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    Quality MUGEN characters. Simply put, I need some strong fighters.
    Also, original characters. But this thing is something I can and have to do alone.
  1. Watched the trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 yesterday. In first one, we've been seeing Nova Corps, I hope in Vol. 2 we're going to see Nova himself.


    BTW Nova was interpretated as a really awesome superhero in MvC3!

  2. I can guess It's just as spammy as Sinestro's one. And basically all of the MMV stuff.
  3. Did you know that:


    Reaper never reloads his shotguns. He throws them away and grabs new ones straight outta Hellforge.

    1. Darkflare


      You weren't given those guns to toss around like trash.

  4. It would did on my side too, if I wouldn't find out that my government has forbidden the access to Sendspace for some reason.
  5. Sendspace link doesn't work. Can you send mediafire alternative link?
  6. Hey, look at me, I'm SUPER SHAG! *insert Cyber Chase joke here*
  7. For all those who wondering why BadMannering is bad:



  8. Can't access sendspace. Can you reupload into mediafire?
  9. Private Mucho is here, preparing for bycoming duty!



    "Who ya gonna call?"


  11. After Guren Enjinkyaku was introduced, I wish people stop using Shippu Jinraikyaku as a Level 3 Super for their Kens, but rather as Level 1 or Level 2 one it always used to be.

  12. "Why do you rely on that weird medicine with your skills!? You need to train your mind first!"

  13. "CHOMPA! GRAND WIRE!" - Terry Bogard

  14. Andre's Adventure is an amazing stickman game! That last showdown between Andre and his dark self is simply the bestest!