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  1. Hyde Kido by OHMSBY https://drive.google.com/file/d/1riB-vEuR2IityoyL1Qn6pQiX-lzCf5XL/view
  2. I've been waiting for this character to releash!
  3. look's like the web went down for some reason~
  4. just click the green word and it will bring you to download link
  5. same goes here I got error 1020 as well~
  6. more like OHMSBY collection I tell you 🤣 plus Neo is available aswell~
  7. hoping there is a new stage for this collection
  8. YES! this is what I have been waiting for!
  9. now this what I need! can't wait to test it!
  10. Hey guys! this is the first time I try to make my own Portrais on this lifebars: The question is since I'm still a newbey on this stuff. can you guys teach me how to make the render pitcure I had become fit or can be use on Character DEF with this Lifebars Portraits plus I only had Photoshop to make a portraits should I use another edit application beside Photoshop? your help would be so appreciate if you guys can teach me~
  11. finally a good vatista. I'm gonna test it later
  12. nice another Blazblue Charater made by OHMSBY!
  13. looking forward for the next update
  14. I've been waiting OHMSBY version 😄
  15. can anyone teach me how to edit the port?
  16. here's Lilica made by 蜂百合. in case if you forget add her on this collection https://onedrive.live.com/?id=8258621F51E4D5B8!792&cid=8258621F51E4D5B8
  17. Nice! I might wanna test her later but, I'm waiting for Gordeau of your version!
  18. Every figthing game at this year is basicly a Mugen

    1. Gaulbetti


      More like a Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter...


      Norimaro and all... And Sakura and Dan.

    2. Cook4251


      Sounds legit. 

  19. I think you should need a help from the author who make Kagura, Azrael and Izayoi. he's can be your big help
  20. can't wait to play your naoto in complete state. he's my secondary favorite character on blazblue series!
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