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Ryugen (Original Version) // Ryugen (D4 Version) // Ryugen (3D Version)


I first found this thing randomly thought he looked cool and tried him out, hes fun to play as for a big guy, but then... you fight his ai OMG is he cheap you will go through hell trying to beat him I guarantee it. Enjoy trying though.

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I'm not sure it matters, but I just tried out all three versions of Ryugen. The first one, RyugenD0 (Original Version) is a multi-buttoned character with boss-like gameplay. Kind of fun to play as, but BRUTAL to fight against. The second one, RyugenD4 (Thunder Thighs Version, as I like to call it. Also, this version in the topic) is only two buttons, but still kind of fun to play with. His AI is also adjustable, with Lv1 being pretty easy and 7 (default) being REALLY hard! The third version, the Three Dimensional Version, plays a lot differently than the other two. ...Also unlike the other two is not very fun to play as, as his controls are very unresponsive. He's meant to be fought only. Like Thunder Thighs Version, he has adjustable AI. Lv 1 being like a complete and total pushover with Lv 8 (default) being god-like. Each version also has a super-cheap dark mode.

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Version's 2 and 3 have adjustable AI.


Really, cheap? Super Masao destroys these guys..... in normal form.


Lol, because crappy Touhou edits (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's what Masao is is a Touhou character) are a good indication of whether something is cheap or not.

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...Isn't he a MUGEN creator among Wlan's quality?



lol Super Masao = Touhou character


didn't see that coming


I didn't know who that was, but I swore the name was familiar. Somehow my mind landed on Touhou. Possibly cause there's about a gujillion Touhou characters out there.

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