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  1. I've been waiting for this character to releash!
  2. look's like the web went down for some reason~
  3. just click the green word and it will bring you to download link
  4. same goes here I got error 1020 as well~
  5. more like OHMSBY collection I tell you 🀣 plus Neo is available aswell~
  6. hoping there is a new stage for this collection
  7. YES! this is what I have been waiting for!
  8. now this what I need! can't wait to test it!
  9. Hey guys! this is the first time I try to make my own Portrais on this lifebars: The question is since I'm still a newbey on this stuff. can you guys teach me how to make the render pitcure I had become fit or can be use on Character DEF with this Lifebars Portraits plus I only had Photoshop to make a portraits should I use another edit application beside Photoshop? your help would be so appreciate if you guys can teach me~
  10. nice another Blazblue Charater made by OHMSBY!
  11. I've been waiting OHMSBY version πŸ˜„
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