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  1. I'm planning to make a more decent Timmy with TMC55 and Jarquin10 once the sprites are ready.
  2. Because it does more damage than the average special.
  3. Obligatory day one patch. Fixed custom jump landing on Brown Albert's Air C
  4. What seems to be DDR's magnum opus finally has a prototype release, it currently has all of the content his regular Mugen download has but the final version will have the attacks exclusive to the encrypted Saturday Morning Mayhem version.!AqN1Ini5-I2Iii8ZgS935ZlH-Lar
  5. Here's everything I can find. And my very own!AqN1Ini5-I2Iii5biF885hObt2QI
  6. When will they bring back the previous Default Profile pic? That dolphin thing is giving me the creeps.

  7. This is a mockery of Mugen Archive wiki and how they copy articles from different wikis without cleaning up ones that wouldn't fit the Mugen context., the rest of the hiliarity is found within the character. Download:!AqN1Ini5-I2Iii5biF885hObt2QI
  8. Is this really the scope of MFFA's April Fail's joke?
  9. Andywho/Alphys = Smeagol's new scereenname.
  10. Because infinites ruin the fun for the player getting hit, it's recommended that instead you make your higher tier Marvel characters not have infinites instead.
  11. Jenngra's still learnin.
  12. It's mainly that feedback videos can be good if you know how to extract advice out of them properly. Your coding is around Wlan's level of coding ability so it's no surprise he is going to like it. (Yes, I am implying Wlan's code is lackluster)
  13. Captain Caveman has been updated to Version 1.5 Changelog: Made temporary workaround for a stupid bug with Captain Quake and Mastadon. Made it so you can still Super Jump while the infinite prevention system is active Return of Terraflame (Now with new properties)
  14. Happy Birthday to best Touhou creator.