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  1. Thank you all guys glad you like the Update!!!! Keep Creating Chars and Improving everyday our Mugen Skills!!!!!!!
  2. Varnage Update by JARRO77 Improve timing animations Fix speed and power now is not a Boss Character now is Really Playable Improve coding things for the gameplay Fix alot of sprites and animations Fix Position of the entire sprites in ff Adding all the buttons for the Hypers Adding New Super Jump and Peak and Coming Down Animation Adding New Palette Adding New standing medium punch Adding New Hyper Carnage Assassination In this video you can see the most Insane Moments i did on my Mugen also some Gameplay Combos!!!!!!! Mediafire Link www.mediafire.com/file/3c38y79fp65idzl/Varnage_Update.rar/file Hi all most of you know the story about this char,this was my first release!! How you remember the char was very bad especially for the sprites.Various bug too about speed and power, the char was really cheap to play like a boss character After T.O.P.S. update i add to admit the char was alot better he really improve my old sprites and make new moves too,he did a good job in alot of things The char was not so good to me because there was alot of bad things so in December 2019 i decide to start this Update and fix all the things I didn't like and now is COMPLETELY A NEW CHAR!!!! just look the video and watch the INSANE gameplay i give him hahahahahha Now i'm really happy with him!!,this is the proof we can UPDATE BAD CHARS!! if you remember varnage in 2013 and watching him now you can see an EPIC CHANGE this is really a NEW CHAR NOW!!!!: Today is my Birthday and i want share this with you guys and with all the people really love MUGEN hope you like and KEEP CREATING CHARS Improve yourself and learn how to code and spriting chars, then give the 100% to make great chars Remeber Mix of base and Frankenspriting really make a difference!!!! THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Here's a video where you can see the gameplay ? ?
  4. Hi all i'm ready to release my Monster Overdose Superman. I'm really proud of this release,obviously my best char :twisted: :twisted: alot of work here impossibile to quantify, i just do my best possible to release something new with alot of insane moves. One day i see a sprite made by Batzarro using monk as a base when i see that sprite i decide to make the full char i using alot of base such as:Hulk,Monk,Thanos,Griffon,Zangief,T-Hawk ALOT of Frankenspriting and others bases. When i start i understand suddenly this time was very hard but i always continue and at the end i'm here to release him hope guys you like and enjoy ?? In this video you can see the moves of this char ?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6rkqfs Link mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/210ovpylsh24gvw/Overdose+Superman.rar Enjoy and Keep Creating ??
  5. Scorpion Update by JARRO77 I decide to do this update because i really Respect Bam is a very good person a Great Talented Creator and he help me too in the past.I know this char had alot of Potential so i decide to make an update i did my best for Improve this char. Note this Character is made by Bambulin(Bam77) https://imgur.com/a/CtFpd what i add and fix in this Update Improving Running Forward and Backward with 2 more sprites and new code Improving Walking Forward and Backward Add a new animation and code in Jump Air Improving Taunt Add a SuperJump in Crouching Strong Punch Add new palette Improving Sprites and Animations in Basics Attacks Stand Improved Add a new Hyper Hey Bam hope you can back soon Mugen need people like you!!!!!!! Download www.mediafire.com/file/tw7uquhypnlxh36/Scorpion.rar
  6. Thanks Malovka glad you like :D Thanks man :)
  7. Really a great work Ryon best of luck on him:)
  8. Overdose Superman Wip by Jarro77 Hi all i decide to Back on MUGEN!!!! and i want complete Overdose Superman i'm looking too for some help about make different Faces and add boots in some sprites, if there are people interested to help me with Sprites about Hypers,Supers,Intro,Win Pose would be Awesome :D:D here's a video about the progress I used different bases for make this char Frankespriting Different Hulks,Monk,Grifon and Others i have intention to make an Awesome Char:) what miss?? Hypers 2 Special Intros Win Poses Fix on some Faces and adding new Faces Fix on some Boots and adding some Boots Improvements some shading about body and legs in some sprites If someone is interested to help me let me know
  9. This is really a Badass Release Keep it up!!!!
  10. Really a cool release thanks for sharing:)
  11. really cool edit man best of luck!!!!
  12. Hi all here's me i tried for the first time at make Pasta Carbonara hehehe with some Crazy Freestyle Show :) https://www.instagram.com/p/BP3C__aDg7h/?taken-by=jarro77
  13. Really a cool char sprites and effects are awesome i hope received a update for having new moves and maybe too a 6 button chars in MVC Gameplay hehehehe :)
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