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  1. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Good times... [COMMENT] Sup, fellaz. Dropping some of dat infamous pixel art dank drawn by the talented Waneella and coded by me. Nothing too fancy. Just some wavy ish for yall to fight to. Comes with zoom and animations. Enjoy yaself.
  2. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] sPOoKy [COMMENT] Sup, ladies and gents. Coming through with the ish. Got a spooky theme, so it's looking kinda ghoulish. Barz. But for real, got an original stage inspired by the Darkstalkers Vs Street Fighter project over at Newagemugen.com, although it's not apart of the official project. Come with zoom, animations, superjump and looped bgm. Don't be scared. Click the link.
  3. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Oil Field [COMMENT] Dropping another original stage thanks to the wonderful art of Mark Kirkpatrick. Got the usual specs like zoom, scaling, looped bgm, animations and superjump. Enjoy the vibes...
  4. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] RUSH [COMMENT] Back wit dat cooked cr...uh..."creation!" Chopped up a stage from awesome arcade game Rolling Thunder and gave a sorta remix. Comes with superjump, parallax, zoom, animations, looped bgm and plenty of layers. Click and enjoy, my dudes!
  5. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Tayio [COMMENT] Back wit some heat for ya. Based on an iconic stage from an iconic fighting game, and one of my all time favorite games in general. Come with zoom, superjump, parallax and looped bgm. Click that link, homie.
  6. It's all good. Ain't nothing happening these days. This thread used to be lit.
  7. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] EXCITING! [COMMENT] Sup, guys? Been handing on to this one for a while. So I randomly decided to release it. It's based on the Pacific High stage from Rival Schools for ps1. I comes with zoom, animations, parallax and looped bgm. Basic stuff. I hope you like it.
  8. [DOWNLOAD] River City [COMMENT] Hello again, my friends. This time around I'm bringing you some stage conversions from a game that I hold near and dear to my heart. River City Ransom for the NES was one of the first beat'em ups I ever played, right behind Double Dragon. Me and my best friend would play this all the time. I've wanted to convert these for a long time. I wanted to really mix them up, but I decided to release them in a more "close to source" manner. There's no zoom, only a few have moderate superjump but they all have looped bgm's. I used 180x120 scale. It means that most source characters will appear too small but normal characters will look better. It made sense to me because there are only a few River City Characters and I wanted the stages to appeal to the majority. Eventually I intend to pick a select few and make them for 1.1 only, at which point I will really chop them up and things like seperate delta's, parallax, zoom and scailing. But for now, enjoy these basic but classic stages.
  9. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] 03 [COMMENT] Dropping another cool piece of artwork from Mark Kirkpatrick that I converted to mugen. Has animations, parallax, zoom, zoom delta, and super jump. Click and enjoy!
  10. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] 02 [COMMENT] Dropping some more cool art by Mark Kirkpatrick converted to mugen goodness. Come with zoom, zoom delta, superjump and looped bgm. Enljoy!
  11. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Step into the unknown... [COMMENT] Dropping some 720p, 1.1 only content. The image I chopped up was created by a talented artist named Mark Kirkpatrick. I've got a few more projects using his works that I may or may not drop separately. Either way, you'll see them...eventually. Nothing too fancy coding wise. Just superjump, zoom and some looped trap music. Click the link, my dudes.
  12. Dope. You create some really cool and original stages. Your source material is great.
  13. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] TAKE THIS! [COMMENT] Let's switch up a bit. I'm serving ya'll Tia's stage from Breakers Revenge for the Neo Geo. I chopped it up and added a bunch more layers. It's got superjump, animations, parallax, stage zoom, delta zoom and looped bgm. Click that link and enjoy!
  14. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] BaLlOooOOon! [COMMENT] One more for the road. My last Fighter's History installment(for now at least), Karnov's stage from Karnov's Revenge for the Neo Geo CD. I used a slightly different formula for the parallax on this one as well as the scale delta on the corridor openings on the side. It's the stuff I'm known for. Superjump, looped bgm, animations, parallax, scaledelta, zoom and zoom delta. Once again brought to you in part by Davias at Spriter's Resource. Click the link and show ya love in the comments. Peace.
  15. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Just hit'em wit missles! [COMMENT] What's that? You said you want more Fighter's History stages? Sweet! Here's Chelnov's stage from the Japanese version. Comes with superjump, looped bgm, animations, zoom, and zoom delta's. Have at it!
  16. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Dem Hammer Pants Bruh [COMMENT] The hits just keep on coming! This time it's Zazie's stage from Japan's version of Fighter's History. Same lore, different game. Has zoom, zoom delta, parallax, superjump, animations and looped bgm. Another stage courtesy of the prolific sprite contributor, Davias. Click and enjoy!
  17. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Obligatory Muay Thai Fighter [COMMENT] The hits keep on coming. This is Samchay's stage from Fighter's History for the SNES. I seperated all the elements of the background, added delta, delta scaling, superjump and parallax. It also comes with a looped bgm and animations. Enjoy!
  18. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] So you're not the same Ryoko from World Heroes? [COMMENT] I'm still on my Fighter's History beng. Now we have Ryoko Kano's stage from the SNES version of Fighter's History. I increased the height and bounds. Comes with superjump, zoom, zoom delta, looped bgm, parallax and animations. More Davias sprites, lol! Click the link.
  19. Update! I changed width and delta values for the clouds. Hope this helps.
  20. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] DDT! [COMMENT] As we role on with Fighter's History, I bring you another conversion from the SNES version....barz. But anyway, it comes with superjump, zoom, zoom delta and looped bgm. More Davias sprites of course. Have at it!
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