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ok so for those unaware for some reason Len is a hugely popular character for people to edit into other chars and unique things this thread is going to ATTEMPT to post every single one i can get my hands on as well as a mini review of them each so you can know if you should bother with them or not. keep in mind this is my opinion and not absolute fact but the reviews can help you weed out the bad ones imo. Ok so the way this works wil be like this Every 10 Lens there will be a spoiler tag click it to unlock the next 10 I do this so it doesn't become the largest fucking page from one post ever. Lets do this!





1. "Annu"  this Len is based off Fritz from Akatsuki Blitzkampf she can't do to much comboing and seems like shes missing some hit sounds, her level 3 had some work put into it, shes worth a try at the very least.



2. "Fail" this len is supposed to be a somewhat spark based electricity len, she feels very beta and she takes damage when she dashes :/ though I have to say I like the effect and sound effect for the dash the rest on the other hand needs alot of work. Not worth having unless you just want to collect all lens.



3. "Gear_Len/Fiorenza" this len has multiple mode selections for her gameplay style to be different interesting concept but none of the styles are done any good whatsoever I highly reccomend not using this Len but go ahead and try it and find out why I say this. Gear_Len has a completely different moveset than fiorenza but the name stays the same both are worth checking out.



4. "HakoLen" This Len is a parody character She has a boxhead has multiple reference intros, even more with certain chars and overall just plays hilariously I highly reccomend trying this len out you will not be disapointed if you like hilarious characters that can still kick ass.



5. "KouyaLen" this len is based off of baseball thats all i can really say she has heavy D in alot of her attacks and you even attack with him quite a few times, she has obnoxiously long intro music that I reccomend deleting if you want to actually use her. I myself don't find her all that good but she is certainly unique and worth a try.



6. "Laurent" I have no idea if shes supposed to be based off anything but shes godawful can't combo at all, all of her effects are begging to be set to transparent but they aren't.. the only thing this thing has thats interesting is her sound clips the attack sounds and walk sounds are very uh odd for this kinda char I have no idea what they were going for with her I reccomend avoiding her.



7. "Lenja" This Len is based off Suija from Samurai Showdown she plays quite well but I find the screen turning red everytime she hits something annoying other than that shes pretty good im going to fix the red screen problem myself and if anyone wants the fix ill upload it as well.



8. "Luu" This Len is Based off of a wolf yeah thats about it Wolf len she turns into a wolf at times and attacks with claws kind of, Personally She's not very good I felt alot of potential was wasted she feels unfinished shes not horrible but not really good either try her if you like. However the arranged form in the same download is actually quite good and worth a try.



9. "MoriLen" This Len is based off of Morrigan She plays very well and has like every super morrigan has ever had throughout all her games, she even has Morrigans voice from mvc3 also has assists from kohaku and hisui Imitating Dr doom and Chris Redfield very fun to play reccomend her if you like morrigan one thing I do not like is the xfactor bar is placed right in the way of the char You might want to fix that if you plan to use her.



10. "Ng- Len" this len is not based off anything but she can summon Zangief, Potemkin, and goro they have different attacks they can do, personally im not a fan of this Len really some of the attacks don't even seem to do what they should try her out I guess but I don't find her very good.



11. "N-Len" this Len is based of nero Chaos from the same game Len is originally from Melty Blood she plays like nero theres not alot I can say its not badly done and worth it if you like Len edits try her out.



12. "Renfield" This Len is basically a grappler len she plays ok if you like grappler chars you will probably like her worth a try.



13. "Seki-Len" This len I think is meant to be an earth based Len? idk she has some earth attacks and some others shes not all that good feels unfinished to me.



14. "Allen" This Len is based on Allen from Street fighter ex she has some of his moves is incredibly slow and can't combo very well overall shes not well done.



15. "Alt" This Len is based on Alt eisen from super robot wars thats pretty much all i can say she shoots missiles does explosions plays pretty well worth a try.



16. "Amon" This Len isn't based on anything in particular and its really nothing special at all in fact its downright horrible. Very few sounds can't combo worth crap overall this is something you can avoid and live with yourself.



17. "Chargeman-Len"  This Len is based on the character Chargeman from Chargeman Ken! (get it?) anyway shes not bad quite funny in fact everytime you hit someone with the ray gun a scene from the anime plays she can call for helpers and its in general a zany but fun edit try it out for a laugh.



18. "LiliLen"  This Len is based on Lilith From  Darkstalkers same author as MorriLen definitely worth a try alot of fun reccomended.



19. "Soccer-Len"  This is my all time favorite Len edit she uses a soccerball to attack has ALOT of moves she can do with it and if you put 2 against each other they fight for ONE ball its great fun. Heavily reccomended! I included 2 versions one the original authors and an unnofficial update which gives her a few more moves.



20. "Geslenst"  This Len is based on the Gespenst robot from Super Robot Wars its well done and she even has the KICK very reccomended good edit.



21. "Godzillen" This Len is of course based on godzilla if godzilla were a loli this is how it would play lol. its not badly done worth a try



22. "BiolLente"  This Len is based off Biolante from godzilla its very slow but hits hard and is pretty much the same i can say about godzilla worth a try if you like godzilla.



23. "GameLen" this Len is based off gameron from godzilla,  its not badly made could use some more sounds imo but worth a try.



24. "Celesty" This isn't even Len she is some girl who controls Lasers that spawn based on the buttons you press nothing much else to say pretty crappy.  Apparently based on Wizards Brain according to info I received.


25. "AstranaLent"  This Len is based off the Astranagent from super robot wars not bad like the other mech based lens shes worth checking out if you like SRW.



26. "DIM" This Len is based on something Idk what though,its not very good but has some cool sound effects its slow as all hell however. I can't reccomend this as a good character.



27. "Hatter Ren" This Len seems to be based on some sort of Mad hatter character it could be original or it could be based on a series I would love to know her origin for the idea if there is one, as for the char itself its not terrible needs more sounds and does feel kind of unfinished but its sort of a nice novelty.



28. "Gold Len"  these lens are all money based they throw money at you, you have a stock pile of money so DO NOT RUN OUT or you are fucked they all play differently worth a try if you want something different.



29, "KaLen"  This Len is fucking hilarious its not based on anything in particular just play with it yourself one super in particular had me laughing so hard seriously try it.



30. "Lian"  This Len is windbased shes very fast can combo quite well and has some nice sound effects and effects shes roster worthy imo shes going in mine at least.





31. "Levin" This Len is electricity based she plays really well all her moves involve electricity she can even short herself out amusingly still a legit edit I reccomend trying it.



32. "Len & Len" This character is a tag team of white len and black len you press start to switch them back and forth they seem to play similarly but not exactly the same its worth a try the gameplay seems like KOF to me in a way.



33. "HimeLen" - This Len is based on Rachel Alucard from Blazblue she plays alot like her has the same specials reccomended if you like Rachel.



34. "Oboren" This Len is based on a mech in Armored core she has a missile stock each round and when it runs out she can't fire anymore till next round she has other moves though so missiles aren't the only thing shes worth a try.



35. "Mumoku" This Len is a Dark Mummy type Len its hard to explain I am unsure if shes based on anything actually shes unique check her out.



36. "Pale" This Len is a failed attempt at the gameplay of Hisoutensoku its not a terrible edit persay but nothing amazing you can try it if you want.



37. "Peace of Len or CF-Len" this Len is a gun based Len shes probably based on cross fire. She tosses grenades switches weapons and is overall very well done to reload ammo press start.



38. "Ren" This Len is fire based she can throw cards that explode into frames summon flames shes just a pyromaniac really, fun to play reccomended. Ren-D on the other hand is only here for collectors sake its stupid op ai controlled only (i cant fix it) and has tons of invincible frames.



39. "R_ed" this len is a mix of maxima, K, and mechs its unique for sure some of the clsns could use some work but for the most part its worth a try.



40. "Scarlet" This Len has  garcian Smith's voice from Killer7  has some guns can combo somewhat shes not amazing but the voice is humourous at times worth a try.


41. "S-Len" This Len is based on Vega from street fighter (the original not the renames) she plays exactly like bison and even turns into him for brief moments its worth a try if you like len and vega.



42. "ShaLen" this len is based on archery thats all i can really  say she has a bow and gun that both use arrows and are stocked and recharge as time goes by she has a few more attacks but shes mostly just archery based. not that great but shes ok. Could most definitely use more sounds.



43. "SpeLenker" This Len is based on the game Spelunker she can combo and summon objects that can also kill herself as well just like the game, shes a nice novelty char and can actually kick ass if you use her correctly try her out.



44. "Stela" this len seems original im not sure though shes very slow at walking has a few grabs but cant combo to well shes a pass for me but you can try her if you want.



45. "Sefu-Sefu-Len" This Len is based on her sprites of her in her bathing suit attire but she was never made into a full char out of them, till now anyway... shes not the best but not the worst also HUGE FUCKING NSFW WARNING she is practically naked in alot of animations along with her super ports YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.



46. "SuiLen" This Len turns into other meltyblood characters or summons them to help her she doesn't seem all that good and shes really slow its a pass for me but you can try her.



47. " White Len Force" This len is basically just an enhanced version of the actual White Len char in meltyblood shes custom coded and fun to use reccomended.



48. "White Len H" This Len is another version of white Len plays different than White Len force has a mode select before fighting worth a try *ps don't look at her sff or anim file*



49. "Valentina" This Len is another guilty gear edit she plays different than the other ones can even summon sol as a striker and some other things worth a try.



50. "Haku-Len" This Len is based on Hakumen from blazblue very well coded and feels alot like the actual char shes based from if you like hakumen try her out.




51. "Strayed" This Len is another Electricity based Len from the author that gave you Levin shes fun to play and is different to Levin Worth trying out Im keeping her personally.




52. "Robo-Len" This Len is just Len as a robot she has alot of robotic attacks and is fun to play as heavily reccomended you try her out.



53. "Xehrnyth" This Len is an original concept I believe its super fast has a mix of attacks and kind of overpowered in areas, its worth a try however.



54. "Seya-Ren" This Len seems to be based on a bunch of Street fighter characters put into one she has several special moves from various Characters. Her animations seem stiff as a board sometimes she's not exactly bad just a bit awkward in some of her movements I reccomend trying her out if you like SF gameplay.


55. "Donaiya-Ren" This Len is based on something I have no idea it has random as hell images in its sprites and has random attacks as seen in the animation I used for her display. check her out if you want shes not very good but I would love to know what the fuck she is based on cause I sure as hell can't figure it out even with google




56. "Big Hako-Len" This Len uses Showbuyspirits Hakolen sprites but plays like Big Bear from the SNK series its kind of funny watching her grapple people and slam them down I reccomend her for grappler lovers.





57. (Hako-Len-P)  This Len uses the same sprites as the other 2 Hakolen's but plays totally different unique worth a try I don't have alot to say about it.

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This Collection is now officially open I have posted every Len Edit I could find that wasnt a "lol 1 hit death full screen shit thing" Character. I am open to other Lens if anyone has them that are not listed above. I would like to thank themagictoaster for the majority of these edits without him this collection would not be possible.


Special Thanks to Ryoucchi for Making my Banner Thanks dood.

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Posted Image


whats the reason you posted this random image? is there a point exactly?


also fixed renfield's link my bad and Ryou she fits the "lol 1 hit death full screen shit thing" lol

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24. "Celesty" This isn't even Len she is some girl who controls Lasers that spawn based on the buttons you press nothing much else to say pretty crappy. Possibly based on an anime but I cannot find info based on the name alone.


Are you sure this qualifies as a Len edit? What's Len about it?

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her sprites are based off Len.


@kai I plan to make a section called "characters based on Len but do not use her sprites" so yeah ill add her in and a bunch of others. thanks for posting the right image but its not helpful to me lol.

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