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  1. Shouldn't the Unblockable soul crush move have 2 power bars instead of one? It seems more powerful than the level two one which is blockable.
  2. Always nice to see more classic anime characters appear. Makes me keep holding on that SOMEBODY will make the Dirty Pair and or Duke form The Professional for mugen some day.
  3. Well I'd say this is pretty cool. Just needs to be refined a bit more. Hope to see Coco the Clown and Betty Boop herself someday. A bit off topic but believe it or not, Betty Boop can be considered the Great grandmother of Anime since most of the early Japanese animators were studing western animation. Her in particular. Good luck with your projects.
  4. I would really like to see D4 Hi res versions of the Ranma1/2 characters appear someday. Still Nice overhaul.
  5. Yeah that's her. So she got updated big time or is this a new take on her? Oh. She got updated recently too.
  6. Nice indeed!! You know, with a lot of heavy sprite editing, you could make Leina form Queens Blade out of her.
  7. Hopes he gets around to making Lois Griffion soon.
  8. This character seems familiar some how. I recall a nun like character with a casket loong time ago.
  9. Aw man I haven't seen this character in a lonng time!! gotta see what she's got now!!
  10. Pretty cool!! Now I'm just d ying to find out what the second form is and could he give Onlsaught a run for his money.
  11. Nice!! Don't know why I'm getting this KOF Whip/Blue Mary vibe form him though.
  12. NO WAY!! A D4 Iori?!! Are there any more KOF characters in this style floating around or getting made?!!
  13. HEh!! Where's Unicron and Galactus when you need them?!! Nice bonus game!!
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