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  1. I'm using BrawlBox to rip Samus' animations. I want to use her taunt from Melee, and her running animation from Smash 4. Do you guys have the animation files from those 2 games?
  2. That's good for the Super Saiyan laser, but what about his regular laser?
  3. I'm currently making a version of Bardock, and I did make a laser for his level 1 super, which is Cyclops' beam colored in blue, I didn't really like it much, and Idk if there are good looking lasers for Bardock's Super Saiyan laser. Do you guys have anything that looks suitable?
  4. I need stages for these characters: Air Man (8-bit) Tengu Man Grenade Man Sigma from X1 Sigma's head from X5 Slash Beast Nightmare Zero Does anyone have the boss rooms for these characters?
  5. Hey guys, I haven't announced any W.I.Ps in here, so here I am announcing progress of a full game that I'm making. I'm making a MegaMan full game, and I've had this idea for a while and I've started working on it over a year ago. This game is based on Serio's Castlevania Fighter, so it's a boss rush type game, but there's gonna be a cast ranging from classic MegaMan to MegaMan ZX, 3 bosses per game, plus some secret bosses (5 are already planned, and 2 of them are in the works), and secret playable characters. The characters have their own unique play style, such as MegaMan running and gunning, Maverick Hunter Zero doing most close combat attacks, and other characters such as Bass doing their own unique moves. I'm working on 3 characters, 2 of them are playable compared to the first, which has a standard foundation. Those 2 characters are MegaMan Zero and Model ZX. Here's what they look like right now. https://streamable.com/tddc4 https://streamable.com/fccn9 I'll tell you what, working on something like this is not easy, especially for one man. I will try my best and at least get a playable demo out. As of now, I'm working on a transformation for MegaMan Zero's secret Omega Zero mode, and BOOOOY it's the most complicated thing I've ever tackled. I'm trying to get some help from Odb and XGargoyle, but they still didn't reply to the post I made in the forums. Right now I'm trying to adjust Omega's transformation sequence. Wish me luck, guys. If you're good at MUGEN character coding and you wish to help me out making this thing, then by all means, welcome to the party, but again, wish me luck.
  6. Happy birthday to me! To celebrate this special day, I've decided to change my profile picture to Iron Man, as this is also Stan Lee's birthday (R.I.P).


    Aaaand here's a post that I didn't upload:

    How's it going, guys? A while back, I made a website. I was waiting on my dad to take a look and give me the okay to publish it. Now, I finally published it.


    It's mostly some MUGEN stuff, but I'm planning on doing bigger projects once I get the money to do so.


    Here's the link, have fun looking around!



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      Better late than never. Thanks.

  7. Since my Vanilla Dome and Donut Ghost House got deleted due to a bug, I decided to re-post them here with a new stage I've made. Vanilla Dome: This stage is impressive compared to my other stages, because I've added a new gimmick: Enemies moving left and right. Donut Ghost House: This was a stage I made for Halloween. I meant to release it on Halloween, but my nephews were here, so I had to sleep past it. Donut Secret (Ice Cavern): This was a stage I quickly whipped up for Christmas day. You can get these stages in the MUGEN page of my website. Enjoy: http://reddragoncats17.weebly.com/
  8. Lemme scratch that, in Street Fighter 3, Akuma fought in a forest and someplace with a pool, a waterfall, and a cave.
  9. Not in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Akuma has been fighting in caves. Also, we always see Akuma in a environment that's not a temple. Whether it's a volcano, a cave, or a forest. Sure, Akuma is a warrior, and he has always fought in a temple, but I'm more focused on his demonic side. Plus, I want a more "epic" atmosphere of the stage for this specific theme. Are you talking about the picture of the stage with MegaMan and Ryu? If so then that's the stage that I'm trying to rebuild. It wasn't finished nor released when my computer broke down. Plus, I don't really like how it looks, to be honest. If you're talking about one of the first stage of the 3 stages that I'm wanting to use, then look up Last Blade 2 Forgotten Forest.
  10. It's been a while since I made a post on here, but I need some help for 2 stages I'm making. The first stage is for Ryu. I wanted it to be based on the waterfalls Ryu goes to train and meditate. This is what I got: At first, I thought this stage is BEAUTIFUL, but now I don't like it much. I wanna remake this stage from the ground up, and I found 3 options for backgrounds and foregrounds: Which parts from these 3 should I use? Or what are YOUR recommendations for backgrounds and foregrounds? This next stage is for Akuma. And I need some ideas to make the stage fit Akuma himself. Base: Does it need flames? Does it need Akuma's kanji? Does it need lava? What are your recommendations? Ideas from the MFG Discord: Color 1: Night Background props 1: Flames Background props 2: Candles Background props 3: Torches
  11. I can't access Kaine's stages. Could you make a mirror link, plz?
  12. I need to edit them once my dad gets them back, because they are very quiet in game.
  13. Really? Shoot, my sound patches are in my old computer.
  14. Sagat-X by ShinZankuro: He's the most dominating of my team. He does have good reach and endless combo possibilities, and his super Tiger Shot move (I'm gonna have to look up the name of that) is VEEERY damaging. I've taken down Sigma, Mother Brain, even Kamekaze's MvC2 characters with this guy. Iron Man by RedHot: Weaker than Sagat, but more agile and also has endless combo possibilities. I've taken down Kamekaze's stuff with him as well, but since he can't super jump by command, I can't beat Mother Brain with him. He does pack a better punch than Gou-san's Iron Man, though. CvS Felicia by Jesuszilla: I've been eyeballing on Darkstalkers for quite a while, and I gotta say, Felicia is pretty freakin' fast. I always rely on her Rolling Buckler and crouching attacks because putting those 2 in a combo can drain my enemies' health pretty quick. Even if ShinZankuro or RedHot make a MvC Felicia, I'll probably continue using Jesuszilla's. Idk. SSJ Goku by Balthazar: I personally think this Goku is better than Choujin's, mostly because of his combo ability and his Kamehameha. He's a pretty good tier in my team thanks to his hard punch and hard kick combos. K' by Black: He's the first KoF character I've played, and I'm the best with him. His flying kick can pack quite a punch, and considering that his projectile has to be performed twice, it's twice as damaging. His Heat Drive also has incredible reach. Unfortunately, K' is on my old computer along with the members I'm going to mention right now. Ken by G.D.T: Similar reason for Felicia. Scorpion by Juano16: "GET OVER HERE, BITCH!" Gouki by ShinZankuro: Originally I thought POTS and Mwryly's Gouki is good, but me being a more "MvC" type guy, ShinZankuro's is in my book. Endless combo possibilities, and laser.
  15. Never mind, someone in the Guild provided a Wayback Machine link.
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