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  1. Added Yukina by ZET and changed the link for Emi by Sektor with a working one.
  2. Changed the link of Kirino with the newest one.
  3. Added the following characters: Absolute Sword by Kira. Accelerator by Muko. Asuna.EXE by Sennou-Room. Black Swordsman Kirito by Zanga. Ako by C. Moe-Moe Rebellion by Mother Earth. Izaya by 月上行者. Scarlet and Blue by rebi24. Shizuo by 阿修-克里门森. Yukina by Shengdai. The latest version of Tomoka by Infantry00.
  4. Added the following characters: Kuroneko by Sennou-Room, Izaya by LUNE, Kuroko and Mikoto by OHMSBY, Taiga and Shana by Websta. Blademaster by Infernal Spectre.
  5. Added the AI patch for Nonowa-san by w,h.
  6. Added an alternative link for Tatsuya by brinhyldr and one for Kuroko by S.Y..
  7. For what I know Mugen archive is on the black list. If I can't find the original link, I'll provide later a new one.
  8. Added Tatsuya by brinhyldr and Kuroko by honegami_touge.
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