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  1. The 3d models in this one are horrible, like if they were made out of clay.
  2. My reaction to marvel vs. capcom infinite's character list repeating c.redfield,chunli,hawkeye,hulk,rocket raccoon and thor again.



  3. You still don't get it do you?
  4. Ah! a bug on my screen!

  5. Borewood glad to see you again!
  6. "Alright" "Ok!" "Let's go!" "Indeed" *men and women's voice*

  7. What do you mean exactly by "Banned"?
  8. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, but I'll download this one.
  9. What the flying fuck!??
  10. Reminds me of screwattack youtube channel.
  11. Since you were saying a mugen before the 1.0 version, I was guessing WinMugen or the DOS version, didn't know there was this so called "Hack" one.
  12. I can't believe some people are still using the old DOS mugen.
  13. "Too perfect images can't show him" LMAO! you crack me up Ryon. x3
  14. It would be better if the opponent could take damage when Tetris makes an horizontal line like the original game is meant to be, the more lines in a row the more damage it takes. (4 lines = Tetris)
  15. ♪ I'm getting all the money! and getting all the hoes! ♫ *Russian Kid Voice*