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  1. Check If you don't recognize it being here, so chances are it doesn't exists
  2. But he somehow managed to think Rock Howard was based on Mega Man, therefore he loses his right to the internet cookie
  3. You can also try tile molester and extract it straight from the rom. There's a tutorial here.
  4. Surprised? This is why I linked to the wayback machine version, it will work, I've just downloaded it myself but I've decided to upload it to my mediafire too anyway Old version (2011/01) Newer version (2012/4) Wayback Machine
  5. Raidou : http://www.mediafire.com/download/2mznvm3q7bqydqr/raidou.zip This is a rather old release, you may try getting a newer version from here
  6. Nope, I'm a ghost idk just passing by, I was just too baffled by this thread
  7. Maybe it was the typo. He probably searched for "Vanessa by Kopakoot" instead of "Vanessa by Koopakoot" Sometimes it helps trying different spellings of an author
  8. The character's name is Rock Howard, he is originally from Garou: Mark of Wolves, the last installment of the Fatal Fury/Garou Densetsu series. He had also been present in King of Fighters Maximum Impact series, Neo Geo Battle Colosseum and Capcom VS SNK 2. And 'EX' is from 'special'. As in EX edition
  9. I find this one particularly jarring Isn't that a AoF floor with SFA back and some mismatched sky? Some aren't this bad, but they could had put some effort, it's like they got the sprites and put them on some program to auto-create the stages
  10. Apparently Ken is Spider-Man, or at least got his web-shooters. Who knew? Other than that, even through the source sprites are quite obvious the overall composition and effect seems to emulate the original quite well (hey look at mah improved vocabulary or some shit )
  11. TvC isn't sprites-based, it's a 3D cel-shading model And it's only natural people confuse TvC with MvC3. Some of the mechanics from TvC were carried over to MvC3. The latter just improved some things and tweaked others Still, I'm impressed they got to use TvC Morrigan, maybe they managed to rip the model using a emulator or through the files, somebody managed to create a tool to extract them last year or the year before that.
  12. Oh, forgot to mention I'm going to spend two weeks studying English in Manchester next July and doing some other minor subjects. I guess that's all that's relevant going on in my life right now
  13. Whoa, long time no see! What's up with you? Short version: Still traveling every week. 3 towns, 12h worth of traveling Messed up some papers, my master thesis will take a little longer to become official Lily was hit by a car on April 9. She's doing fine, hurt her leg and is recovering Your ex has gotten hotter
  14. That's Geese from KoF Neowave. There's one at random select by orochikof97 and one by rin.Maybe this one is the rin's version but I'm not sure
  15. It's a little sad to see my skills are still needed here, but I guess there's always be 10 years old around
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