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  1. Aztecaser Sprite Concept (W.I.P) Something I'm making because I'm bored as hell, it's not that good I know, I just wanted to do this to see how would Aztecaser look like on MUGEN, and I will add boots and stuff. I'm not making a full sprite sheet because I'm not good at spriting, but when I finish this single sprite I'll update the post. For those who doesn't know who Aztecaser is, he is from a wrestling-themed tokusatsu series, created by Go Nagai.
  2. The [MK] ones by jermaine are compatible with MKP?
  3. Another one? That soon? Did he updated his other characters? I wish he soon update Hibiki
  4. Awesome collection. Since you're adding stuff for MKP, maybe you could add Kung Fury and Akuma? I don't know, I feel there should be an MKP collection or something, since it's a different engine and people often get confused about that. Here's the link for Kung Fury and Akuma anyways: http://sprite-ripper.narod.ru/mugen.html
  5. Oh, I remember playing this game on the web when I was young, too bad the characters are for 1.0, I hope someone convert them to 1.1.
  6. Valeu velho, tu foi uma mão na roda! :D
  7. I love Muu's characters, but is there a way to deactivate the theme song that plays when an ultra is about to win? That's really annoying when both characters are low on health.
  8. So there's a state here in Brazil called Espirito Santo (ES), there's been a huge criminal wave there because of the police strike (the government isn't paying what they should), however the local and national media is simply ignoring all that and pretending it isn't happening, I really don't know why, but it's at times like this that I begin to think that the country is nearing its end.

  9. Galivan by Tokei So I was looking for the character Galivan, by Tokei, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet, all I found was a japanese link that didn't work, can anyone help me?
  10. I love the series, looking forward for this one! ZANADIUMU KOSEN!
  11. Now THAT is awesome! Finally a decent Accel to battle along with W! However which file on the Onedrive is the character? g-g
  12. Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion/Jaspion by Beto (Legendary Heroes Mugen) RELEASED! Tokusatsu fans assemble! Juspion (or Jaspion, if you're brazilian) was released for Mugen! It's a great character, really well done. Here's the link to the creator website, enjoy (maybe now Ryoucchi will be able to post a non-Godzilla/Ultraman/Kamen Rider Tokusatsu Collection, and then Change Dragon won't need to stay in the Power Rangers Collection anymore LOL)!
  13. Could you reupload Edogawa Inpo's Kenshin? And add his Sanosuke to the collection?
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