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  1. Here's a mediafire link to DoodleBob.
  2. Made a rough launched sprite by upscaling and tracing over a frame of the losing life animation from the Genesis game.
  3. RSR's Damage Dampener code using fvar(12) and fvar(10) is better than the one currently used in Zim.
  4. Just check if var(21) isn't used and if it isn't, copy paste the var(21) stuff from Zim onto Dib and Rocko.
  5. Zim has a damage dampener, everyone else doesn't. Strange huh?
  6. If you throw the Muffin in mid-air he throws another Dib instead of a Muffin.
  7. The sprites seem simple enough for me to edit something together with them.
  8. Since I have only heard about it in passing I thought it this post was OK, I would recommend a long time user tell the true story in this thread.
  9. I also forgot to mention that the physics for the projectile have to be set to N for the custom landing to work.
  10. That's because of the identical command thing Zim also has. (Also Rocko's standing and crouching y's are infinites)
  11. I made the feedback video I promised. Forgot to mention the lipsync for the special intro against Dib is broken but I had so much I wanted to say.
  12. Did ArthurDM send you the Zim update yet? I typed in the URLs for the files on his website and found them.

    1. RMaster007


      Finally got a chance to test them out for once in my dumb life and aside from some bugs (especially in Dib), pretty solid.

  13. While you wait for ArthurDM to finish editing Zim and Dib, why don't you work on Ren and Stimpy?

    1. RMaster007


      He has a good point. You should work on Courage as well.

  14. Spamming light kick while walking is an infinite.
  15. Wlan's currently planning on remaking George from scratch.