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  1. Hey nice to see you still cranking out stages mang!! Been kinda hard for me to get back into mugen with all the craziness going down recently. Take care!!
  2. Nice!!! IT would,ve been cool if the sprites were updated to CVS or D4 versions in a offical new game, seeing how we got Vanguard Princess awhile back. Hey one can hope right? Still, I'll pick her up when she's free of bugs and stuff.
  3. Oh so he's starting to make AH characters now? This aught to be good then!!
  4. Well if you got all her sprites then the real work would be to edit them to be more CVS styled. You could use the CVS 2 Athena and see how she was shaded and use that technique on the XI sprites you got.
  5. then he should be able to beat the tar outta Orochi himself then.
  6. Isn't this the monster girl form....(damn can't remember the game!!) I think it was nitro heroines plus or something like that.
  7. Is there any way you can post a bigger screenshot?
  8. Heh. At long last Tetsuo has a stage!! Great job.
  9. So this is where King and Vanessa get their clothes form!! Great stage mang!!
  10. Always nice to see some home made characters in mugen.!!
  11. Wasn't Riz one of the many edits of Draculina a while back. Can you at least post a screenshot of her.
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