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  1. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] backstreets [COMMENT] Mo thobak chizz! A stage I made for Heavy D' a while back. Has the usual stuff. The update includes added parallax for the floor, delta's for each of the sections of the crowd and more height to the stage. Get in dem streets and start fighting!
  2. Sounds good. Mel and Penny should be done by now as well. I'm guessing you have to report to Darkflare now? We can catch up to them on the way back. Sasuke...will you need to reunite with your clone or will he find you? I'm a little rusty on my Shadow Clone Jutsu.
  3. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Mah Megaman tho... [COMMENT] Back up in them guts with another update! One of my favorites. It's got all the usual stuff along with increased height, and a more variety of cars, trucks and flying bots in the fore and background. Click dat link!
  4. [PREVIEW [DOWNLOAD] Geeeeeeesu! [COMMENT] Another blast from the past. Just some adjustments to the zoom and bounds. Has the usual specs as well. Enjoy!
  5. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Cursed [COMMENT] More updates for the old and new fans. Basara stage from Samurai Showdown with a evening to night transition. Jacked up the height as well. Go head and cop dat.
  6. Happy B day, man. We haven't always seen eye to eye, but I hope all is well with you.

  7. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] It's raining... [COMMENT] Back in the crates again. Gave this one a long overdue update. It's got all the usual stuff like animations, superjump, zoom and looped custom bgm. I increased the height and added lights to the windows of the buildings. Go head and click that link...
  8. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Fatal Fury [COMMENT] Back wit some updates! A couple jewels I dropped a few years ago. they have the usual's like superjump, looped bgm animations and zoom. Increased the bounds and added some sprites increase height. Click the link and relive the magic...
  9. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] IT'S POINTYYYYYYYY!!!! [COMMENT] Dropping another update on ya for the culture. Added some more sprites and increased the bounds to give the superjump more...well jump. Should still work on all versions of mugen. Click dat link.
  10. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] [Url=http://www.mediafire.com/file/v2vxv44lan85b8o/Longhaul.rar/file]I know i misspelled it...[/url] [COMMENT] Dug in the crates a bit and updated on of my favorites from a few years ago. An original stage with animations, superjump, looped bgm and zoom. I added added more height to the sprites to increase the superjump. The 1.0 jump was kinda low and the 1.1 with zoom was non existent. Lol! Well...click and enjoy!
  11. That's exactly what I meant... No. That won't be necessary. The guards are more than capable of handling a pickpocket. Not to mention Sasuke's clone is on his heels as well. The poor guy doesn't have a chance. I hope what he rook was worth the risk. The only chance that guy has is if another portal monster showed up and distracted the guards. Heh...of course then he may not escape that either. That thing we went against was fast AND strong.
  12. I guess old habits die hard. But don't worry...I'll let them do their jobs. I just hope Sasuke's clone doesn't get to carried away. Eh, Sasuke?
  13. That was quick thinking, Sasake. You took care of your delivery? LightFlare, speaking in a low tone inquired about the statues of Lilith's assignment as he listened to guards conversation with Sasuke and the Noble.
  14. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] We be hiding Flashes, bruh. [COMMENT] I'm back on my SNES ish, bruh! This time I'm bringing you stages from a cool little fighter called Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders FX. That name tho...Anyway they come with superjump, animations, parallax, looped bgm and zoom for the 1.1 versions. Speaking of those, I experimented with an odd resolution for those. Kinda reminiscent of the original game. That's why I didn't include photos and vids of them all cuz the 1.0 varies enough from the 1.1 versions that I felt I had to either showcase them all or just one of each type. I chose the later...enjoy!
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