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  1. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Are you sure you wanna stop here? [COMMENT] Wutz gud? I'm back at it like and addict. Took a detour from the SNES for a bit to drop this jewel on ya. Comes with animations, superjump, looped bgm, parrallax, stage zoom and zoom delta. Thanks to homies at NEWAGE for the source. It's two vids but it's the same stage, so don't trip. Imma see ya'll round. Enjoy.
  2. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Master of Battle [COMMENT] Wutz gud? I'm still on my SNES chizz. Got dem Battle Master stages for the low res fiends. Comes wit the usual stuff. Superjump, looped bgm, zoom and animations. Thanks again to Davias for all the sprite rips except Hong Kong. I got those from Cenobite. Go head and cop'em!
  3. LightFlare casually browsed the shop until Lilith signaled she had completed her delivery.
  4. Well then...let's browse as many as we can then, hun! Melina and Penny browse the various shops in the area while waiting on the others to return. "And then...she died..." Hahaha! Just kidding. But even if something did jump off, we'd have your back. We can just check out the souvenirs while you handle business. Don't want any portal monsters getting the drop on you. Heh... LightFlare follows Lilith to the shop.
  5. Melina pays for the items and heads out the store. I'm sure LightFlare and the gang will be back soon. Lets check out some of the other shops.
  6. Now were talking! You're gonna be Miss Ultimate Fighter in not time! Why don'tcha grab them both and follow me to the register. I'll take care of the bill, love! Melina heads towards the register. Roger that... A giant gift box shouldn't be hard to miss. Thanks for the help... LightFlare gives the guards a slight nod before surveying the area looking for the gift shop. As luck would have it, it was within his immediate vicinity. Looks like we're in luck, guys. There's a shop with a large gift box over there. After you, Lilith...
  7. You forgot one alias bro. But I'll forgive you. Glad to see you're ok and that you're taking advantage of some extra time you have probably gotten recently. You haven't lost your touch...
  8. Any chance we can get some updated links for Syoh and Chan by Brown? @gui0007
  9. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Battle Blaze bruh... [COMMENT] And I'm back again. Mo SNES chizz for ya. A few Battle Blaze stages for the low res fiends out there. The come with my trademark specs. Superjump, looped bgm, animtions and zoom. Man I love these old soundtracks...Shout out to Davias for the sprite rips. That guys a saint. Click the link and get at me, bruh.
  10. Sorry if I was a bit forward. I was hoping we'd get some info on the particular souvenir shop Anna mentioned. She said it was near the castle gate.
  11. Melina could tell that the young girl was little bit conflicted. She didn't want to discourage Penny. It was then she noticed that Penny's eyes glanced at the plastic swords down the aisle... I undertand. Hey I noticed you checking out those swords. You still thinking about learning how to fight, huh? Well, those swords wouldn't be much use in a real fight, but I imagine they'd work just fine for sparring. Of course you'd need a instructor. I'm more of a hand to hand fighter myself. Melina then notices some small boxing gloves... Now those gloves in the other hand...are right up my alley. They're meant for kids, but they can be useful. I could show you a few moves to defend yourself. Who knows....maybe there's some hidden potential you'll unlock like in those "Drakon Sphere Zii" animes. Hahaha! You can even grab the swords. Who knows? You may meet someone who can show you how to use them. Excuse me, sirs. My name is LightFlare. My friend Lilith here works for Darkflare, CEO of the Warriors Hangout. She has delivery to make. Lilith, would you mind explaining furher?
  12. Given your situation I'd say it's not out of the realm of possibly. That...and the current events. The group draw closer to the caslte. LightFlare can see the castle entrance ahead. Looks like we're getting close. Lilith, do you see your destination ahead?
  13. Lol! Thanks, Edison. Yea...that was by design. I wanted to use chars from the game in the vidz. Once I seen the special intros, competitive AI and the special win poses I had to use them.
  14. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Doomsday Warrior [COMMENT] Sup guys? Went back to my low res roots with this one. Custom Doomsday Stage Pack. The got my trademark specs. Superjump, zoom, looped bgm, animations and parallax. Should work on 1.0 and 1.1 mugen. Maybe I'll keep this low res thing going for a while. Enjoy!
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