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  1. This is an edit of Chun-Li by Jmorphman. I added Tekken commands. She can fight backwards now. (4X) If she eats a heart, she turns pink. DOWNLOAD LINKS IN DESCRIPTION
  2. @Dissidia I was wondering about this, thanks. I guess the 2 sites really don't like each other. But there aren't many Mugen sites. That is unfortunate. Edit: I found a post about it on your profile. And other random posts.
  3. This is an edit of Ryu by DG. This is an experimental Ryu to see what I could achieve with programming only. Use a gamepad or arcade stick Added Tekken commands. Like BACK X, FWD X, UP X, DIAGONALS ALSO. D, DB, B PUNCH to do a backwards hadouken. UP X to do an easy hadouken. Push START to play an audio commandlist. (Experimental) Just make combos and try stuff. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zyc3ju3lnqhvj50/ryuDG.zip/file COMMAND LIST HTML TEST
  4. Oh wow. That was fast! Thank you. I need to get a MediaFire account for this purpose.
  5. Thanks! She was a nightmare to reprogram, and she is STILL clunky. I was editing Ayane separately at first anyways. I could upload it. I abandoned Ayane as a separate fighter after I dumped all her frames into Kasumi.
  6. This is my edit of Kasumi by Akkin in order to make her fighting tools closer to DOA 5 and 6 and Ninja Gaiden Kasumi. She was already a good character. I just did alot of quick programming changes. USE A GAMEPAD OR ARCADE STICK. Change into Ayane with the L button. Ayane has no attacks yet, but all her hit animations are already in Kasumi. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ez2w6tzwe8jsm5x/Kasumi_WPrE.zip/file
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