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    Godzilla 2 King of The Monsters, Ghostbusters, Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
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    Honestly? Aside from DBZ and Pokemon, I don't really anime.
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  1. it doesn't have to be a either or thing.
  2. Already a Stage for Sparkling? what's next? Clock ork Zone [Sic]?
  3. Hate to bump this, but I'm curious about this aswell.
  4. my current main mugen roster is just a bunch of characters from all series in the Dragon Ball franchise (and some fan-made AF stuff)...so I guess it's just all the villains from the sagas over each series coming back or some cross-time era tournament.
  5. Jesus dude, you've taken up 2 pages with these, at least put them in a single post
  6. Why does this always happen in this guy's threads and posts
  7. Ah yes, another Majin. I see you are of taste aswell.
  8. Hey All. Average person who pretty much just happened to be nearby. this is pretty much equal to walking next to the neighbor's public lawn, and starting a conversation. Well, I've been playing MUGEN since 2017, though knew of the concept since 2014 via themattalocalypse mugen battles. I just didn't actually bother to get the game engine until years after. This was mostly due to me thinking it was A sprite animation back then. I love the intent of the engine, aswell as it's community's creations, and (most of) the creative choices, though from A "versus debater" perspe
  9. Imagine if all introductions to the MUGEN community were this honest
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