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  1. I have tried downloading this character several times, and every time I do, I get an error and can't open the file.
  2. Seems like they are not available anymore.
  3. I thought there would be more buzz on Terry in Smash here.

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    2. MugoUrth


       yeah, but here at MUGEN Free For All, I expected people to be pretty hyped up

    3. PlasmoidThunder


      The site's been dead for days and has only just come back up.

    4. Gaulbetti


      Yeah, me as well. Me personally, bummed a bit that it actually happened and that Metal Slug wasn't chosen.

  4. The super Fighters section is missing Moregue by [email protected] Also, are there any more from that game?
  5. Apparently, Magic Chronicle copied Bonus Kun, gave him gloves and a wig and called him "Dickson." ...Why "Dickson?" I mean, I'm surprised people still remember Bonus Kun, but... why rename him Dickson and give him hands, which defeats part of the joke behind Bonus Kun in the first place?

  6. Return of the "Greatest" Fighting Game Character of all Time! XD


  7. Not sure if it was brought up, yet, but a few of Txpot's Pokemon Mugen Version links don't work. Any that links to his defunct site don't, the ones that link to MediaFire still do.
  8. XD I was just permanently banned on a game-specific forum on steam (A game called Cute Monsters Battle Arena). ...For exposing that game of copywrite infringement. XD

    1. Gaulbetti


      Man, I need to try to join another community. Things are going really, really slow for me lately, and it's difficult to try to enjoy 100% of it... But I guess it must be a good thing for that to happen to you.

    2. HelloMyNameIsAAA


      Since Valve opened the floodgate with Greenlight and Steam Direct, there is lots of shady shit going on with smaller indie ''devs''. Censoring and ban-happy devs are commonplace now.



      Even though this is very bad, this is NOTHING compared to what Digital Homicide have done.

  9. I was hoping for something less pixilated. Also, since someone asked in another thread, IS there a Claude C. Kenny MUGEN character. Star Ocean The Second Story's kind of a childhood favorite of mine.
  10. Kangaroo in general, I guess. Shadowroo, I have, but he's anthro. Kangoo, I could be wrong, but I know a few of the Clayfighters 2 MUGEN characters are Kung Fu Man spriteswaps, though I don't know if Kangoo's the same. I know of a few others, including a few versions of Roo/Victy from Streets of Rage, but there's also a Kangaroo made from the same game Mo-Mo the cow came from that the author of the source-game-sprites version of the character made also made. Those are all I know.
  11. Currently looking for a kangaroo MUGEN character, since I have this urge to turn it into a boss fight after fighting a muay thai character or boxing character. The idea of a boss that starts out human but turns into a kangaroo's been on my mind for some reason. I know of a few kangaroos, but I'm wondering how many there are.
  12. Looking up USF4 tiers, I feel like it's way different since last I checked. Yun's still considered the best character (Absolutely no clue why, probably cause he's "fast" and his super move allows him to combo easily or something), but Ryu's now in the middle of the pack, and Seth, who used to be considered really low tier from what I remember, is now near the top. I also find it ironic that people consider the fast, combo master Yun's worst match-ups to be bulky, low tiered grapplers.

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    2. Gaulbetti
    3. MugoUrth


      I'd need to look up the names of the moves, but basically Yang has this move where shoots swiftly to a certain spot. It's used as an evasive maneuver.

    4. Gaulbetti


      ...Oh. I thought he was literally going to pull a Yun..


      I know what you're talking about though.

  13. I don't know whether to be grateful that we FINALLY get that key bulky defensive Pokemon or to be angry that it isn't basically any other bulky Pokemon besides Empoleon (who's not even that bulky looking, but still bulkier than almost everyone else in the roster. Sad :( ). I'd honestly rather have had just about most other bulky Pokemon, but I guess at least it's something.
  14. Pfft! Buy the fifteen-dollar digital copy of Ultra Street Fighter 4 the people at Gamefaqs said. Ha! I found a physical copy at a pawn store for ten dollars, and from what I hear, the digital copy doesn't come with all the SF4/SSF4/SSF4AE costumes like the physical copy does. That'll show them. :P

  15. I fully support banning Pheromosa. ...Actually, don't even get me started on how much I despise Pheromosa, please. But yes, like most anorexic Pokemon, it's WAY overpowered.
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