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  1. nice to see that game get some love
  2. something looks different around here

  3. Preordered XV Deluxe Edition. I wasn't gonna but a friend showed me some spoilers and im hype af for the game

  4. Finding mugen
  5. i thought hte forum got upgraded last time? yeah just be safe
  6. Everything you're going through is inconsequential. It seems like a lot now, but will be 100% meaningless at some point in time. Relax.


    1. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Everything we go through is consequential. Because it effects our choices, which effect our consequences.We can make choices to cancel out the bad, as well as dumb ones that cancel out the good. And vice versa.

  7. HD? 32-Bit? Who are you? Fan of the style though.
  8. Any noteworthy releases since I've been gone? Last six months give or take

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    2. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      KOF stuff is meh to me, but everybody seems crazy over it. Some of the SSBB conversions are fire. Im not a SSBB player, but I cant deny the best Spongebob and Metal Slug characters Ive seen

    3. Demitri


      Maybe i'll give the metal slug guys a try but im not really into that gameplay style tbh

    4. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Me either, but that Elite Venusain might change your mind. He's a nightmare

  9. Sorry. I edited my post as you replied. Check there.
  10. Sounds like even though the file format was saved as .pcx, your image was not indexed (256 color). Unless you're using the 1.1 betaw/ OpenGL, mugen wont know how to display it unless you index it. Edit: you can use fighter factory (not the best choice) to give it a palette/index it, or use an image editor like Photoshop (not free) or Irfanview (FREE!) to index and save the image. Then replace it like you did the first time in Fighter Factory. Gimp is also another FREE alternative that can index images.
  11. updated on September 8th
  12. i almost forgot how to make a sff. this should be an interesting process.............

  13. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great one.

    1. Demitri


      late but thank you!