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  1. Mai-Ling, the young martial artist girl from Red Earth now in POTS style. Mai-Ling's fighting style revolves around flaming kicks. She is pretty original and well-rounded fighter, she can offense easily an opponent with her dive kick or defense with her uppercut and projectiles. VIDEO DOWNLOAD Link: https://bit.ly/2LAUccN MOVE LIST <Normal> .Throw: F/B + PP/KK (near opponent) <Special> .Kuujin-Ken (EX): D, DF, F + P (PP with 500MP) .Enryuu Kyaku (EX): F, D, DF + K (KK with 500MP) .Koukaku Shuu (EX
  2. KoF MUGEN Battle #8 - Terry vs Iori Terry tackles constantly and launches his wave at close range to put pressure on opponents. Iori uses his projectile to keep distance from the opponent and attack the opponent suddenly with his claw.
  3. KoF MUGEN Battle #7 - Robert vs Kim Both Robert and Kim use martial arts kicks. Robert attack by performing dive kick from the air that combine with land straight kick and launching his projectile to pressure his opponent. Kim defend with his rising somersault kick and wait for opportunity to do multiple chain kicks on the opponent.
  4. MUGEN Competition #73 - Psylocke vs Benimaru Benimaru defends well with his electric fist, which create large area electric ball. Psylocke approach Benimaru difficulty, she have to force her opponent move with her projectile and use her sword to stab the opponent unexpected, as well as the chance to perform air combos.
  5. MUGEN Competition #72 - Team Battle: Takuma & Ryo vs Hiryu & Psylocke Ninja team have the advantage of possessing weapons to overwhelm and the ability to teleport that distracting the opponents. Sakazaki team try to defend with Ki and their techniques. Ninja team constantly launch their projectile, the Sakazaki have to approach the opponent from the air.
  6. MUGEN Competition #71 - Team Battle: Chin & Athena vs Ryu & Rose Chin and Ryu deal damage on the opponents with their projectiles while Athena and Rose defend themselves with their spiritual energy and use teleportation to surround the opponents. Chin and Athena tries to defend against Ryu and Rose's attacks.
  7. MUGEN Competition #70 - Ryu vs Gen Gen attack low position causing Ryu difficult to use Hadouken, but Gen also has difficulty to approach Ryu. They both defend against airborne attacks. Ryu and Gen have to rely on their Hyper to inflict massive damage on the opponent.
  8. KoF MUGEN Battle #6 - Team Battle: Saisyu & Kyo vs Takuma & Ryo The fight between the Kusanagi and the Sakazaki. Ryuko Ranbu is the main weapon of the Sakazaki that cause multiple hits on the opponents while Kusanagi fight back by using their flaming attacks.
  9. Rugal Bernstein, the boss from The King of Fighters now in POTS style, he has two modes. Owning Orochi's power, Rugal fight mainly with his cutting aura, slamming a foe to the wall and using dark barrier to reflect the projectiles from an opponent. In the Regular mode, Rugal can combo with cutting kick and perform Super in air. In the God mode, he is faster and he can move around stage or catch rival by teleportation. VIDEO DOWNLOAD Link: https://bit.ly/2HJ5j1k MOVE LIST <Normal> .Scorpion Deathlock: F/B + PP (near opponent) .Sc
  10. Axel Stone from Streets of Rage now in POTS style. Axel's fighting style is a mixture of boxing and kickboxing with visual flare. He is well-rounded character and easy to use due to his simple multiple hit attacks despite of his lacking of projectiles. VIDEO DOWNLOAD Link: https://bit.ly/2JvI0IQ MOVE LIST <Normal> .Suplex: F/B + PP (near opponent) .Knee and Headbutt: F/B + KK (near opponent) .Air Throw: F/B + PP (near opponent) (Air) .Avance Kick: F + medium K .Guard Kick: B + medium K .Dive Kick: D + strong K (Air) .C
  11. Charlie, the former Captain of the United States Air Force from Street Fighter now in POTS style. Charlie has a strong mix of solid offense and defense, combined with Sonic projectiles, flash kick and agility. He mainly control the match by establishing a distance between him and the opponent with his projectiles while using flask kick for defend. VIDEO DOWNLOAD Link: https://bit.ly/2JiJZ38 MOVE LIST <Normal> .Dragon Suplex: F/B + PP (near opponent) .Knee Gatling: F/B + KK (near opponent) .Flying Buster Drop: F/B + PP (near op
  12. KoF MUGEN Battle #5 - Benimaru vs Ryo Ryo attacks Benimaru from the air with a chop and launches the projectile in close range for putting pressure on the opponent. Benimaru perform vacuum spinning kick and electro fist. Ryo tries to roll in for attacking but Benimaru using his electro for touching Ryo to prevent him from reaching.
  13. KoF MUGEN Battle #4 - Turn Battle: Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Andy, Mai) vs Rival Team (Billy, Eiji, Iori)
  14. MUGEN Competition #69 - Turn Battle: Female Team (Athena, Chun-Li, Mai, Arcueid) vs Elder Master Team (Chin, Gen, Gouken, Akuma)
  15. MUGEN Competition #68 - Turn Battle: Ryu, Ken, Gouken vs Hiryu, Wolverine, Morrigan
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