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  1. Since this would be a crossover, I'd be choosing these characters. I'm actually going to go out of my way to make this comment into a fully fledged story mode with all the characters, locations, chapters and battles. Heroes: Twelve (Sentient, From Street Fighter, MAIN), Spider-Man (Marvel Comics), Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney), Jill Valentine (Resident Evil), Megaman (Classic), Superman (DC Comics), Amingo (VS. Series), Sakura (Street Fighter), Flash (DC Comics), Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter), Sonic (SEGA) and Super Mario (Nintendo) + Roll (Megaman, Bonus Character, can be fou
  2. So I have a question. Would a MUGEN game with characters, stages, music and even the screenpack be classified as stolen content? I ask this because I have 3 mugen games and feel nervous to share them as everything I used was not made by me.
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