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  1. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO My words All characters are edited by Milt Jr. himself, their style is kinda a mix of MvC and POTS stlyes. Also the game uses the Uno Tag Team System by UnoShe/Ako si Uno and an edited version by Milt Jr. of the Hatsune Miku Screenpack by Dissidia. Milt Jr. words Before you download the game please note that versions 1.0 and 1.1 has some differences. The main differences is that the stages and music is not the same. Version 1.0 has more 2D arcade stages and Capcom style music so it feels more like a Capcom game. Version 1.1 has more 3D stages and Melty Blood music so it feels more like the Melty blood Series. Try both of them out and see which one you like. Specai thanks! WizzyWhipitWonderful, DaMarcus008 and GenisesKeys for the music. Xenomic for some of the Midnight Bliss. Characters and stages original creators. And YOU for playing this game!
  2. PREVIEW Download the game! Part 1 →!RYwjEZ4C!H4n6c3IB5pPtfCctQOwnboljCQ88tVfshlDN8hWfogc Part 2 →!MMADhJZD!qX6X5fpjRQjevRqSMPL_6Ic61bzoOPOn45syKzTN_ng Yes, it's a CVS/POTS Style version of the Darkstalkers vs. Street Fighter MUGEN. This is the first version (Version 1.0), so expect for more updates in the future since that not all the characters are CVS/POTS Style, the majority but not all of them. :P Features: - Chars playing in CVS/POTS Style, except Victor, Rikuo/Aulbath. Huitzil/Phobos and Dark Talbain/Gallon. - 95 STAGES! All of them by AVPBoy6754, Ryon, Mazemerald and 0megaturb0. - Revamped Soundtrack by the great WizzyWhipitWonderful - Chars in their most recent and updated versions like Ingrid, Adon and Alex. - Final bosses, Jedah and Gill, are TOUGH! So be careful and be ready! ENJOY! ;)
  3. I'm ready important updates in my topics in the Collection section. There are a lot of new things and i'll add them for sure, i just need some free time for that and also for the MFFAWN too. :P

  4. Damn, ArcSys! They showed Weiss, my favorite character from RWBY, for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle! :D
    Can't take the hype!!

  5. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Original Topic Well guys, here is another Morrigan for MUGEN. But this Morrigan however plays in a Custom style that you never imagined. This time, jade_midori did a Morrigan that plays in AzuFight style. I bet you guys are asking themselves, what the hell is AzuFight? Remember Azumanga Daioh? Well, AzuFight is a döjin fighting game based in the manga/anime series. And Daniel simply did a Morrigan that plays in the style of this game. Simply awesome!! :D
  6. PREVIEW Video Preview #1 / Video Preview #2 DOWNLOAD INFO You can check details and additional stuff in the MFG's original thread
  7. One Piece - Great Pirate Colosseum

    Great collection!! Finally a Great Pirate collection here! :)
  8. MFFAWN #21(Sep 03 - 09, 2017) - Terrible Aim

    Another great job bruh! :D I'm ready some Special Editions of the MFFAWN, be aware fellas!
  9. Emi Yusa

    Awesome, just awesome!!
  10. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Really a HUGE update compared to the old version. From Version History.txt -More hitboxes are readjusted. -Now you can't combo from Close HP, Close HK, Crouching HP and Crouching MK. -Added Close HP (Inspired by Descolor's Adon), comboable. -Readjusted Far MK. Now it's easier to hit with and like his Far HK on right distance it can give two hits. -Changed dodge's kick. -Fixed mess with sprites, codes and animations. Hello by Me from the Past. XD -Added missing intro/winposes. -Changed intro VS. Muai Thai fighters. -Added winquotes against my Joe and Charlie (in SFV mode). -FINALLY got some attention on Alpha Counters. Now P is for Thousand Jaguar and K is for readjusted Rising Jaguar. -Jaguar Kick is NOT overhead anymore. -Jaguar Kicks got new, photoshop drawn SSF4-like effects. -Readjusted EX Jaguar Kicks. -Readjusted Airbourne Jaguar Kick's movement. -Rising Jaguars are readjusted. -Jaguar Tooth is overhead now. -EX Jaguar Tooth is now one-hit move, but it will push enemy much higher, than before. -Thousand Jaguar readjusted to be more Chun-LiSH. -EX Thousand Jaguar got custom animation (inspired by Fido's Adon) and extra juggle points. -EX Thousand Jaguar can reset juggle points, if combo before it wasn't too long. -Jaguar Revolver remade. Now it's not so useful, but still... -Now Jaguar Revolver's range can be adjusted in simular (NOT ANALOGIC) to SSF4 way: ---"LK" or "LK+MK"- Short first leap. ---"MK" or "LK+HK"- Normal first leap. ---"HK" or "MK+HK"- Long forst leap. -Jaguar Varied Assault readjusted. More juggle. -J.V.A. got old-new effects. A better effect like from older versions. -Thousand Jaguar as J.V.A. Ender now throws enemy in the end and resets juggle points, so you could hit falling enemy. -Jaguar Avalanche totally remade. Added some custom sprites, so now it's technicaly closer to sourse material.
  11. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO From the char's Readme - Total revamp/recode. Added a more extensive color separation by Shao_kun. Overhauled sprites, damage levels, animations, hitboxes, and coding. Now (mostly) uses frame data/velocities/timings from CvS2. - Hit sparks reduced 65% in size - Added EXPLODsive Buffering system, projectile reflection, and compatibility with the Reigi no Ishizue super from Vans's Chizuru. - LP/MP Hurricane Upper projectiles now fade away after travelling a short distance - EX Slash Kick now launches opponents upwards, and no longer wall bounces, so that comboing off it is easier - EX Golden Heel had its damage adjusted, can no longer be comboed into, and can be performed multiple times per combo - Added alternative command for TNT punch - Added new sprites for Dynamite Fist - EX TNT punch has new animation and hit behavior patterned after KOFXIII - MAX Screw Upper now goes full screen, and won't lose hits as it moves forward - Golden Tiger Kick had its damage adjusted, it has new effects, and its hit behavior now matches KOF2002UM
  12. All Chars Update June/August(Poison)

    I really love the update on Poison. Thanks DW. :)
  13. MFFAWN #18 (Aug 13-19, 2017) - Return of the Faun

    Wow, nice job fellas! :D
  14. Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru updated 8/28/17

    Just... What the hell is that?? XD Gotta test for sure, i want to keep enjoying Rashou Mon a little more.