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  1. Hey All. Average person who pretty much just happened to be nearby. this is pretty much equal to walking next to the neighbor's public lawn, and starting a conversation. Well, I've been playing MUGEN since 2017, though knew of the concept since 2014 via themattalocalypse mugen battles. I just didn't actually bother to get the game engine until years after. This was mostly due to me thinking it was A sprite animation back then. I love the intent of the engine, aswell as it's community's creations, and (most of) the creative choices, though from A "versus debater" perspective (I'm talking about the spacebattles.com / comicvine / whatever kind of versus debate) I'm not really A big fan of some of the balancing - However, I do suppose it's not really possible to balance something which at this point is entirely based off fan contributions. So yeah, been silent on the internet for years until around 3 to 4 months ago. See Ya Around.
  2. Imagine if all introductions to the MUGEN community were this honest
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