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  1. Andywho/Alphys = Smeagol's new scereenname.
  2. Because infinites ruin the fun for the player getting hit, it's recommended that instead you make your higher tier Marvel characters not have infinites instead.
  3. Jenngra's still learnin.
  4. It's mainly that feedback videos can be good if you know how to extract advice out of them properly. Your coding is around Wlan's level of coding ability so it's no surprise he is going to like it. (Yes, I am implying Wlan's code is lackluster)
  5. Captain Caveman has been updated to Version 1.5 Changelog: Made temporary workaround for a stupid bug with Captain Quake and Mastadon. Made it so you can still Super Jump while the infinite prevention system is active Return of Terraflame (Now with new properties)
  6. Happy Birthday to best Touhou creator.

  7. I can't view my own profile.

    Error code: EX144

  8. Standing A is an infinite if timed just right.
  9. Nitpick involving consistency between characters: You use Light Punch to select Reimu's default palette but your later characters use Light Kick.
  10. I think Smash Switch will just have the same cast as Wii U but with some balance modifications. But if you want wishful thinking, I would want Inkling, Ice Climbers, and King K. Rool.
  11. For some reason, I can't go on any threads. I just get a 404 error.

  12. Feedback: Holding up while teleporting makes him move faster. Sans really needs something to compensate for his ridiculously low defense.
  13. DDR's website is currently down. Please find a good place to rehost the links. Edit: NVM, DDR put his site back up.
  14. How do I move this to the edits section?