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    Quality MUGEN characters. Simply put, I need some strong fighters.
    Also, original characters. But this thing is something I can and have to do alone.
  1. Uncle Joel (Vinesauce) by Brergsart

    He uses MEGA to store his characters. Can't use MEGA to download anything, because none of my browsers seem to be downloading from it probably. A shame, because I really wanted to try his Spin To:!B90Q1B5A!iduWF1V24YioGlYxoKtKtSjMx5_74jwflNWNDrBLr5Y So if anyone can reupload it to mediafire, I would be grateful!
  2. Character called "Dragon"

    Oh, I see. Thanks!
  3. Character called "Dragon"

    Character called "Dragon" I was running through select.def and found a "Dragon" label amongst other character names. There was no folder in my "chars" folder called "Dragon". My question is, was there a character called "Dragon"?
  4. I, too, have learned that people originated from Mugen Multiverse only release characters with two levels of quality: Bad, and Ripoff(Recolor, headswap, spriteswap of someone else's work).
  5. Space Stone(Marvel) has two forms: One we all know and usually see, and a Tesseract one.

  6. All creations from people mainly residing in MMV suffer the same problem: The only thing they ever do good is preview look(to make people think it's a quality creation and add them to their roster only to uncover the hard truth when they run those characters). That's pretty much why I don't even download a character if creator is from MMV.
  7. When originally western game gets Japanese localization:


    English(Original): With this Crystal, I will have enough power for my Beam Cannon!

    Japanese: Powah Stone desu, Rezah Kyanon wa subarashi dengen!


    Like, "Powah Stone" and "Rezah Kyanon" are totally japanese words, right?

    1. Ricepigeon


      More than likely using katakana, which is reserved almost exclusively for foreign names and loanwords that have no direct japanese translation.

    2. Ryou


      implying that the japanese isnt allowed to use english words, lol

    3. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      Wasn't saying that... :endlesswait:

  8. What's with people hating MvCI's new Level 3 Hyper Moves even if they do look actually better than old UMvC3's ones? (I'm looking at Captain America's Final Justice vs Unyielding Justice as an example)

    1. Noside


      I don't mind level 3 hypers, the thing that really sucks is the copy-paste roster from UMVC3.

  9. Congraturation! You Sucsess!

  10. Whip, despite her having a whip, is clearly a close-range fighter.


    Cutsman's here! You better flex your muscles and brace your knuckles, because you can't outrun the shear speed of his spin cutter!

  12. "Put your faith in the light!" - Tirion

    "The light has betrayed me!" - Anduin

    *Turns into shadowreaper and kills Tirion*

  13. HbbhwXy.png


    Obligatory random fabulous young boy from Mid East!


    Still not that good at detailing, though...

  14. What's in my mind?


    I got Sonic 3 Final Boss Theme stuck in my mind... Except it's remixed with Saxophone under the Moon notes.