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  1. Those are some pretty cool stages mang. Did you make one that was Arabian themed? That's the type of stage I'm hoping to find for her.
  2. Nice stage again Cool!! I want to add the Rocky 4 music when he fought Ivan Drago in the final act.
  3. Do you have a pic of this character? I'm wondering is it just Andy Bogard dressed up as a rag doll.
  4. It's been a LOOOONG time since someone made a Transformer character for mugen. Seems more of a novelty character though. I'll pick him up. Hope we get to see more regular characters in the future likr Prowl, Wheeljack and Cyclonus.
  5. Looks interesting. Do you have a link to where to get him?
  6. It's cool. I'm hoping Ayane gets made as a seperate chracter someday.
  7. It's a nice Ichigo but why are you using the JUS portrait for him? Is it just temporary?
  8. I'm sure you can do better than this. Alot of people do. The potential is there. That's why they are pointing out these problems in your characters. If you can fix them, your characters will play much better.
  9. Thanks for th warning. Well we've seen far worse "P-shots" in mugen. Trust me....
  10. NIce vid and all but Why do all the characters in these demo videos get beat up by wild AI controled opponents. I thought these videos were to showcase what the character can do not for them to become punching bags.
  11. Shouldn't the Unblockable soul crush move have 2 power bars instead of one? It seems more powerful than the level two one which is blockable.
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