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    Quality MUGEN characters. Simply put, I need some strong fighters.
    Also, original characters. But this thing is something I can and have to do alone.
  1. Better be ready for Miguel memes!

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Should we be afraid?

  2. Today I want an Orange sky with a thin layer of Magenta. And I don't care if majority has voted for a Blue sky with a shine of Cobalt, i want something that would match my saxophonic mood.

  3.  * Receives a report about Blade MUGEN character.

     * Looks for a video of his gameplay. Finds it. Looks on the thumbnail.

     * Realizes it's Cable clone.

     * Comes up with an idea that his gameplay is of little difference and leaves this character alone.

    1. Darkflare


      Seems like a normal day to me.

  4. What appears as a cute little platformer you could spend years on as an ~8 years old self, is actually the most brutal, most unforgiving game ever made!


    (Not counting "I wanna be the guy/boshy" and other lookalikes of this)

    1. Pluscross




      Not really difficult though.

    2. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      Anyways, I've been talking about Rayman.

    3. Pluscross


      Plok too.

  5. The Old Joker: "Oh, can I shake your hand? Don't worry, I don't have shockers on my palms! And that cigar doesn't have explosives in it I tell you! And that chair isn't electrified either, and also haven't an explosive whoopie cushion!"

    The New Joker: Does the same tricks, but all actual words are replaced with "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-"

  6. Wow, it looks like Guile has learned to Expand Dong like Popeye!



    1. Pluscross


      SFV is a odd game for sure. I kinda like how he gets buffed but I think honest Guile mains dislike it for the most part...

  7. There's so many second-rate zombie survival games throughout the world, it's not even funny. I'm surprised there isn't a parody called, like, ZombieZ: The Game.

    1. Ricepigeon


      Sometimes I like to believe that The War Z/Infestation is a parody of the genre, until I'm reminded that the game was produced by the same guy who made Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

    2. ShiroTori


      I Made A Game With Zombies In It is a pretty good parody. It's a simple twin stick shooter in terms of gameplay, but it's absolutely bonkers and has a great song to go with the action.

  8. And enemy recovery frames. Actually, there are several variations of it. For example, chucho Kazuya's AI and MMV community Sinestro's AI makes them spam their Light attacks(and any similarly fast attacks, and we all know that every attack of characters created by MMV community is as fast as Light attack) near you when you're down, so that you have very little option to retaliate if you aren't playing right charecter for that. The more refined variation of such AI actually times their attacks so that, if you lie down, you are hit the very first frame you are vulnerable after you finish getting up, unless you are blocking. There are also range-whore AI that calculates their attacks' hitbox range. They will use their longest poke against you when the very first pixel of your hurtbox enters it. But that can be countered with Hadouken-type attacks, if you have one and AI isn't coded to respond on these. Anyways, let's just admit that any type of AI whoring is bad, and an adequate AI coder should refrain from that. And by the way, we're going off-topic here...
  9. frame-whore AI is even worse, trust me.
  10. I don't like it when recruits pour in, not reading Terms of Agreement and Forum Rules, and proceed to disregard these two important things and be completely oblivious to them. Representing my command for this one moment you, Wsx93x, along with Yamisher, should know the place! And by the way, your full game project is clearly a mish mash of character packs that play and behave completely different, which is not a good thing. You are lucky you didn't teasered it in Mugen Fighters Guild(but how do I know if I don't have access to this place?), else you will be (perhaps very)harshly criticized.
  11. Width scaling has made that bunny and the egg too thicc(to add to the pun).

    1. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      ...aaaaaaaand it's gone.

  12. Epic War Saga just died in Armor Games website. Was one of my favourite flash games one time.

  13. Nice release/update! Can you do some changes to make it WinMugen compatible? WinMugen needs more love too!
  14. Previously in the Season One


    Zangief: You can't win using the same move over and over again. Ken: SURE YOU CAN!

  15. Any chances that Arika will consider adding Skullomania to the roster of MvC Infinite? Since Arika is suddenly not dead, and is working on a new Street Fighter EX...

    I mean, Skullomania looks like a real superhero that can rival Marvel characters! Amusing Skullomania! How does that sound?

    1. Noside


      You mean Capcom adding skullomania from Arika's SFEX.