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  1. Kidthunder made Yarado. Can't get it since it's on MugenArchive, so someone else might have to nab it.
  2. bredd

    Tao Taido

    Update: Added Chuck, by NS. 1 Down, 2 more to go.
  3. Nah, you ain't. Thanks for the heads up! Update: Added Chen, by NS
  4. So, when will the fullgame made by Super Fighter Team be added to this page?
  5. Small Update: Fixed link for Ron Max & added 1 stage by Cenobite 53.
  6. Click on the author names to download. Character Select Bad Blue: Kidthunder || Ron Max: mitai dake || Tony Won: mitai dake || Unconverted Ben Smith, Rick Joe, Lee Chen Stage Select Chinatown by Ryou || Bonus Stage by Cenobite 53
  7. Strange then. I don't really know what's up then. I didn't do anything ban worthy there, as far as i remember.
  8. I wonder if Cloudflare's acting up or what.
  9. Strange. I've only been on the site for a few weeks.
  10. I dunno if this is the right place to talk about it, but has anyone been hit with Error 1020 when trying to access Mugen Archive? because a few weeks ago i've been hit by it out of the blue so suddenly. https://imgur.com/OwftBv7
  11. caesar sombra made Roy, Nelson, & Musasi Taro (spriteswaps)
  12. Update: Did some color labels to the links
  13. i see. a shame though. should i put it up as offline, though?
  14. Click on the author names to download. Blue: Normal Red: Offline Yellow: WIP Purple: Collection Purposes only Character Select Kevin: Joey Faust || Gear: Joey Faust || Zill: Joey Faust, NS Bosses Garuda: Joey Faust || Chen: NS || Mevella: NS, ELECTR0 || Gonza: Joey Faust || TX-No.3: Joey Faust || Dr. D: Joey Faust || Pharaoh: mitai dake Others Fighter Rips by TheBootlegs170, AFruitaday!
  15. Necropost, but might wanna go fix the pictures, since they're broken rn.
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