feeling she might be better than Yuki.


Maori Kasuga (Ahuron) She's not as strong as Petra by Ina damage wise and lacks time arcana but I can see potential in her being strong especially with metal Arcana. I can't do the metal Arcana super that powers up the shield and make it take two hits consistently. If I can spam that then the enemies on my roster might have trouble getting a hit on her. I would rather set that super to one button because I don't like the input.


Kagerou Imaizumi (Minoo) She has really short standing jabs and her trademark move (the one where she turns into a wolf) does little damage. For some odd reason the creator decided to make her projectile cost meter even though it does almost no damage. To make up for that she has a move where makes her gain meter if it hits the opponent. Shes a low damage character until you pull off her combo and can keep hitting the opponent to death if they don't air recover out of it.


Sousou/Karin (suigin) I never played the source game but I did managed to learn how to use this character after a lot of practice. She looks like a character with a huge learning curve and is hard to use but not useless because I still some hard characters with her. Shes's more on the weak side because no air block, slow mobility, fireball is not fullscreen, low damage unless you get a fatal counter. Fatal counter is useless against characters that reads your buttons because to get a fatal counter you need to land a counter hit with her heavy attacks or that crouching move that summons a tornado. She has a roll that can get her out of the corner but I was never able to do it again because I don't know how I did it.


Sunny Milk (Hetyo) Sunny Milk has Luna Child and Star Sapphire has strikers. I find Luna Child only useful for her healing when I'm faraway from the opponent and camping because Star Sapphire has better attacks and doesn't spawn in the front and get hit by the opponent often.


Dark Magician Girl (Tsubaki) I use to think she was useless after she lost her invincibility on her super and the crouching projectile but after putting in more practice, I figured out how to use her and beat hard characters like Master Morrigan and Hinako Shijou by Ogko Ogwo. Two characters that I never see people fight against.


Chomper (N-Mario) He's my original Mugen main. He can't block but he's really strong. He's weakness is he can't do anything in the air so if the opponent keeps hitting him and not let him touch the ground he's pretty much dead.

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